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Free SEO Training Session

With Nick Wharton from Goats On The Road

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You will learn how to...

Think Like Google

Learn how Google uses algorithms, mathematical equations and visitor metrics in order to serve the people of the internet. Once you understand Google, it's much easier to rank on page #1.

Find Keywords That You Can Rank For

Learn not only how to find keywords that your blog has the potential to rank for, but find keywords that have lots of search volume so that you'll send your blog the most traffic possible.

Write Killer SEO Content That Will Rank #1

Learn how to take the keyword data that you gathered from the your keyword research and implement them in your blog posts and pages in order to get to that coveted #1 spot in Google.

Backlink, Interlink & Market Your Posts

Find out exactly how the experts build valuable, high-authority backlinks and how to interlink and market your posts to drive more traffic than you ever thought possible.

It's time to take your blog seriously...

Running a blog is fun, but if you ever want to turn your hobby blog into a full-time, travel-supporting, income-generating business, then you have to think about one thing and one thing only.

Search Engine Optimization

About the Author

Nick Wharton is the co-founder of one of the top travel blogs online today, Goats On The Road, and has helped hundreds of people learn how to quit their jobs and earn money online. Now, with this new course, he hopes to help new bloggers to get over the hurdles that come from starting a new blog, show them how to navigate WordPress and start building a blog... the right way.

"I didn't want to make this course expensive. I wanted it to be FREE so that it can inspire as many people to start a new blog as possible." -