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Christmas is fast approaching, and if you’ve just decided you’d like the swap the city for the countryside this festive season, then there’s still time to book yourself a relaxing holiday. Below, I’ve listed some handy tips for planning the traditional British Christmas getaway in a short timeframe. Hopefully, this’ll give you plenty of inspiration for your own break.

Choose a quintessentially British destination

Balancing going away for the Christmas period with still having a classically British festive season can seem a little tricky – but there are several simple ways you can make it work. The first of these is by choosing a quintessentially British destination, like Devon.

There are several reasons why I recommend Devon in particular. One is that it’s easy to find cosy holiday cottages in Devon, which have a number of advantages – though I’ll go into that side of things in more detail in a moment. Another is that there are just so many wonderful, family friendly attractions in Devon, not to mention the fact that it’s got a wonderful food culture (so you can really indulge during the festive season) and there are plenty of seasonal events to go to.

And if you want to give the Christmas attractions a miss (after all, that might be the whole reason you’ve decided to go away!), then you’ll be pleased to hear that there’s plenty of non-festive rainy day activities too. Kent’s Cavern, for instance, is a series of underground caves that can be enjoyed no matter what the weather, while there are lots of fun indoor sports centres too, including Quay Climbing Centre and Barbican Leisure Centre.

Hire a holiday cottage

Above, I briefly touched on the idea of hiring a holiday cottage rather than staying in a hotel. I think the main reason for doing so is the social factor – if you’re planning a family break, then it’s really nice for everyone to be able to stay together rather than be divided across separate hotel rooms. Similarly, you’ll have communal spaces like a living room and kitchen where you can all get together and enjoy each other’s company.

Another handy thing about holiday cottages is that they give you a little more freedom to control your budget as you please, largely because you can save money by cooking your own meals. Plus, having your own kitchen also means you can still whip up a traditional family roast if you like!

On the other side of the coin, if getting away from Christmas is your primary objective, you’ll have your own little self-contained world free of endless Christmas carols and decorations.

Organise festive outings

The last advantage of choosing Devon is that there are some great festive events set to take place over the Christmas period. For instance, anyone keen to find some good old-fashioned, non-commercialised Christmas cheer is bound to love Candlelit Dartmouth. Taking place on December 6th and 7th, this procession of local children carrying homemade paper lanterns is heartwarming and atmospheric.

If bustling Christmas markets are more your thing, make sure you head to Exeter Christmas Market, which runs from November 21st to December 19th. The charming stalls here sell everything from unique decorations and handmade gifts to delicious Christmas treats, and makes for a lovely morning or afternoon out.

There you have it, some great suggestions for family fun in the English countryside! There are many places you can choose to spend the holidays this year, but Devon has a little something for everyone and I highly recommend it.

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