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108 thoughts on “Subscribe

  1. Thank you for giving us the chance to win this cool backpack guys. Your blog is amazing with or without prizes anyway, just like you are! Good luck to everyone 🙂 x

  2. am a little hesitating…so If i win ill conceder it as a sign to visit Malysia this October!!!!!! 😉

  3. I really hope I win the Goats on the Road backpack of choice so on my next destination everybody will assume that I’m an expert traveler and not the amateur backpacker / nomad wannabe that I really am at the moment . Merci!

  4. I would like to win this backpack because my husband and I are the in the process of selling and giving away almost all of our stuff and traveling around SE asia for about a year. We already have my husband’s backpack but I need one too! Btw I found yalls post about budget very helpful. It actually helped us to put this idea into perspective and made it seem like a reachable goal. Thank you!

  5. Thank you guys, I love your website and I’m learning a lot. I would love to follow your steps and travel to all these fantastic places you talk about. By the way, these backpacks are just AMAZING. I’m definitely getting one of them for my next trip (unless I win it, of course!).

    My best wishes from Barcelona!

  6. I’d love to win a Numinous 55L backpack, it looks fantastic. I especially like the security features it would be awesome to take with me when I walk the Camino in Spain!

  7. Wow, another giveaway.. well fingers and toes crossed this time. Why do I want to win this backpack? I started my weight loss journey and plan to definitely do more travelling to try new things as a result of moving from obese ( well morbidly obese ) to oh wow ( people are going to be saying damn girl , you did that) such as hiking to new places, backpacking, travelling etc. and this backpack will most definitely come in handy as I embrace my new lease on life.

  8. We’re heading off on a travel sabbatical in 15 months. Knocking one bag out of five off our list of travel gear to purchase would be great.

  9. I would love to win this backpack for my son. He’s 15 now and off on his first overseas trip without family next year!

  10. This backpack would be perfect for my trip back to Ireland this Christmas to visit my boyfriend. Also, I plan to travel around the world once I graduate college, so a nice backpack will definitely need to be purchased.. unless I get a free one! 🙂 Only one more year of school to go!!!

  11. That really seems like an awesome backpack. Would be perfect for this winter’s trip to Cambodia and Vietnam! Go Goats for all these raffles 🙂

  12. Would love to win this Numinous backpack! Traveling is such an amazing experience, and worrying about the safety of your stuff is the last thing you want on the forefront of your mind! Having a backpack like this on our travels would free us up to so many possibilities!!

  13. A new backpack would be wonderful. I found your site because I was looking for recommendations on packs, started reading, and yes, subscribed. 🙂 My current pack has seen better days and is in a sad state of repair, but it reminds me of so many fun destinations I’ve been loathe to replace it. But, the time has come for a new pack. Hope it’s the Numinous! Thanks.

  14. I will be traveling to Thailand in Feb for 2 months. I’m hoping I can score with this free backpack to make my travels more secure and awesome!!

  15. I’m so glad to hear that you found our budget info useful. Enjoy your trip and congrats on packing it all up for a year of travel!! Good luck with winning the backpack and happy travels.

  16. I’m travelling through Thailand, Laos and Cambodia for 21 days in December. It’ll be my first time travelling NOT to an all inclusive resort and will be backpacking with my cousin. We decided to take some extended time off work and travel together over the Christmas holidays and New Years. It’s a special trip as both of our families have sold our childhood houses and it will be our first Christmas without those special places to go back to so we decided to make it special in our own way! It would be great to win this backpack not only as an early Christmas present when I’ll be away from the rest of my family and friends but it would also be great to know that both my stuff and I are staying safe!

  17. So I’m on my way in January to Brisbane with my best friend and I cannot wait! Planning to explore Australia for the year/ 2 years we’re there:) and I need an excellent backpack to do this so hopefully I can win:D

  18. My 14 year old daughter to about to embark on an amazing trip to Ecuador and Galapagos Islands in 2016 as part of World Challenge. She needs to fund raise over NZ$9,500 plus buy equipment (packs, boots, clothes) for the trip and pay for vaccinations and visas. She has raised almost $1,600 so far and has another year to continue her fund raising efforts. She is confident about raising the funds for her trip, but not so sure about the other costs. Any assistance with gear would be most appreciated – thankyou

  19. My partner and I are planning a trip starting in Thailand next summer. This bag would be a great start to getting there! 🙂

  20. I would love to win this backpack because I am looking to start backpacking through india soon and would love to win the 65l backpack to help train my body on smaller hikes here in the US. I could then come back and get the attachable day pack for when I’m ready to leave for my trip.

