Deciding where to sleep in Hong Kong should be easy since there are many options for sleeping. The list of hotels, guesthouses and hostels to choose from is huge.  The only problem is that most of them are midrange & top end options.  There are 2 “mansions” in the Kowloon area that cater to the budget traveller, Mirador Mansions and Chungking Mansions.

Mirador Mansions

58-62 Nathan Rd.

Tsim Sha Tsui

picture of the Mirador Mansions


Chungking Mansions  (we did not stay there)

Located on the same road as Mirador Mansions, a block away.

Tsim Sha Tsui area

Room Info/Costs:

The “mansions” are the place to go for a cheap sleep (by Hong Kong standards).  They are huge apartment buildings with about 16 floors of guesthouses, cyber cafes, tailor shops and people’s homes.  The rooms are very small (7square meters, including bathroom), most of them have a weird smell and they aren’t really a joy to be in.

We’ve stayed at two places in Mirador Mansions:

Kowloon New Hostel

13th Floor

Mirador Mansions

our first room at New Kowloon Hostel


the bathroom at New Kowloon Hostel

With Kowloon New Hostel, you can book on or on  During the weekday, we were able to find different prices online than what the hostel was offering.  We paid between 180hkd & 250hkd.  On the weekends, the price is 350hkd.

Pros: the cheaper place to sleep, rooms have a/c, wi-fi is available in the hallway, hot water showers.  Make sure to ask for a room with windows.

Cons: rooms are super small, many of the rooms do not have windows, they aren’t very clean and they smell pretty bad.

our very small room at New Kowloon Hostel, Mirador Mansions


Cosmic Guesthouse – this place is substantially better than Kowloon New Hostel

12th Floor

Mirador Mansions

Phone: (852) 23696669

Email: [email protected]

our room at Cosmic Guesthouse, Mirador Mansions


the bathroom at Cosmic Guesthouse, Mirador Mansions

At Cosmic Guesthouse, the price is 300hkd during the week and we have not stayed there during a weekend.  The receptionist at Cosmic Guesthouse can sort out a Chinese Visa if needed.

Pros: a cheap’ish place to sleep, rooms have a/c, wi-fi is available in the room, clean, hot water showers.

Cons: rooms are super small, many of the rooms do not have windows.

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  1. Are these people in kowloon hostel and cosmic guesthouse rude? Do they charge more for a window view?

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