Who Are We?

Thanks for stopping by to find out more about Goats On The Road! We’re Nick & Dariece, the founders of this travel and lifestyle website.

We’re a 30-something couple from Canada who have been travelling and living abroad for more than a decade.

We’re here to help you make money online (from home or abroad) so that you can be your own boss, live a freer lifestyle, and spend time doing things you enjoy.

Prior to travelling and starting this website, we were just your average couple, living “normal” lives back in Canada – complete with proper full-time jobs, a fully furnished condominium, a vehicle, and all of the other things that we should want at that stage in our lives.

But, we wanted more…

Since the creation of Goats On The Road back in 2012, we’ve expanded our team to include writers who are experts at what they do — whether it’s living or travelling to a specific destination, or ways to earn money remotely.

We pride ourselves on providing you with in-depth, useful, first-hand information. We only hire professionals who know what they’re talking about — no researched articles, “ghostwriters”, or spammy content.   

Learn more about the team behind Goats On The Road below, or if you’re interested in hearing the personal journey of “The Goats”, click here to jump down the page.

Expert Writers and Staff

Meet our expanded team of professionals!

Nicola Rae – TEFL Certified Online English Teacher

Nicola Teaching English onlineNicola is a former classroom teacher turned full-time traveler and online English teacher. In June 2017, she stumbled on an online English teaching gig that allowed her to travel anywhere with good WiFi.

Nicola got TEFL certified, packed up her classroom and decided to take her job on the road to combine her two passions – teaching English and traveling! 

Here on Goats On The Road, Nicola contributes her expert information and opinions about TEFL certifications and teaching English online.


Krystianna Pietrzak – Remote Freelancer Worker

best freelance websites for beginners to work abroadKrystianna has worked as a freelancer with graphic design and social media services for the past two years and loves not being tethered to a single location.

When not traveling or working, she enjoys sharing helpful tips and tricks with others who are interested in being self-employed and working remotely. 

Here on Goats On The Road, Krystianna contributes her knowledge and tips about earning money as a freelancer, working remotely from home, and creating your own online business.


Kacie Golliher – TEFL Certified Teacher Living in China and Teaching Online

online teaching backdrop ideasKacie is a TEFL certified ESL teacher. She started teaching English when she moved from the United States to China in 2019.

Since then, she has taught at two brick and mortar schools in China and has taught online with GoGoKid and Qkids. When she’s not teaching, she likes spending her time travelling with her husband and studying foreign languages. 

Here on Goats On The Road, Kacie shares expert information and advice on taking a TEFL course, and teaching English online.


Sasha Savinov – Fulltime Traveller and Digital Nomad

Sasha is an expert in travelling the United States, Mexico, and Thailand. He’s also an online English teacher and a video producer. In fact, he studied video production at Michigan State University.

Together with his wife Rachel, Sasha has been living and travelling abroad for more than 10 years, with Mexico and Thailand being their primary bases. 

Here on Goats On The Road, Sasha contributes his expert, firsthand advice on living and travelling in both Mexico and Thailand. Plus, a few articles about what it’s like being a digital nomad. 


Tara Burgess – Fulltime Traveller and Digital Nomad

Tara is a full-time writer, traveler, photographer, and lover of street food. Tara has travelled to over 40 countries and in particular, is an expert on living and working in Germany, China, and Italy.

When she’s not sharing her advice online, you can find her sipping a glass of wine or slurping a bowl of hot noodles! 

Here on Goats On The Road, Tara contributes her advice on living as an expat in Germany, China, and Italy. Plus, information and tips on getting working holiday visas, and making money online and abroad.


We Started Travelling in 2008

We weren’t satisfied with the routine of waking up, going to work, coming home, eating dinner, watching TV, going to bed…and repeating.

We felt bored with our lives in Canada and were tired of not having enough time to spend with one another. We were tired of being tired.

So, we booked a typical 1 week, all-inclusive vacation in Mexico together. A vacation that gave us the travel bug.

About a month later, Nick came home from a brutal day of work and said: “If you could travel anywhere for a year, where would it be?” Dariece’s immediate reply was: “Southeast Asia”!

