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Places to Visit on a Holiday to Turkey

Turkey is a fantastic country, and it is one of the few places you can witness the fusion of eastern and western culture. The country is popular with tourists, as it has a fantastic history as well as great weather and breath-taking beaches and landscapes. There are many great towns, cities and heritage sites to visit on a trip to Turkey. Here is a pick of the best that you simply have to explore on your stay.


The capital city of Turkey, Istanbul is rife with culture and history and it was even voted the European capital of culture in 2010. You can discover the history of Turkey, by exploring the architecture and museums here. Visit the Hagia Sophia, a museum built before the year 1000, which houses many artefacts significant to Turkeys history. Nearby is the Sultan Ahmet Mosque, otherwise known as the blue mosque due to its internal tiling, the mosque was completed in 1616 and is a wonderful place to visit.

istanbul sunset


If you are looking for a town with everything then you should head to Bodrum. You can fly directly into this town with Bodrum flights from flythomascook. Here you can snorkel, take a boat ride, enjoy the beautiful beaches, or visit the famous historic castle of St Peter.


History buffs should definitely out Ephesus on their itinerary. It is here that the Temple of Artemis can be found, and as one of the seven wonders of the Greek world it is a fantastic example of Greek history. Also found here is the house of the virgin Mary, the Basilica of St John and the Temple of Hadrian, making it an important area for Christianity.


If you can make it this far east, you’ll be able to witness some of the best ruins in all of Turkey. An ancient Armenian capital, which lies in ruin close to the current Armenian border. Walking around the site and exploring the many cathedrals and churches is sure to pique the interest of any history lover. The frescoes inside the churches are come of the best in the region and you can still see much of the colour on the painted walls. The Church Of The Redeemer bears an unmistakable scar from a storm which collapsed its eastern half in 1955.

ani ruins


Translated to Blue Lagoon, this 500km stretch of white sand and dazzling mediterranean blue water is frequently rated as one of the top 5 beaches in the world. There are plenty of great holiday activities to be had on these calm shores. Try your hand at parasailing or hang gliding from the nearby cliff sides. Or, for a more relaxed vacation, just enjoy a cocktail at one of the many beach-side bars.

Turkey is great for culture, but whether you want to learn about its history, or just relax on the beach, you will find it all in this beautiful and unique country.

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    I loved Istanbul when I was there and would love to live there one day. You guys have lived abroad quite a bit… have you ever lived in Turkey? Planning a big move to Istanbul next year and wondering if you know a good/cheap area for apartments.


  2. Great post! We think Oludenez to be a bit crowded, there are quiet places like Kabak. Also, capadoccia should be on all Turkey itinerary. Agree with other spots though! Good job.

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