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Welcome to our guide to Turkey travel. Turkey is a place as diversified as its people. Get lost in the metropolitan buzz of one of the greatest cities on Earth, Istanbul, or find yourself in the eastern Anatolia Region in cities with far fewer vehicles, but ironically have names like Van and Cars.

Hike the famous Lycian Way or soar high above the fairy chimneys of the otherworldly Cappadocia. Turkey is easy to travel, welcoming and delightfully off track.

It seems the further east you go in the country, the further you get from normal tourism and the more the locals become fascinated by your presence. Turkey is a place that has all of the travel amenities you could ask for, but at the same time gives you the feeling that you've discovered the place all to yourself.

Step off the beaten track. Find the less-visited part of Turkey. You won't be disappointed.

On this Turkey Travel Guide page we've included all of the most useful information on our blog about travelling to Turkey as well as reasons you should go and the best time to visit.

Turkey Travel Information

Turkey is a place with fantastic food, incredible cities, fascinating architecture and a rich history. Whether you're coming here on a backpacking trip or you're on part of an inclusive tour holiday, it's really not that hard to get around the country.

Turkey travel can be simple. As long as you know a bit about the culture, the people and what it's like to travel there. Below you'll find all of the posts on our blog about travelling in Turkey.

Turkey Travel Guide

Welcome to our guide to Turkey travel. Turkey is a place as diversified as its people. Get lost in the metropolitan buzz of one of the greatest cities on Earth, Istanbul, or find yourself in the eastern Anatolia Region in cities with far fewer vehicles, but ...

Our Turkey Travel Blogs

We have travelled to Turkey on a couple of different occasions, spending over a month in the country in total. We have been to the west, central turkey, the far east and the north, so we feel we have a pretty good understanding of the country as a whole.

Below you'll find all of our Turkey travel blog posts. These are our personal travel stories and experiences. Hopefully by reading about our travels, you'll gain a better understanding of what your trip might be like in the country.

Travelling to Istanbul, Turkey

We left Tbilisi, Georgia at 11:00 am on July, 5th and prepared ourselves for a gruelling 26 hour overnight bus ride to the Turkish Capital, Istanbul. Within the first 10 minutes, to our relief, the air conditioning started pumping and the long journey was actually very ...

Tbilisi, Georgia – A Quick Trip Through The Caucasus Countries

After being in Turkey for four weeks we thought we’d switch it up a bit and head further East into the neighbouring country of Georgia-one of the three Caucasus countries (Armenia and Azerbaijan are the other two). Georgia’s past (both happy and war torn) has given ...

Backpacking Eastern Turkey – Van, Kars & Ani

We arrived in Van in the evening and checked into our hostel we had booked. Had a quick bite to eat and were off to bed…totally exhausted after the hotbox of a bus ride! The next day we went to see the Van Castle, set high ...

Backpacking Mt. Nemrut & Diyarbakir, Turkey

After our amazing experiences in Sanliurfa and Harran we set out on a convoluted journey to Mt. Nemrut. As with most of our backpacking days, it was a very long travel day!  It took us 4 sweltering hot buses to get to our hotel near the ...

Backpacking Harran, Turkey – Beehives & New Friends

Sanliurfa is a beautiful city in Eastern Turkey with a lot to see and do. Unfortunately Turkey is such a big country so we had to really start moving a lot in hopes of covering more area and seeing more sights. Instead of spending day 3 ...

Gaziantep & Sanliurfa – Exploring Eastern Turkey

The further East we headed in Turkey, the more like travelling it became. Cars were replaced with donkeys, western tourists replaced by Kurdish people, bars and restaurants replaced by side of the road eateries, the English language was dropped and only Turkish and Kurdish spoken and ...

Backpacking Cappadocia, Turkey – Flintstones Meets Mario World

Sometimes when backpacking you come across a place on the globe and you think “how could I have not known that a place like this existed?” Cappadocia Turkey is one of those places. We arrived to the small town of Gerome on a 12 hour over-night ...

Backpacking Olympos, Turkey – Chillin In Treehouses

Sleeping in a treehouse, sounds like a childhood dream…or in this case, an adult reality! We arrived in Olympos and were planning to stay in one of the infamous treehouses that the area is known for. They’re technically not built in trees, they’re more like platform ...

Kabak: Roasting In Turkey

Turkey. Not only is it my favourite meal, but now it has become one of my favourite countries. After our long ferry ride from Greece to the port town of Marmaris in Turkey, we walked with our heavy bags about 4kms to our hotel. Again, thanks ...


When To Travel To Turkey

The Best Time To Visit: April-May & September-October

Spring (April-May) and Autumn (Sept-Oct) is generally the best time to visit Turkey when the skies are usually clear and the temperature hovers around 25 degrees celsius.

There can be snow in eastern Turkey before May and after October, while the heat in the west can be very oppressive in July and August when the mercury can sore to 45 degrees celsius. 

When we visited Turkey the first time, it was during the summer months and it was almost unbearable, particularly on the long bus journeys which for some reason always seemed to have problems with the A/C. If you're coming during this time, I recommend looking for accommodation with working AC and try to choose a bus company with good ratings.

There isn’t really a winter tourist season in Turkey as many of the coastlines along the Mediterranean, Aegean and Black sea are completely shut down in the winter months.

High season in Turkey is from July to mid-September when the coasts are at their fullest and prices are at their highest. If you head east you will be less affected by the influx in tourist numbers.