Fast forward 8 months and we had sold our home, our car, most of our possessions and booked a flight from Vancouver to Bangkok. Our travel dreams were about to come true.

We backpacked through SE Asia and the Subcontinent for 13 months. A trip that truly changed our lives forever. We met new friends, learned about new cultures, tasted new foods and experienced things that we never thought possible. From that point on we looked at our lives in a totally new light.

about us our first trip
Us on our first backpacking adventure in 2008

We Need To Be Travelling

After that 13 month trip, our bank accounts were dwindling and we needed to return back to Canada to make some more cash. We were very fortunate to get our exact same jobs back after being away for so long!

But upon returning home, we felt like strangers in our home country, and struggled to fit in. Events and conversations that we used to enjoy and that we used to think were important, now seemed irrelevant to our perspective on life.

The trip had changed us and we knew that we needed to save as much money as we could to set off on another longterm adventure.

about us surfing
Surfing in Lombok, Indonesia in 2009

The 16 Month Journey

After being back in Canada for just 13 months, we had saved enough money to set off on an even longer trip than the first one. This time we visited Europe, Africa, The Middle East, Southern Asia and Northern Asia.

It was somewhere around our 15th month on the road, in the Philippines, when Dariece had a total meltdown. She was thinking about the prospect of returning home in just over a month when the funds would run out.

We needed to figure out a way to earn money on the road – going back to regular jobs in Canada simply wasn’t an option.

about us in the philippines
Sunsets in the Philippines

Travel Blogging

During the meltdown and trying to think of ways to continue our travels, Dariece read an article online about a guy who made $2,500 from travel blogging each month.

So, we figured we should learn how to start a travel blog, choose a travel blog name, and hopefully make money from it to keep travelling 😀

Fast forward to today and this travel blog (and the jobs that stem from it) earns us six figures each year. Starting a travel blog was definitely the best thing we ever did, which is why we aim to inspire and help others (you!) to start one too.

In fact, if you start a blog using the link in this post, we will send you our blogging course and pro blogging eBook for free.

travel blogger lifestyle
Blogging from a hotel that we were working with — in Buenos Aires, Argentina

Teaching English

While travelling, we met many people who had taught English abroad as a way to make money and stay on the road. After we volunteered teaching in a village in Myanmar for a week, we started to think that we would be great English teachers.

While we were travelling around China, Nick sent off our resumes to some schools he found online, and from adverts we saw in hostels.

The response we received was overwhelming! We couldn’t believe that so many schools wanted us, especially because we had no formal training or experience at that point.

Within 2 weeks, we had secured ourselves a job at Shane English School in Yangzhou, China.

about us teaching english
Teaching English in Yangzhou, China

We taught at that school for a year and had one of the best years of our lives. We made numerous foreign and local friends, learned about Chinese culture, tried some seriously strange foods, and best of all, we loved our little students.

During that year, because we only worked 20 hours a week teaching, we had plenty of time to get GoatsOnTheRoad up and running. The year was spent teaching English for part of the day, and working on our website for the other part of the day.

After one year of teaching, we had saved enough money to travel for around 5 months.

about us yangzhou
The City of Yangzhou, where we lived for a year in China

Central Asia & The Silk Road

When we were living in China, we looked at a map and figured that the next logical trip would be to head north through Mongolia and Russia, before veering into Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan and Iran.

We ticked off an item on our travel wish list – the Trans Mongolian / Trans Siberian Railway!

This whole trip was quite the adventure, filled with camping, trekking and fishing. This is one of the least touristy regions of the world and we loved every minute of it.

about us uzbekistan
Gorgeous architecture in Uzbekistan

House Sitting / Pet Sitting

When we were in Uzbekistan, we decided to create a profile for ourselves on the website We were trying to find ways to supplement the income earned from our website (which at the time, wasn’t all that much), and house sitting seemed like a great way to do just that.

Within a month of putting up our profile, we had received a message from a homeowner in the Caribbean. She wanted us to come and take care of her divine dog named Spare. The job was for 7 months, with 1 month off in the middle.

