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We have now been on the road for over 3 years. We’ve travelled through 3 continents and 5 distinct cultures: European, Middle Eastern, African, Asian, and Indian. It’s been an incredibly epic journey that has had a profound impact on the way we look at the world. But just how many countries have we seen? How many buses have we taken? How far have we travelled? What parts were our favorites? Which parts did we hate? How much did we spend? This blog is all of the statistics from our entire time travelling around the world.

And in the end, it’s not the years in your life that count. It’s the life in your years.” -Abraham Lincoln-

The Pyramids of Egypt, Petra in Jordan, Stonehenge in England and the revolution in Morocco

We have seen Stonehenge, Petra, The Great Wall of China and the Pyramids of Egypt. We have witnessed an entire region of the planet go through a revolution and systematically disassemble corrupt governments. We have been invited into the homes of complete strangers for tea or dinner. We have entered war zones, walked amidst rioting mobs and have been held at knife-point. We have visited orphanages in Mozambique, taught English in a rural village in Myanmar and volunteered rolling chapatis in India.

tea with locals in Egypt, kids at an orphanage in Mozambique, our class in Myanmar and rolling chapatti in India

We have swam with sharks, stalked lions on safari, and dove with Humpback Whales. We have sailed down the great Nile River and through the turquoise seas of African archipelagos. We have laid on the most beautiful beaches, slept in the middle of the desert and climbed high into the Himalayas. We have witnessed each other learn, grow, and change with each new experience. We have travelled the world for 3 years and we are still craving more. But there’s a lot more to travel than just sea, sand, snorkelling, sailing, sight-seeing and sitting on buses.

This blog outlines a few of the statistics of the trip that our followers may be interested in. Each picture has a stat written underneath it.

Note: Many of these stats are subject to our own personal travel experiences and may vary greatly from the opinions of other travellers.

Total Distance Traveled: Well Over 123,236 kms (About 3 times around the planet)


Number Of Countries Visited: 35


Our Favourite Countries: India, Mozambique, Turkey, Egypt & Indonesia…we couldn’t choose just one


Our Least Favourite Country: Malawi. We’re probably the only people to ever say that


Most Expensive Country To Travel In: South Africa – Partly because we rented a car, but with rooms all over $35, restaurants comparable to pricing in Canada, and National Park fees… it all added up.


Least Expensive Country To Travel In: India – With all you can eat meals to be had for 75 cents and cross country trains for as little as $12, India is a cheap destination indeed.


Country With Our Favourite Local People (China & Egypt are close runners-up): Turkey – This picture is one of the many times we had food/drink paid for by friendly locals.


Country With Our Least Favourite Local People: Morocco – This is one of the many rude shop owners we encountered.


Country With Our Favourite Food: India – For sheer diversity of flavors, colors, and spices, Indian cuisine is the best for sure.


Country With Our Least Favourite Food: Malawi. These are deep fried goat innards


Our Favorite Travel Experiences:Safari In The Masai Mara, KenyaDiving With Humpback Whales in MozambiqueSeeing Wonders Of The WorldTeaching English In Myanmar
Our Favorite Travel Experiences:
Safari In The Masai Mara, Kenya
Living In An Ashram In India
Trekking In The Himalayas, Nepal
Teaching English In Myanmar


cow waiting to gas up, Malindi, Kenya
Our Least Favorite Travel Experiences:
Being Held At Knife Point In Kenya
Nearly Drowning In A Rip Tide In Sri Lanka
Falling Down A Waterfall In Laos


Number Of Cities Visited: 308. This includes all towns, cities and villages we have visited. Our favourite cities were Istanbul in Turkey, Tbilisi in Georgia, Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia and Cape Town in South Africa


Wonders Of The World Seen: 4 Petra in Jordan, The Great Wall Of China, The Taj Mahal In India & The Pyramids Of Giza
Wonders Of The World Seen: 4
Petra in Jordan, The Great Wall Of China, The Taj Mahal In India & The Pyramids Of Giza
Highest Point Reached: 5416 meters - Thorong La Pass, Nepal
Highest Point Reached:
5416 meters – Thorong La Pass, Nepal


Lowest Point Reached:422 Meters Below Sea Level - The Dead Sea, Jordan (Lowest Place On The Planet)
Lowest Point Reached:
422 Meters Below Sea Level – The Dead Sea, Jordan
(Lowest Place On The Planet)


Number Of Hotels/Huts/Guesthouses/Apartments: 343


Our Favourite Room: Sandy Villas Santorini, Greece


Our Least Favourite Room: Pension Home Valerie, Beirut, Lebanon


Most Expensive Room: Fat Monkey Guesthouse in Malawi ($59/night). We don’t have a picture of it, but it cost more than this room at the Marriott in Spain!..Thank God for timeshares.


