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Switzerland is widely renowned as one of the most beautiful countries in the world, and it’s no wonder why. When visitors see the snow-capped Alps and crystalline lakes, it isn’t uncommon to experience moments of pure wonder.

There is no wrong way to explore and enjoy this incredible country, but if you truly want to get the most out of your trip, there are certainly some tips you can take to make it more memorable. If you want to see the most beautiful sights in Switzerland, these six picks are sure to blow you away and make for great photos.

Switzerland is unique in its combination of natural beauty and historical structures. Whether you want to survey the splendor of nature or enjoy a day in a gallery, you can take your pick of places to go. The country has something for everybody, so check out the following six tips to see where it will take you.

Ride the Matterhorn

The aforementioned Alps are one of the biggest attractions in Switzerland, and within the range, perhaps the Matterhorn mountain is the most famous. Visitors can view its majesty and even climb its slopes, but many enjoy the mountain by riding the adjacent train or staying in the quaint village that lies at its base.

Zermatt, as it is called, maintains the peaceful environment created by the Matterhorn by abolishing all cars from the area. If you seek relaxation and natural beauty, you definitely don’t want to miss this part of Swiss nature in all of its glory.

See the Interlaken

Another of Switzerland’s most famous natural beauties is the Interlaken area. It is most popular in the summertime, but it is gorgeous year round. Much of this appeal is due to its picturesque location between two lakes—the Thun and the Brienz.

The valley town contains gardens, cafes and simply stunning views of the adjacent mountains. Many visitors stay in Interlaken prior to embarking on hikes, climbs and skiing excursions, when the weather is cold enough. These activities, along with the absence of cars, preserve the area’s uniquely amazing sense of calm and welcoming ambiance.

Visit Lake Geneva

Along with the Interlaken, Lake Geneva is one of the natural wonders that attracts admirers from around the world to visit Switzerland. It is the largest Alpine lake in all of Europe, and its position places it right on the French border.

The lake itself if known for a gorgeous fountain that shoots into the air as well as the nearby Opera House where visitors can enjoy an enticing performance. If you plan to spend time near Lake Geneva, you can stay at the town of Geneva, which is located at the southern tip of the lake.

View Galerie Gmurzynska

Art lovers cannot miss the Galerie Gmurzynska when they are visiting Switzerland. The country’s best gallery boasts an array of exhibits and attractions, but it is best known for its display of modern and contemporary pieces that evoke reactions much like the beauty found outside the art gallery.

It was originally founded in Cologne, and its development in Switzerland has only further bolstered its renown in the art world. If you want to see the marvels of European art, visit Galerie Gmurzynska. You certainly won’t be disappointed by the collections and the setting you encounter when you do.

Enjoy St. Moritz

If elevations are your attraction, you clearly chose the right destination in Switzerland. Among some of the highest points in the country is St. Moritz, the luxury resort that is nearly 6,000 feet above sea level. The town is situated on the slopes of the Alps, and with its luxurious amenities, it’s no wonder why it’s such as popular place.

Shopping a luxury lodging take a backseat to the stunning views and pristine snow that are regular scenery in this area. No matter what kind of Swiss experience you are seeking, you can enjoy the beauty offered by St. Moritz.

Explore Salt Mines

The Bex Salt Mines are one of the most mystical of Switzerland’s top attractions. The vast cavernous are darkly enticing, and the labyrinth-like nature makes the journey that much more exciting. Underground, you will see the results of the first excavations as well as the modern work being done in the mines.

Visitors can take a ride around the mine in the train and embark on a self-guided tour of the caverns. More adventurous visitors can even join one of the TrekkMines tours that deviate from the standard route and explore some of the most dangerous parts of the mines.

There is no shortage of attractions for visitors who are interested in seeing Switzerland. Whether you seek nature, art or adventure, the country can reveal amazing sights and even more amazing experiences. It’s up to you to seek them out, discover them and claim them as your own.

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