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Most continents have soaring mountains and incredible trekking destinations. Some are incredibly exciting, some are stunningly beautiful, some are even steeped in culture and traditions. But there’s a reason why more than 200000 travellers visit Nepal for the greatest trekking adventure of their life.

What makes these treks in Nepal so special is that they offer a combination of all three, presenting the best alpine scenery on the planet.

Why Choose Trekking in Nepal

If you’ve been on a trek before you know you’re in for some of the greatest and most beautiful memories. For all those of you who are still new to the concept, here are just some of the things you can expect to see while trekking in Nepal: 

1. Stunning Natural Beauty: Mother Nature is beautiful everywhere. She’s responsible for those magnificent fjords as well as those romantic vineyards. She was the architect behind the grand canyons of the world and she also carved out those barrier reefs. But somehow she managed to reserve her best for the mountains of the world. A trek in Nepal presents all kinds of ecosystems, ranging from rice terraces to lush jungles to alpine conditions, letting you explore natural diversity at its best.


2. Valleys: You’ll always be close to exquisite valleys that are either full of color or a dark shade of brown, depending on when you’re visiting Nepal. But either ways, they’re sure to be responsible for some of the best memories of your life.

3. Culture: The natural beauty is phenomenal, but the local culture and the people truly take your heart away. This region hosts some of the friendliest people on the planet. You’re always close to curious onlookers, many of whom are more than happy to keep you company, introduce you to their culture, their unique history and their beautiful traditions.

4. Wildlife: The area is also home to all kinds of animals. From rare mountain goats to exotic birds, from yaks and cows to musk deer, from blue sheep to snow leopards, you’re really spoilt for choice. Who knows, maybe you’d even catch a glimpse of a yeti! 

Weather in Nepal 

The weather of Nepal is governed by four main seasons. The best time to go on a trek is during autumn. The months of mid-September to November generally see clear skies, warm and pleasant days and cool evenings. This makes it the perfect time to climb higher altitudes and it’s easier to adjust to the thin mountain air.

The winter months of December to February still see clear skies and cool days, but the nights become extremely cold, particularly in higher altitudes. If you’re planning to visit Nepal during these months, try sticking to the lower altitude or medium altitude treks.

The spring season arrives in the month of March and graces the area with its phenomenal beauty till the month of May. This is a great time to go on a trek as the mountainside is full of blossoming rhododendrons and the entire area is dancing in color. The days are warmer, making high altitude trekking comfortable as well. 

The summer months of June to September are the worst as Nepal experiences heavy rains during this time.

The Three Great Treks of Nepal 

There are literally dozens of beautiful treks around Nepal, and there are many ways to reach the trail heads and find your way. If you’re looking for a tour company to guide you, Bookmundi offers excellent information and booking courses for treks and tours in Nepal.

Poonhill Trek:

  • Duration: 5-7 days
  • Difficulty: Easy-Moderate

If you’re searching for a trek that lets you explore untouched scenes from the Himalayan countryside, without having to spend too much of your time on a trek, the Poonhill Trek is as good as it gets.

The journey doesn’t bring you to alpine Himalayan scenery right away. It takes you through rolling hills, beautiful plantations, remote villages, and an area that is dotted with cultural and historical wonders.

Discover hidden monasteries, watch prayer flags soaring in the sky, and see the peaks open out in front of your eyes with each step. As you cross Ullery, mountainside vistas start dancing in front of your eyes and majestic peaks feel ever so close.


You’re asked to stay patient throughout the trek and all that patience is well-rewarded once you climb up to the very top of the hill at 04.00 AM in the morning to catch the sun’s first rays dancing past some of the greatest peaks on the planet with their glittery steps.

Pokhara, your base for the Poonhill trek, is equally enticing on its own, making this trek even more memorable. 

Everest Base Camp Trek:

  • Duration: 12 days
  • Difficulty: Medium-Hard

If you’re looking to make trekking the highlight of your tour to Nepal, you simply cannot look beyond the beauty of the Everest Base Camp trek. Trekking in the region alone gives you bragging rights, but visiting Everest Base Camp puts you in the company of a select few, blessed souls who had the fortune of laying their eyes on the gates of heaven.

Your trek starts from Kathmandu and it takes you past beautiful villages, remote monasteries and stunning alpine scenery before presenting some of the greatest and largest peaks on the planet, the most notable being Mt. Everest (8848 m).

No wonder you just cannot head off on a trip to Everest Base Camp. You need to be beckoned by the roof of the world to make the journey!

Langtang Trek:

  • Duration: 7 days
  • Difficulty: Easy-Medium

Considered to be one of the best short treks of Nepal, Langtang presents the Himalayas at their magnificent best. This stunning journey takes you closer to a centuries-old Buddhist culture, introduces you to ancient traditions and rituals, uncovers remote monasteries and also brings you closer to some of the greatest mountain peaks in the world.

The Langtang trek will also allow you to summit two small peaks close to 5,000 meters. Climbing experience is not required, it’s two trekking peaks providing splendid views once you reach the top.

Most visitors shy away from trekking, believing that it’s too expensive, takes a lot of time or demands physical effort. True, there are some treks that present all three challenges, but there are treks which let you enjoy the Himalayas at their beautiful best while still meeting your time and budget preferences as well as skill levels.

Just choose from one of these three great treks of Nepal and embark on a journey that’s full of adventure, romance, mystery, history, culture and beauty. 

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