  21. Hi there,

    My wife are both Canadian and we too have been living abroad for many years – over 20 in fact. So, we do a lot of travelling and have gone through many backpacks. We are always in need a new pack!



  22. I haven’t purchased my bacpack for my trip next year, and I would be really excited if I win this backpack! Since I have no idea what to get, since this will be my very first trip! Starting in India probably around 3 months and then move down to Thailand and kinda wing it from there!:D

  23. I’ve been backpacking again the last few years as my kids have flown the nest–Japan, Mexico, Germany, NYC–it’s like recovering a part of myself I thought was lost! My old MEC daypack just doesn’t have the features! I’m a writer and as such a picky reader but I love your blog–fun, funny, interesting and informative.

  24. Uh oh. Again, another backpack. My parents have known me having this obsession of GOOD backpacks. They always thought it’s weird since girls my age usually buy handbags and… purses (?).
    Nevermind. Once I found a pretty backpack while traveling. I was showing it to my dad to buy but the some guy picked the bag up and said, “Sorry, it’s mine.” And simply walked to the cashier and paid. Whaattt.
    I asked the shopkeeper and he told me it’s the last one they had. I asked about who made it and where and other stockers (?). And I finally got it delivered to my home, no questions asked. My first online shopping ever. One hell of experience, though.

  25. I’m walking the Camino de Santiago in April 2016. I need a backpack for the trip and the Numinous Theft-Proof backpack would be perfecto! I hope I win. I love your blog btw – you inspire me to travel more. Walking and Hiking is my passion and I am always researching potential long distance walks around the world. I wish I could walk/hike as a job – I would love my job so much LOL!

  26. I have such a weakness for backpacks, especially good travel backpacks! It has definitely not been easy finding one that suits all my needs and the one in this giveaway looks PERFECT! Really hope to win it and bring it on my epic New Zealand trip later this year. Fingers crossed!

  27. Hi 🙂
    In February I’m going with my family (husband and two kids) to Thailand for our first backpack adventure together ( we were on few trips, but this long and any of this kind) and I’m very exited about it. Sometime ago during searching for information about Thailand, (what too see, what to expect, ect) I found your blog and read it from cover to cover (if blog only could have covers). I don’t know if it even possible for me to have a chance in this giveaway competition, because I’ from Poland but I wanted to thank you for these great stories and advises. And I’m waiting for more!
    Best wishes!

  28. Raffling backpacks? That’s really a good way to promote a change of life Goats!!
    Thank for all your interesting articles!
    Cheers from Catalonia!!!

  29. Awesome website, thank you for all the guide and knowledge you bring to us, to the travellers around the world. Thank you for helping us with that spectacullar BACKPACK!

  30. Always wanted to do the backpack thing. Wheels always just seemed more convenient at the time. Would love the chance to prove myself wrong without shelling out precisely $250.

  31. These packs look amazing. I’m most definitely due for a new one and will keep these in mind. While travelling and housesitting since Feb this year, I’ve now come across your site and am keen to see what extra tips and tricks to pick up from your experiences so far.
    Keep up the good work.

  32. I would love to win this bag because I now feel brave enough to travel solo. Making sure my items are secure is at the top of my list and I have just invested in the 25ltr version of this bag and am saving for the larger one! The daypack is amazing and I love the safety features and the look of it. I looked after my mum for several years and she sadly passed away last month and this made me realise I have to make the most of my life – no better way of doing that than travelling, exploring and enjoying new places and people!

  33. why do i need the bag?

    well im off on my own nomad adventure early next year travelling the world for at the moment 3 years, i came back last year from south america and was robbed at gun point where the then backpack and camera didnt stand a chance, not that this one will withstand a gun but it will make traveling into every corner of the world that little bit safer.
    so in short. it will make my packing for this three years + trip easier, save me money that i can spend on great white shark diving? volunteering in africa or simple buy meals while touring Africa next yeat??

  34. I have just quit my job to go travelling to Asia NZ from Mid November. This backpack is exactly what I’m after. Go ooonnn. Cheers

  35. My husband and I are are planning quite a few adventures during the next year. Starting with rafting the Grand Canyon, hiking Havusu Falls & Antelope Canyon, volunteering at Wildlife SOS in India and trekking around the country, then heading to Sri Lanka. Capping the year off with a photographic trip to Iceland. After years of preparing we are finally able to follow our dreams and see the world together. This bag would be such a gift to us as we prepare for our adventures. It has all the safety features we need and plus it’s an AWESOME bag!! Getting the right gear is expensive, especially for two as I’m sure you know! We dream of a travel life like The Goats, and you inspire us with your experience.