Cheapest Room: Free rooms on the Annapurna Circuit Trek in Nepal.


Apartments / Condos Rented: 6In China, Greece, Spain & Thailand
Apartments / Condos Rented: 6
In China, Greece (above), Spain & Thailand


china apartment
Countries Lived In: 1
This is our apartment in Yangzhou China
Number Of Rides In The Back Of Pick-Ups: 10


Number Of Flights Taken: 34


Number Of Times Hitch Hiking: 10
Number Of Times Hitch Hiking: 10


Number Of Train Rides: 28


Number Of Boats Taken: 48


Number Of Cars/Motorbikes Rented: 35


Number Of Buses Taken: 172


Total Amount Of Time Spent In Transit: 1643.5 Hours. This even shocked us seeing as it adds up to 10 weeks on buses, cars, pickups, trains, planes, boats and motorbikes!!


1st Trip (2009-SE Asia/India) Average Budget Per Day: $66.89
2nd Trip (2010-2013-Africa,Asia,Middle East,Europe) Average Budget Per Day: $96.89
All Including diving, visa costs & flights
Total Amount Spent On Travel: Over $85,000 (And worth every penny!)
Total Cost Of Visas: $1,226


Number Of Times Saying “No, Thank-You”: Too Many To Count.


naloy village teach english
Number Of Times Volunteering / Working: 4
This Is Our Class In Naloy Village Myanmar
Number Of Hits On Our Website: 34,860
Number Of Hits On Our Travel Blog: 23,701


That’s our run down on our travel stats as of January, 10 / 2013. Of course, with a life of ongoing travel,  we will continue to add to this list. We didn’t create this article to brag, we just wanted to let you in on our numbers and share with you what a life of travel is like. We keep extensive records of all of our trips, bus rides, hotels and costs to keep these stats accurate. When we look back, the numbers surprise us while bringing back memories of all we’ve been through. We hope you enjoyed this post and now have an idea of what travel adds up to… an amazing lifestyle!

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Stats From Our 3 Years Of Backpacking Around The World

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24 thoughts on “Stats From Our 3 Years Of Backpacking Around The World

  1. This was so informative. As one about to become a senior gypsy within the next year with my husband, I am madly soaking up as much data as I can to help us prepare. Getting ready to sell the house, wind up some personal and business affairs and then hit the road. Thank you for helping keep that flame ignited!

  2. Glad we could help! Good for you … the road is where it’s at! Keep your eye out for a new article that will hit the goat trail this week “Making The Decision To Travel Around The World”, it’ll help with your flame!

  3. We know…we’re probably the only people to ever say that Malawi is our least favourite country. But, it’s all about the experiences you have in a place and ours weren’t all that positive!

  4. Thanks Lan! Sometimes it’s a bit of a hassle trying to keep up with all of the stats, but it’s definitely worth it when we want to look back on them. Cheers.

  5. Thanks Tim!

    Keeping stats is such a cool part of travelling, we love looking back on them…the amount of transportation we’ve taken still amazes us 🙂


  6. These are really impressive stats! More impressive than any bank balance, cars owned, houses bought, expensive rollex – its awesome! Its people like you who keep us inspired to be on the road. By the way, we love it that you love India.

  7. Hey guys!
    Thanks a lot. We agree…these stats are far more important than the stats of any material things.

    and yes, India is Incredible 🙂


  8. Planning a three plus month trip early part of ’14. Truly soaked up a great deal of very useful information, and I’m grateful. Malawi must have been quite an experience if it out worst a knife point experience in Kenya. Neither are on my list though. AUS, NZ, SE ASIA, INDIA, MID EAST, EUROPE. Thank you again for sharing your paid in full wisdom.

  9. Great summary. it must have taken you ages to compile the amount spent on visas and hours in transit.

  10. It wasn’t too bad, we keep track of everything anyways so it was kinda fun to put it all together 🙂 Hope you enjoyed!

  11. These are super impressive stats to have kept track of! And incredibly inspiring – I may be slightly obsessed with this page now.

  12. haha, thanks Silvia! Unfortunately, they are a little out of date…we need to add our Central Asia trip to the list!

    Interested in your post: Alone in Iran – I’m checking it out now!

  13. I know, right?! Unbelievable, especially compared to the cost of Indian food at home in Canada.

  14. Just read your stats- will be interesting to see them when you update them, as I know you’ve been around the Caribbean for a while- must be the warm breezes (or rum?). Keep traveling! And have a great Christmas!

  15. Thanks Sally! ya, we need to update those for sure…it’s been so long, I wonder if we would even know how many buses, etc. we’ve taken?! haha, ya, love the Caribbean, but will be off to Europe in just over a week!

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