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Old South American civilizations disappeared more than a millennium ago, but in Mexico, we can still find many abundant traces of those vast and rich civilizations. Nearby all those impressive archeological monuments from ancient Mayan or Aztec civilizations, Mexico can also amaze with its modern cities and one of a kind wildlife living just around busy cities.

But what cities are the most worth your visit? Mexico is huge, so you really need to make a great list of places where you want to go. Five cities we are going to mention below with some help from traveling enthusiasts from Travel Ticker might turn out to be quite inspiring. So – check them out and start planning your Mexican road trip now!

1.The city of resting artists

San Miguel de Allende city is near Guanajuato and is often called as region’s art center. Amazing architecture and mild climate inspire artists from around the world – this town is a beloved retirement place for many famous artists who came here from all parts of the world.

Colorful narrow streets lined up next to each other, small shops where you can buy fantastic handicraft pieces create a display which somehow reminds of a museum.

There is no shortage of on roofs set up cafes and restaurants, from which you can admire the pointed roofs of the old town too. Sounds amazing, right?

2. Modern ancient Mayan city

White Merida city is high in contrast. One of the oldest settlements in Mexico now is all covered with modern shopping malls and hotels. Locals cannot complain about the shabby or dull cultural life there – with free concerts taking place on the street nobody will have a right to nag!

In this city there are a lot of people with direct Mayan origins, making Merida the leader of such population in the country. So naturally, these locals cherish their old traditions and try to protect them from globalization as well. One of the most distinctive features of that – a special Merida dialect which will be easy to detect even by inexperienced tourists or linguistics!

Teatro Peón Contreras merida

3. Cuban port of fun

Veracruz is the country’s main port, in which not only cargo ships dock! This is also one of the first destinations where cruise ships stop by to let hungry for experiences and perfect beaches travelers too. City’s name is also associated with the bustling nightlife because all night long playing Cuban melodies make many people dance just in the middle of the street.

However, is not worth staying at the beach all the time in there, because the old town will enchant everyone with its beautiful colonial architecture and cozy cafe tables arranged nearby narrow sidewalks.

4. Undiscovered gem of Mexico

Morelia is a paradise for those who prefer to travel off the beaten tourist paths. Outstanding pink brick Old Town is equivalent to the most beautiful European capitals, but here you won’t meet noisy crowds of travelers.

Locals are proud of their almost two kilometers long aqueduct, which should be visited even if you stop by in this city for a few hours. Furthermore, there is a lot to see and do in Morelia and no one will leave empty-handed because local markets are full of the most beautiful and authentic pots and jewelry which will be one of the best souvenirs to bring back home.

5. In the city of Angels – pepper with chocolate 

Puebla differs from other colonial cities because huge mountains surround this settlement. It is said that it was established by the angels, so buildings around this town really do not lack of those mystical creatures sculptures.

The most impressive local structure is Santo Domingo Church, famous for its golden modern baroque altar and elaborate carvings. Puebla leaves impressions for gourmets too, because here the famous Mole sauce made with chili pepper mixed with chocolate was born. So – you won’t find a better place to taste that Mexican cuisine marvel!

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  1. We’ve visited three of the colonial Mexican towns/cities you mention – San Miguel de Allende, Guanajuato, and Morelia. And as you know, we’ve written extensively about them on our blog :-). Morelia is definitely the undiscovered gem – less touristy, more authentic. (Thanks, by the way, for linking to our blog post on Morelia!) But it’s a big city. Guanajuato is smaller, and in its own way more charming (??). When we visit the Yucatan Peninsula again, we’d like to stay in Merida – the cultural ballet/opera/play scene is said to excellent.

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