  36. I would love to have this bag. Im planning to travel in the future for the first time ever and having this bag would make a huge difference budget wise to me as well as giving me peace of mind. You guys run a great blog FYI! fingers crossed!

  37. Hello Goats!
    I’ve been following you on Facebook for quite some time now. You’ve been one (actually two) of those inspiring people who helped me believe that it’s possible to leave the cubicle behind and live a life of travel. I’ve started just two months back, exploring my own country, India, first. I’ve been using a basic local front-load backpack because I didn’t want to spend much of my savings on a backpack, and hence, would love the one from Numinous. 🙂

  38. Hey there! I am 19 years old and I suffered a brain injury 3 years ago. Since I have recovered physically from my accident, I have been searching for some way to really reclaim my identity and mental health. I decided this summer to throw caution to the wind, take a year off from school, and backpack in Europe during the spring and summer of 2016 (I have been working to save money this fall)! I am so excited for my adventures, but I am obviously very nervous about taking on the world and really going to discover myself and try to figure out who I am after my life was put on pause for 3 years. I have been following your adventures and I have got to say I am SO inspired – you two really did play a key role in me deciding that I am able to do something for myself and take on the world

    ! I would love a chance to win this backpack because I trust y’alls opinions on the best type of backpack and, let’s be honest, backpacks are not cheap! I am hoping that my trip this spring will the first of many and would love to have a trusty backpack that I can rely on :)! Thanks so much for reading, absolutely LOVE y’all! So inspiring!!!!

  39. Wow, this sounds just like what I need, because I had to throw my (old) backpack away after coming home from Central Asia last week!

  40. My husband, 14 year old son and I began a new life in Mexico last year. We are having a great time and adjusting well to our new life in a small farming village. The plan is to get to know most of Mexico’s 31 states and one Federal District, Mexico City in the most cost effective way before moving on to our next country. Your backpack would definitely be put to use as we embark on our journey. We would love to win!

  41. Hola Chickis!! First off thank you for what you do on an every day basis – you inspire – live your dream and influence the world around you. With just one post you have spread the word on new travel gear that us changing the way we all take on adventures. I have read about the Numinous Packs through and through & I have to say it is amazeballs. I would love love love to win the pack & represent because I am so in love with travel I honestly don’t know what else to do with my day than to dream about all the wonderful places in the world I have yet to see. Luckily for me I have experts guiding me through these adventures with well thought out posts and guides. Happiest of travels. Nicole 🙂

  42. Would love this Numinous Backpack. I am about to leave for Bahrain and could definitely use this. Pick me! Pick Me!

  43. I want to win this backpack so I can stuff it full of socks and bring it to Belgrade, to give to Syrian refugees… I’m stopping there to volunteer on my way back to Thailand.

  44. Hi Guys, You are an inspiration. I noticed you got a drone and am so jealous….

    I could use the backpack for all the trips I am going to take! I decided to learn how to edit videos and need something reliable to lock my gear in 🙂

    Sending lots of love,

  45. Hey guys… What you are doing is just amazing. I can’t wait for my gap year in 2017 after my PhD. First stop will be Costa Rica for some voluntary work. 😀 So excited to work with the children there. This backpack will be quite handy!! I would love to fill it up with nice memories!!

    Always smile!!!

  46. Interested in following you along on Twitter, love travel stories! Thanks for the neat contest too 🙂

  47. Can’t wait for my upcoming trip to India… would be over the moon to have a backpack like the Numinous 55L to live out of during my travels. I would of course give you guys as much credit as I could through word of mouth and on various social media outlets. It would be a lifesaver during my 3 months excursion across the mystical land…

  48. I have been following your blog for couple of days, after roaming around US, the wanderlust has finally bitten me and I want to backpack across the globe. I didn’t know such bagpack existed but now I do, I really hope I win. Even if I don’t, I might just buy and start my journey…And you guys are proving to be a hell of a guide to help me choose my next destination…!!!

  49. Really would appreciate this. The zip has just gone on my current backpack, and apparently it’s too expensive to fix. So this prize, if I won it, would be very timely!

  50. My wife & I have never been travelers until the last 4 years, and love it! However, both of our backpacks have lost their get up and go haha! They’re more, get up and get out of here! We travel to other countries, and want to make sure that we are safe in doing so as well! We really appreciate this, and look forward to learning more about you guys! Have an awesome day!

