What To See & Do In Hsipaw

Hsipaw is a beautiful area.  The town itself isn’t the greatest, but just step off the track a little bit and you’ll find loads to see and do.  Many backpackers come to Hsipaw expecting that it’s a place completely off the map.  Well, it isn’t.  There are, however, places you can walk to where you’ll be practically the only tourist there.

Little Bagan:  Ok, so it’s not comparable to the actual Bagan in Myanmar, but it is still stunning.  Mini payas covered with vines and grass dot the landscape.  It’s a beautiful area with rushing rivers, water buffalos and local people going about their day-to-day things.  You could spend a day here just slowly wandering around and hanging out with the locals.

what to do in hsipaw
A paya at Little Bagan, Hsipaw, Myanmar
hsipaw for budget backpackers
playing hacky-sac with some village kids, Little Bagan, Hsipaw

Waterfall: If you stay at Mr. Charles Guesthouse, they will provide you with a hand drawn map.  About a 2 hour walk from town there’s a beautiful, massive waterfall with a pool at the bottom for swimming.  The scenery around this area is stunning.

hsipaw for budget backpackers
Stunning waterfall, Hsipaw, Myanmar

Natural Hot Spring: Past some of the Shan Villages is a natural hot spring!  The water is clear, clean and warm.  You’ll be amongst the trees and the local people here.  This is great experience to have away from the town.

hsipaw for budget backpackers
Enjoying the natural hot springs with the local people, Hsipaw, Myanmar

Shan Villages: Just outside of the main town of Hsipaw are small Shan Villages.  Naloy in particular is a great place to see.  The people here are so welcoming, generous and friendly.  We ended up teaching English here for a week and enjoyed it so much.  There are a few other villages as well set alongside a river with rice paddies and mountains all around.  Stunning scenery.  Definitely get outside of Hsipaw Town itself.

teaching english in myanmar
teaching English to the kids of Naloy Village, Myanmar

Guided Treks: The guides at Mr. Charles Guesthouse are especially knowledgeable about the surrounding villages and offer overnight treks from Hsipaw to Namshan.  Although this may be a great way to see the countryside, we didn’t opt for this popular tourist draw.  The groups of trekkers range from 8-12 people/guide, which doesn’t make for a very intimate experience.  In our opinion (since we’re more about independent travel) you’re better off venturing into the nearby villages and be the only tourists there.

hsipaw for budget backpackers
Walking outside of Hsipaw to the Shan Villages, Myanmar

Hsipaw is an amazing destination.  Besides the fact that it’s beautiful, the things to see and do are definitely budget backpacker friendly!  If you make the effort to come to this northern village, you won’t be disappointed.



9 thoughts on “What To See & Do In Hsipaw”

  1. It sounds nice. Liked your precious post which you have shared here regarding on Hsipaw and its awesome attractions with beautiful pictures. I am curious to visit this destination soon.

  2. Hi Nick and Dariece,
    I will be visiting Myanmar for a month in a week and am looking at information about the country, things to do etc. I would love to teach English in the country like you did, I was wondering if this was easy to come across when you’re in Hsipaw? And if you had any advice about finding a school?

    Thanks for your help!

  3. Hello Annapurna Mellor. Hsipaw is the best town in the world. i went there for 14 days last october, and it was the gratest experince in my life. Hsipaw is my favorite city in Myanmar. If you need any help in hsipaw, then contact “Mr. Book”. he lives in a small bookshop at the mainroad. He is the most helpful man i have ever met. He is so kind, and he helps the poor and i am sure he will help you.
    Good luck, and enjoy your trip 🙂


  4. Hello,

    Myanmar is a great country filled with wonderful people. We ended up randomly teaching in Hsipaw after stumbling upon the village of Naloy and the teacher from Taiwan. However, I’m sure that there are many volunteer options nearby. Talk to your guesthouse, have a look online and many even chat with other tourists….and check out Naloy Village 🙂

    Have a great time.

  5. Hi can you tell me the name of the watetfall & let me know whether or not it’s possible to go there by bicycle instead of walking ?

    I’m not staying at Mr Charles and can’t find the watetfall on any maps.


  6. Hey Steven,

    Yes, you could cycle there, there’s a small, narrow dirt walking path, but I think you could take a bike. The waterfall is near to Naloy Village and unfortunately, I don’t know the name of it. We went with some locals who showed us…sorry! Maybe still ask around at Mr. Charles?

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