Finding a good budget meal in Yangshuo shouldn’t be a problem.  Aside from the meals served at Yangshuo Culture House Guesthouse, we also ate at this little shop:

Gan’s Noodle Restaurant 

Longyue Lu

Located on the main road.

This family run shop serves some delicious local meals at a great price.  Try the freshly made dumplings, either steamed or fried, for 5rmb.

Freshly steamed dumplings and dim-sum at Gan’s Noodle Shop, Yangshuo, China
The owner of Gan’s Noodle Shop making dumplings, Yangshuo, China


In the evening, on the main road (Longyue Lu) many of the restaurants set up tables on the street for an evening BBQ.  Skewers of meat, seafood and vegetables are on display, just point and enjoy with a cold beer.

Skewers for sale in the evening, Yangshuo, China
Nick enjoying a cold one in the evening on the street, Yangshuo, China

3 thoughts on “Where To Eat In Yangshuo

  1. The most famous local dish in Yangshuo is called Beer Fish, local fresh water fish cooked in beer. What is more, you can also find Indian, Italian, French, Mexican cuisines in this small town.

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