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Posted 27 Apr, 2014 | 6 Comments
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This week’s sunset is from Lake Maninjau in Indonesia!

In 2009, we spent 2 months in beautiful Indonesia. This sprawling archipelago consists of over 13,000 islands! We found ourselves on the stunning island of Sumatra, just west of the city of Bukkitingi, at Maninjau Lake. Created by a volcanic eruption 52,000 years ago, this lovely caldera lake was the perfect place to get away from it all and find some real peace and quiet. Ducks, chickens, goats and monkeys were the only noises we heard from our lakeshore guesthouse. We spent our days walking through the little nearby villages, exploring paths through rice paddies, playing with inquisitive children and attempting to paddle ourselves around in a traditional dug-out canoe! Lake Maninjau is a bit off of the tourist trail, and that’s why we loved it. Watching the glowing sun set over the caldera walls was a highlight of each day.

sunset lake maninjau indonesia

Have you ever been to a lake inside of a volcano?!


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6 thoughts on “Sunset Sunday: April 27th

  1. I’m heading to Indonesia this summer and will hopefully get to Sumatra…looks incredible. My travel buddy used to live in Jakarta so he will be showing me around there too fingers crossed!

  2. I Love the pinks and blues! Great timing… the shining glowing “diamond” set in the ring of the caldera walls!

  3. Stunning. I’ve visited the lakes at Kelimutu, Flores, but they’re only visible from the rim, and the water’s edge is not accessible, so photos like this would be tricky.

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