It was perfect, and we said “Yes” right away.

about us house sitting
Nick with our fur friend, Spare Dog

6 Months House Sitting & 6 Months Travelling

During those three years of pet sitting in Grenada, we spent half of the year house sitting, and spent the other half travelling.

We visited Mexico, Guatemala, Cuba, Costa Rica, Saint Vincent & The Grenadines, Barbados, Puerto Rico, New York, Macedonia, Bulgaria, Albania, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Montenegro, Croatia, Italy, Malta, Prague, Berlin and Istanbul.

about us macedonia


2017 – The Year of Freedom

We decided that 2017 would be our year.

Although we love pet-sitting, we wanted the year to be as spontaneous as possible. We were ready to travel when we wanted to, for as long as we wanted to – without any future commitments. Plus, we wanted to be free to go on any press trips should they arise.

We’re really glad we made that decision as we ended up forming some great partnerships with tourism boards in Greece, Argentina, Indonesia and Kyrgyzstan.

Had we been “tied down” with pet-sitting jobs, we wouldn’t have been able to partake in those incredible marketing campaigns.

2017 brought us to South America for the first time and we loved backpacking around Colombia, road-tripping through Argentina, chilling out in Uruguay and trekking in Chile.

trekking in el chalten argentina

We flew business class for the first time to attend a blogging conference in Istanbul — what an experience that was!

The conference was followed up by a road trip through the UK with family, our 10 year anniversary celebrated in Greece, plotting new trekking routes in Kyrgyzstan, scuba diving & living in Indonesia, and travelling around Japan for Nick’s 33rd birthday.

Finally, we rounded off the roller coaster year in Manzanillo, Mexico with almost every member of our immediate families coming down for a visit.

Each Year is Different

We try to update this About Us Page to include the things we get up to each year. But, the page would be incredibly long as the years go by… 

So, if you’d like to learn more about what we got up to in 2018 to present, have a look at our round-up posts from each year, here:

Looking Back on 2018: A Year of Achievements

Looking Back on 2019: A Year of Highs and Lows

It’s All About Lifestyle Design

Since starting out in 2008, we’ve travelled to more than 65 wonderful countries around the world. Our passion for culture and adventure has driven us to find numerous ways to make money on the road so that we can continue this life of full-time exploration.

about us prague
Exploring the city of Prague

We’ve chosen this freedom-filled, unconventional way of life and we feel that we are completely stress-free, happy and alive. We don’t worry about nine-to-fives, bosses, planning for retirement, mortgages and most importantly… we have no debt.

We love this new lifestyle so much that we started this blog so that we can share it with others. That is why we put ALL of our best money-making tips, travel hacks and inspiration on this blog to show you that this kind of life is possible.

We don’t regret our decision to sell-up at home and live this nomadic lifestyle.

Travel made us realize the futility of material possessions now that we’re living out of our backpacks/suitcases. We’re happier than ever! Everything we own fits into a total of 110L of space.

We’ve gained a new outlook on the world and on life itself. Experiences are what bring happiness, not material things.

about us goats on the road
Happiness is…cooking in Grenada!

What’s Next?

We will continue with our digital nomad lifestyle for as long as it brings us joy. Right now, at this moment in our lives, we’re 100% content. We’re happy to be able to work on our laptops from anywhere in the world, provided there’s a decent wifi connection.

about us blogging

We Hope You’re Inspired!

We are the architects of our own reality and we are here to inspire you to create a happier life for yourself. Happiness comes in many forms, but for us, we find joy through travelling, being our own bosses, and eye-opening experiences.

On this website we share our financial tips, earning methods, and travel stories with you, in the hopes that we can inspire you to live a freer life.

We want to show you how to turn your travels into a lifestyle!

If you have any questions at all, please feel free to contact us. We answer every single email. Also, make sure to follow our journey on our social media channels: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube.

about us grenada
Beach life in Grenada

Keep your life on your back and get more back from your life – Goats On The Road


Q:  Why are you called “Goats On The Road”?

