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There are so many options for budget backpacker accommodation on Koh Phangan.  But no matter your budget there’s something for everyone. You can choose from basic huts, more modern bungalows, or high class resorts.

Where To Sleep:

Mad Monkey Hostel Koh Phangan

  • Located near the Thong Sala pier and town,
  • 10-15 min drive from Haad Rin
  • Contact reception:
  • +66 77 423 997
  • or: [email protected]

For the lowest rates you can book directly through their website.

Otherwise, you can book through or

Room Info/Costs:

The hostel is certainly a great time if you’re looking to party but also keep some class. Located very close to Thong Sala pier and the market in town, Mad Monkey Koh Phangan was opened on New Year’s 2019. The newest addition to the largest hostel chain in Southeast Asia offers a fantastic combination of partying and adventure.


Unlike its competitors, the focus is on being social together and having a good time rather than getting as drunk as possible. It’s certainly not for those looking for the quietest night of all time but it is a great place to meet others and experience the island as it also offers quite a few tours throughout the week.

Where To Stay Koh Phangan Mad Monkey Hostel

The property was formerly a boutique hotel before being taken over by Mad Monkey. Therefore the largest dorm room is only 8 beds. The cost is 250THB/night for a dorm and 750THB for a private room during non-Full Moon Party dates. Like the rest of the island, rates increase during the full moon period. All rooms have A/C and personal lockers.

Pros: Social, offers great tour options, close to Thong Sala pier, has a pool, party atmosphere but not over the top, very nice and accommodating staff
Cons: The location is close to the pier but a bit far from Haad Rin. This is a con for some and a pro for others. Mad Monkey does book shuttles for guests to Half Moon and Full Moon parties, however.

Lighthouse Bungalows

  • Located on the far end of Leela Beach,
  • Along a wooden walkway, past stone boulders
  • 10-15 min walk from Haad Rin
  • Contact the owner, Dum and his English wife, Karla:
  • +66-(0)77-375 075
  • +66-(0)84-8520029
  • or: [email protected]

You can secure a room with them by providing your credit card number.

Otherwise, you can book through or

Room Info/Costs:

This area is stunning.  Located right on the southern point of the island, it’s completely silent at night for sleeping and perfect for jumping off the rocks and going for a private swim.  In the evenings, you can hangout with the Thai/Burmese locals and fish off the rocks.

Nick fishing off the rocks at Lighthouse Bungalows, Leela Beach


the wooden walkway leading from Lighthouse Bungalows to Leela Beach

The food cooked up by the Burmese staff is delicious.  The pad thai (90THB) is massive and very flavourful.  The women can cook up a mean pasta as well.  Most of the food, water and booze are a bit overpriced compared to the rest of Koh Phangan.  This is because it has to be brought in by motorbike.  Even so, the food and portion size is worth the money.

The huts and bungalows here are beautiful.  The double fan-cooled huts, with private balconies, bathroom and mosquito net are set up on a hill with great views of the Sea.  The cost is 500THB/night.  The a/c bungalows are very nice, have private bathroom and balcony and are set on boulders right on the water for 1200 – 1500THB/night.

a double hut with attached bathroom at Lighthouse Bungalows, Leela Beach
our fan cooled hut at Lighthouse Bungalows, Leela Beach


view from the deck of our hut at Lighthouse Bungalows, Leela Beach

During the Full Moon Party (3 days before, during the party and 2 days after) the cost of rooms in Koh Phangan increases by 25%-50%.

This is a perfect place for couples, or people not looking to party all night long.  Peace & quiet is the main draw here.

Pros:  Quiet, peaceful area, stunning views, 2 min walk to quiet Leela Beach, 10 minute walk to shops, restaurants and beautiful Haad Rin Beach.  Friendly staff and delicious food.  Amazing views of sunset.

Cons:  If you want to be right in the action, this place is a bit further out.  The food and drink are a bit expensive at the restaurant.

beautiful Leela Beach


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5 thoughts on “Where To Sleep In Koh Phangan

  1. Hi,
    I will soon be in Thailand and love your blog! I will be visiting Ko Phangan. How many days do you recommend staying on that island? We also plan on visiting Ko Samui and want to figure out how much time to spend in each. Also, is Ko Tao great to visit also? I would love to stay in the Lighthouse bungalows, but their website prices look more expensive than what you quote. Do you think their prices would be lower if we called instead? Did you feel safe leaving your backpacks in the bungalows? Did you lock them to furniture/hide them? Thanks!!!

  2. Hi Jen!

    Koh Phagnan is still one of our favourite islands in the world. Outside of the Full Moon Party, it’s a quiet island – but not too quiet. Yes, if you called Lighthouse the price may be cheaper. And if you stay longer than one or two nights, I’m sure you could work out a deal with the owners. The price also depends on the time of year you go, we were there in Feb/March of 2012.

    We did feel safe leaving our bags in the hut when we went out. We locked our important items in our big backpacks and just shoved them under the bed. Make sure you windows and door locks and definitely lock them up when you leave. We felt safe at this place because it’s not on the main party beach.

    we loved Lighthouse Bungalows and hope you do too!

    We haven’t been to Koh Samui, but from what we understand, it’s more built up and expensive than Koh Phagnan. Koh Tao is a really chilled out, cool island, known for it’s diving. The beaches are nicer on Koh Phagnan but Koh Tao is still really funky and has its own vibe. We spent a month on each island and loved both 🙂

    If you haven’t already done so, check out our Guide to Backpacking Thailand.


  3. hey
    love your site, was great help when planning and peparing our trip.
    my wife and i have been backpacking for three months now and we are going to koh phangan next week.
    we are not going for the full moon party, the oppisite in fact.
    we want to rent a hut on a quite beach and just chill.
    we do cheap and nothing fancy, strictly budget.
    any recomendations?
    how much should we expect to spend? we are used to 300 to 400 max
    thank you

  4. We stayed at Lighthouse Bungalows on Leela Beach and really liked it – it was quiet. Hopefully it is still the same.

    You can see it here 🙂

    When we were there it was around $15 – $20 / night.


  5. We stayed at Light house Bungalows and it was a huge mistake. It’s not full (or any) moon and prices are 600 baht fan bungalow and 1500 baht with a/c. This is way overpriced, we have now found new accommodation options closer to the beach for 500 with fan (and two pools) or 800 for a/c bungalows (both sea breeze and blue marine good options).

    The problems we had were:
    Bungalows small for price and hot
    Bathroom smelly and dirty (acceptable for India but not Thailand)
    Pad Thai was worst we’ve ever had and weird orange colour
    Child was very rude to us and our neighbours on multiple occasions; neighbours also said owners were rude to them
    Owner and child ride bike down the walk-only boardwalk
    As you acknowledge, it is quite a hike and can only be accessed by walking. There are way better places

    Leena beach is nice, about five minutes walk away.

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