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After exploring the old city of Jaisalmer in the State of Rajasthan, we decided it was time to make our way out into the desert. We hired our own personal guide (who was hilarious!) and the three of us set out into the vast Thar Desert with our three modes of transportation, camels! We rode our camels for 4 days, stopping for breaks in the shade and at small villages we saw along the way. The nights spent sleeping under the stars on nothing more than blankets was surreal. The stars were twinkling, the camels were snoring, but there was no other sound. It was eerily quiet. Our camel safari took us as far as the Pakistan border before returning back to Jaisalmer. This was one of our top 10 travel experiences for sure!

camel safari india

Have you ever been on a camel safari? What did you think?! Tell us below.


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6 thoughts on “Sunset Sundays: Jaisalmer, India

  1. Hi
    I am planning my trip to India for next January. Could you tell me which desert safari company you took?
    Thank you in advance i know how many messages you must get everyday

  2. Hi Juan 🙂

    Sorry for the delayed reply. We don’t know the company, as it was just through our hostel/guesthouse. You can try checking with your accommodation on which ones they recommend when you arrive. Or, you could have a look at Lonely Planet’s Thorntree online or Trip Advisor. Happy travels.

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