A:  Because no matter where we travel in the world, there seems to be goats roaming the roads! Since the two of us are also on the road, we have since decided to call each other “Goat”…therefore, we are Goats On The Road.

Q:  How can you afford to travel for so long?!

A:  For our first year-long trip in 2008, we sold our house and saved a lot of money from working at our jobs. For our second trip we put ourselves on a strict budget and saved up money from working for a year in Canada. We were able to travel for 16 months on those savings. After that, we decided to teach english in China for a year. We saved $21,000 in a year living in China and that supported our journey through Mongolia, Russia, Central Asia and Iran.

In 2014, a combination of free accommodation from house-sitting and the earnings made from Goats On The Road allowed us to travel and live abroad.

Since 2015, this website has been our sole source of income. Financially speaking, we haven’t needed to housesit since then, but we enjoy it 🙂

Q: How do you pronounce Dariece?

A: Der – iece. Like “piece” or “niece”.

Q:  Do you ever get bored with travelling the world?

A:  Absolutely not! There are times when we feel a bit exhausted or overwhelmed from trying to juggle travelling and blogging and need some down time…but no, we’re always excited to see and do new things each and every day. That’s the best part about travelling, there’s always something new around each corner.

Q:  How do you get around?

A:  We’ve probably taken every mode of transportation possible! Our favourite way to get around is by train or by having our own wheels – this is the best way to see the country and to meet people along the way. We often fly and take the bus as well.

Q:  What is your favourite country so far?

A:  We don’t have a clear answer for that one. Each country is beautiful in its own way and has something to offer. However, the ones that stand out in our minds the most are: Thailand, India, Indonesia, Egypt, Mozambique, Turkey, China, Mongolia, Mexico, Italy, Cuba, and Iran.

See a list of our favourites here.

Q:  What are the weirdest things you’ve eaten on your travels?

A:  Scorpion, maggot, toad, horse meat, duck’s blood, cow stomach and ox tongue.

Q:  Where do you sleep?

A:  We typically go for a hotel/guesthouse/hostel/hut or some sort of accommodation that is unique, and if possible, eco-friendly and locally owned.

We’ve also slept on plenty of planes, trains, cars and buses.

We’ve had to embrace the dorm room a few times when there were no other options, but when we’re in hostels, we always go for private rooms.

These days we like to travel slowly and find ourselves renting Airbnbs.

Q:  Have you ever been worried about your safety?

A:  A few times. In Kenya, we were held at knifepoint by a crazy, homeless man. Also in Kenya, we were in an archipelago where Somali Pirates were kidnapping westerners.

Two other times Nick almost drowned – he fell down a waterfall in Laos and he was sucked out to sea by a rip-tide in Sri Lanka. We were also (possibly) stalked by a tiger while hiking through Periyar Tiger Reserve in India.

Q:  Have you ever had anything stolen or been robbed?

A:  Unfortunately, yes. We had $1,500 stolen from us during our adventures on the Pamir Highway in Tajikistan. We’ve also had a pair of sandals, an iPod Touch, and a dive mask stolen. Luckily, none of those things were forcefully taken from us.

Q:  How long will you keep travelling?

A:  We plan to continue to travel and live abroad for as long as we enjoy it. We know that we’ll never return to a normal lifestyle back home, that’s for sure.

Q: Are you going to get married and have kids?

A: You can read all about that in our post – Are we going to have a baby?

about us
Exploring New York on a press trip

Things We’ve Done:

Apart from quitting our jobs, selling our home and leaving Canada to pursue our dream of travelling, we have…

Snorkelled with Whale Sharks (Mozambique)

Gone on an African Safari (Masai Mara, Kenya)

Spent 3.5 weeks doing yoga and meditation at an Ashram (India)

Dove with Humpback Whales (Mozambique) 

Trekked to 5,416 meters through the Himalaya Mountains on the Annapurna Circuit (Nepal)

Went on a 4 day camel safari (Thar Desert, India) 

Sailed through the stunning Quirimbas Archipelago camping on deserted islands along the way (Mozambique)

Floated in the Dead Sea (Jordan)

Seen 6 Wonders Of The World: Great Pyramids Of Giza, EgyptPetra, Jordan; The Taj Mahal, India; Chitchen Itza, Mexico, The Great Wall Of China, Beijing, China, and Macchu Pichu in Peru.