  51. Crossing my fingers on this!! My boyfriend and I are about to embark on some world travel indefinitely in mid-November. We haven’t figured out our backpacks yet, but a Numinous 55L would certainly let us live out our travel dreams!

  52. I want to win the backpack because I want that extra push to get me ready to hit the road! I have to eat the globe!

  53. Great site guys, love the videos! Fellow nomadic travel couple (also Canadian), who just stumbled across your site. Will definitely keep it on my reading list. Thanks for the opportunity to win the backpack 🙂

  54. I have seen a lot of good stuff on this backpack just recently , and its nice to see the company trying to keep our gear safe!

    and its awesome that you are giving one away, Thanks

  55. This bag would be great for my Peace Corps service in Mongolia!! This is was such an amazing opportunity that I was blessed, and could use all the traveling advice(and bags) that I can get! I’ve never traveled abroad and this would definitely be a huge help!! It would ease my mind as well as my family’s mind knowing that I’ll be a little bit safer with this anti-theft bag for the two years I’m in Mongolia!!!

  56. This bag would be perfect for my service in the Peace Corps in Mongolia!! This was an amazing opportunity I was blessed with and could use all the help I can get! I have never traveled abroad and I’m super excited to spend two years in Mongolia!!! But I am a little worried about how to pack safely, and this bag would help ease those worries!! So please consider me for my this bag, and even if I’m not picked I will be okay with some traveling advice!

  57. Hey guys, first off I love your blog. Second, the Numinous backpack would be a blessing to me and the beginning of a journey and hopefully a lifetime of travel. I’ve never been backpacking before, but next year will be my first time experiencing that style of living. I will be spending time exploring the culture and amazing cuisine that Southeast Asia has to offer. Also, I am planning to do a lot of solo travel, so the “theft proof” part will definitely come in handy. Thanks in advance for the opportunity and I hope you will continue to travel more efficiently. Oh, and I love the site title, my middle name means goat! lol

  58. Helloooooooooo

    I love reading about your travels, escapades & shenanigans. I would very much like to win the backpack as I’m off to India for a month just in time for NYE, first to do some travelling and finishing up in Goa to do an Indian head massage course.
    This would come in so handy for a lone traveller.

    Peace and love

    Char <3

  59. Hi Guys, greetings from Malaysia. I badly need one for my travel early next year. Gonna head to Natuna Island, Indonesia. My old backpack is no longer suitable for use, torn here and there. If I win, It will help me a lot. Thanks for the opportunity to participate.

  60. Why do I want this back pack. Will, if I win it I don’t have to buy one and I live on a very fixed income. That said here is more of it. Early spring I am going on a trip to Chiang Mai, then off to India , I’ll be staying in Darjeeling, a side trip to Nepal and then to Sri Lanka, depending on how long I am in Sri Lanka I may make a side trip to Mozambique (know some folks at a ,org there) . Long story short. I am 63, I back packed around Europe in the early 70’s then life happened. Now after 3 years ago an oncologist and others told me I had only 3 months to live and I would never walk again I think I want to do this. I am writing a book, I am a writer/artist and a transformation life coach. Anyhow, it would come in handy, like I said, if I win one I don’t have to buy. Love you guys site by the way and your youtube presentations as well. Thanks for showing the rest of us how to do it.
    Thanks an keep doing what you do

  61. Hey Amanda
    Saw you’re post and just wanted to encourage you to follow your passion, follow what your heart is telling you. Interesting about your injury three years ago. Three years ago I was diagnosed with metastatic prostate cancer that was in my bones. They told me I was in bad shape, I couldn’t walk at the time without a walker and was in a wheelchair often. They told me after a couple of months of testing I had only 3 months to live and I would never walk again and there was no chance for anything else. That was three years ago and I walk fine and I am going to do this trip. I am writing a book and doing my art. I am traveling to Thailand, India, Nepal, and Sri Lanka and will be gone ever how long I am gone.
    Anyway, I really wanted to encourage you to do this if it is what your heart is telling you, if it is a passion. Follow your passion and be what you wanted to be before anyone else or society told you that you needed to be something else. Your life’s purpose, your passion resides within your soul and is who your are, be that person. Have a wonder-full journey Amanda, live life without fear and with no barriers.

  62. I want to win because I want to travel a lot soon so I think this would help me with travelling as light as possible which is really important. Winning this backpack wouldn’t give me more additional costs. Plus, I want to travel to get inspired to write a book I want to write since I was 9 (I’m 23 now). I want to live my dream and that means travelling.

  63. I’m going to India next year and am looking for a secure backpack for the trip. This looks perfect!

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