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Whether you’re a kid or an adult, it doesn’t matter, going to an amusement park is awesome! Taking a daring plunge down a massive roller coaster, eating fried foods and playing all of the typical fair-type games makes for a great vacation.

We’ve been to all 3 of these amusement parks and all 3 are great for different reasons, check them out!

1. Disneyland in California, USA. This is the ultimate amusement park to visit! There’s nothing any child wants to do more than go to Disneyland…and deep down, there’s nothing any parent wants more than to go there as well. When thinking of this magical amusement park, images of Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck and all the other characters come to mind. With all of the rides, games, food, family fun, great places to stay and things to do, this really is the “happiest place on Earth”. To make sure your vacation truly is a happy one, get some insurance for travel to the United States! One slip off a ride and you’ll be paying for your hospital bills for years to come. Be smart. Get insurance.

Disneyland Mickey and Minnie kiss as cowboys
The happiest place on Earth….Disneyland!
2. Calgary Stampede in Calgary, Canada. The Stampede is a time for cowboys, horse racing events, carnival rides, concerts, parties and lots and lots of drinking! During this 10 days, the city is full of energy and everyone is in a festive mood. Get yourself tickets to one of the amazing chuckwagon races, the rodeo or one of the many concerts. Saddle up! The Calgary Stampede is quite the ride.

Calgary Stampede
The Calgary Stampede is a great time!
3. West Edmonton Mall, Edmonton, Canada. This might be called a “mall”, but it’s so much more than just shopping! It’s home to the world’s largest indoor amusement park and the world’s largest wave pool. Combine that with some world class shopping, awesome water slides, an underground aquarium and an NHL sized skating rink, you’ll never be bored at this mall!

World Waterpark at West Edmonton Mall 02
The water slides at the West Edmonton Mall are awesome!
Going to an amusement park anywhere in the world is a great way to spend a holiday. There are many amazing parks in the world, but these are our top 3 favourites in North America. Get the kids, get in the car and head out to one of these fabulous fairs, it’s a great way to let your troubles melt away and be a kid for the day!

What are your favourite theme parks? Leave a comment below!

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One thought on “Top 3 Amusement Parks In North America

  1. Hey, great share…..

    Disney land is actually an amazing theme park to visit. I have visited here once with my kids. Calgary Stampede in Calgary, Canada also seems quite interesting. For next vacation we will make plan to visit here as well. Thanks for sharing this list of wonderful theme parks.

    Keep sharing more fun!!

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