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Posted 22 Jun, 2014 | 5 Comments
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This week’s sunset is from sunny Puerto Escondido, Mexico!

Puerto Escondido, Mexico, referred to in the surf community as the Mexican pipeline, has a beach that stretches for miles from the Centro towards La Punta. It’s here where we stayed for nearly one month lured by the quiet locale and laid back atmosphere.  And although our time in Puerto wasn’t the greatest, we were treated to sunsets like this almost every evening. For nearly thirty days we never saw a drop of rain, or even a cloud it seemed like. Each evening like clockwork, the crowds were drawn down to the beach and the skies lit up in hues of pink, purple and orange. It felt almost as if we were trapped in our own episode of Groundhog Day with the same event recreating itself. Except during moments like this, you look forward to experiencing it again and again and don’t want it to end.

mexico sunset

A big thanks to Pete & Dalene of Hecktic Travels for taking the time out of their hectic travel schedules to provide us with this beautiful sunset! For more on their adventures, including what they’re up to now in Romania, follow them on Twitter and Facebook.

Do you have a sunset you would like to share on Goats On The Road? Send us an email and we’ll be happy to feature you on our site!


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