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Since upgrading our backpacks and joining the ultralight world of backpacking and travel, we’ve also changed our packing list. We will be packing these items for this upcoming five month trip through Mongolia, Russia, Central Asia and Iran. We’ll be doing lots of trekking, camping and fishing.

If you’re wondering what to pack for a trip like this, check out our new packing list:

**Goat Note: We bought 95% of these items online with Amazon when we were living in China. Many of the items you see here can also be purchased with Amazon by clicking the link**

1 x Quechua tent, Quickhiker II (2.7kg)
1 x small ground tarp
2 x Kathmandu, down-filled, -5 degree sleeping bags (in compression bags)
2 x foam sleeping mats
2 x blow-up pillows
1 x lightweight, 7 piece fly fishing rod and reels
1 x camping cooking set (pot, pan, lid, bowl)
2 x tin cups
2 x metal folding spoons
1 x MSR Pocket-Rocket Stove (we will buy the gas canister in Mongolia)
2 x 1L plastic water bottles (and water purification tablets)
1 x Leatherman knife
6 x carabiner clips
6 x bags of Mountain House dehydrated dinner meals (these are lightweight and full of protein. You just add water and eat)
1 x compass
2 x MSR anti-microbial quick drying towels
1 x rope
1 x lighter
1 x combination padlock
4 x small combination locks
2 x headlamps
1 x heating coil
2 x tealight candles
1 x deck of cards
1 x 1:100,000 topographical map of Mongolia (we will buy it in Ulaanbaatar)
1 x small wallet

what to pack for backpacking and camping
All of this stuff has to fit into our backpacks!

Dariece’s Clothing:

1 x cotton t-shirt
2 x lightweight, quick dry t-shirts
2 x tank-tops/undershirts
1 x long-sleeved, base layer thermal top
1 x NorthFace pullover fleece
1 x NorthFace lightweight, rainproof, waterproof jacket
1 x lightweight hiking pants

what to pack trekking and camping
A typical looking travel outfit, lightweight, flowing long-sleeved shirt and hiking pants

1 x cotton, lightweight travel pants
1 x stretchy, capri pants
1 x leggings
1 x base layer pants
1 x bathing suit
1 x bra
5 x underwear
5 x quick drying socks
1 x sarong
1 x scarf
1 x Soloman hiking shoes
1 x flip-flop sandals

Nick’s Clothing:

2 x quick drying T-shirts
1 x cotton t-shirt
1 x quick drying long-sleeved shirt
1 x base layer thermal top
1 x NorthFace pullover fleece
1 x rainproof, waterproof jacket

what to pack for trekking
Nick’s Merrell walking/hiking shoes

1 x lightweight hiking pants
1 x light khaki pants
1 x base layer thermal pants
1 x bathing suit shorts
4 x quick drying underwear
5 x quick drying socks
1 x Merrell hiking shoes
1 x Flip-flop sandals


2 x toothbrushes
1 x small tube of toothpaste
1 x small bottle of shampoo
1 x small bottle of conditioner
2 x deodorants
1 x razor and blade
1 x soapbox and soap
1 x Diva Cup
moist towelettes (wet wipes) for those non-shower days!


2 x laptops
2 x 1TB external hard-drives
1 x Panasonic Lumix F100 camera
1 x Ipod
1 x basic Nokia cell phone
2 x Kindle e-book readers
1 x electric razor
1 x zip container of charging cords
1 x power adapter

For more detailed information on which electronics you should pack when travelling, check out our Guide to Must-Have Travel Electronics for the Modern Nomad. 

(Note: When we are trekking, our guesthouse will hang on to our electronics and other items that we won’t need)

what to pack for lightweight travel
No need to pack books anymore. Our lightweight Kindle Paperwhites are awesome

First-Aid Kit:

Headache, fever and pain pills (Advil)
Pills for nausea, heartburn, indigestion, upset stomach and diarrhea (Pepto-Bismol)
Strong, all-purpose antibiotics for if we’re really sick
Pills for motion sickness (Gravol)
Diarrhea stopper pills (Immodium)
Altitude Sickness pills
Birth control pills
Oral rehydration packets
Mosquito repellent
Vaseline (for chaffing when trekking/dry lips)
Baby Powder (for stinky shoes, and chaffing)
Bandages (Band-Aid)
Safety pins
Duct tape
Emergency Blanket

There you have it, the perfect packing list for a camping, fishing and trekking backpacking trip! We’ve totally revamped our travel gear and are now all about lightweight gear and packing less. We hope this list can help you out!

Check Out The Video Below:

How We Got All Of This Into Small Backpacks!

For our other packing lists, check out:

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Have you been on a camping or trekking trip before? Did we miss any items?! Leave a comment below.

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What To Pack For A Camping and Trekking Trip

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11 thoughts on “What To Pack For A Camping and Trekking Trip

  1. Hi Nick and Dee
    Nice video…love the dancing…lol.
    Well you two, here you go again. I know you must be exctied to get back on the road. Seems you have everything covered…may I suggest you get whistles or bells for your pack when you are walking in the wilderness. Just a small warning device in case….
    Looking forward to following you on your new adventure.
    Safe travels my friends…xoxo

  2. Hey Toni!

    We will be getting some sort of warning device and bear spray when we’re camping in Russia. There was nothing to worry about while in Mongolia…except for wolves, which are going extinct.

    Glad you liked the video haha.

    Cheers! xo

  3. Great packing lists and enjoyed the video! Thanks for all the hard work, I love reading packing lists!!! How much does each packed backpack weigh? Thanks, Annie G.

  4. Hey Annie,

    Glad you enjoyed the video.

    With all of the food we were bringing, Nick’s weighed 13 kgs and mine weighed 10kgs

    Now that we’ve eaten everything, they weigh 10kgs and 8kgs

    Hope this helps 🙂

  5. Superb list. Theres even things on there that I forget and i am an organised freak!

  6. Thanks! Glad you find the list useful 🙂

    Planning a camping or trekking trip somewhere?


  7. Which Kathmandu sleeping bags and foam sleeping pads did you use? I’m trying to reduce the size of my gear for an upcoming trip to Peru and it looks like the two of you have this down to a science. Thanks for sharing!

  8. Was it expensive to have the items shipped to China through Amazon? Were there any local stores in China that you could have bought them instead?
    Also, are you still traveling with your tent, sleeping bag and sleeping pad everywhere you go? That’s a lot of space and weight to carry around.

  9. Hi Alan, there is a Chinese Amazon., we also have used Alibaba and Taobao, which are online Chinese companies. Where we were living, in Yangzhou, there was only 1 outdoor store, which was seriously lacking in products. We went to Shanghai a couple of times to do some other shopping, but for the most part it was done online.

    No, we have left the tent and camping gear in Canada, as we aren’t on those sorts of trips at the moment.

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