Taught English in a rural village for a week (Naloy, Myanmar)

Dove the Blue Hole in the Red Sea (Dahab, Egypt)

Sailed up the great Nile River for 4 days (Aswan to Luxor, Egypt)

Stared in awe at the pile of rocks known as Stonehenge (England)

Seen the amazing temples at Angkor Wat (Cambodia)

Survived a deadly stomach virus (Monkey Bay, Malawi)

Discovered the most beautiful island in the world (Koh Rong, Cambodia)

Seen the prehistoric Komodo Dragons (Rinca Island, Indonesia)

Lived out our Robinson Crusoe fantasies on deserted islands (Mozambique & The Philippines)

Spent 3 days on a rice barge houseboat sailing the Kerala Backwaters (Allepy, India)

Trekked deep into the jungle to spot wild Orangutans (Bukit Lawang, Indonesia)

Went sand-boarding down massive dunes in the Great Sand Sea (Egypt)

Witnessed the migration of the Southern Right Whales and Humpback Whales from 50 feet away (Hermanus, South Africa)

Seen the Parthenon (Athens, Greece)

Survived a Crazy Stomach Infection

Hiked a volcano for sunrise (Kintamani, Indonesia)

Wandered through the ancient ruins of Baalbek (Lebanon)

Went surfing (Lombok, Indonesia)

Attended an Indian Wedding (Rishikesh, India)

Rented a car and went on a 5 week road trip (South Africa)

Got tattoos in a foreign country (Koh Tao, Thailand)

Spotted rare Irrawady River Dolphins from a dug-out log canoe (Don Det, Laos)

Got a naked scrub-down from a complete stranger (Istanbul, Turkey)

Travelled for two weeks on the Pamir Highway through Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan

Took a helicopter ride over the Pamir Mountains bordering Afghanistan

Trekked on foot independently for 8 days in Mongolia

Rode the Trans-Mongolian/Trans-Siberian Train

Went on a two day horse-trek in Kyrgyzstan

Road tripped through Albania and Macedonia

Island hopped in the Grenadines by cargo boat and ferry

Travelled independently around Cuba for a month

…And so much more!

Happy Travels. We hope to see you on the road 🙂

Nick & Dariece (The Goats)

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188 thoughts on “Who Are The Goats?

  1. We have been enjoying China Standy. It’s a great place to live because the people here are so friendly!

  2. …you only live once! You thought about it, made sacrifices, and followed your hearts. There are people out there right now doing a fraction of what the both of you have done and are doing. Some people dream of what you are doing and through your blog they are living their dream. Congratulations guys! xoxo

  3. You two sound like a couple I want to meet! I found your blog via your Photo of the Moment on Vagabondish, and I’m happy I did. Looking forward to the adventure.

    P.S. Where in China are you? I’m currently near Guangzhou…

  4. Thanks Jessica. Vagabondish is a great site as well. We are currently in Yangzhou teaching English! Are you living in China or travelling?

  5. You are the most awesome couple ever and as an AIESECer/CouchSurfer/Journalist crazy about traveling, I can also say this is one of the most inspirational Blogs Ive seen in my life!… I recently moved to India and your posts about Asia are gonna be extremely helpful. Btw, I saw in the map you haven’t been to South America yet!!?? Are you saving it for dessert?? :P… Well, when you decide to it just let me know and if I happen to be in Colombia, would love to host you and show you my “Coffee Region” <3… Thumbs up guys!… Carry on! :)…

  6. Wow Manuela, we really appreciate the kind words! We aim to be an inspiration for others, so we’re glad you think we are 🙂 Where in India are you living?

    We are definitely planning to go to South America and Central America…soon! Colombia is high on the list. Thanks for the offer.


  7. Just found you guys! Love your site! Lots of great tips and posts here! We leave for our RTW in 96 days! We too are selling our house and quitting our good corporate jobs Were you teachers before? I am a tax auditor and Adam is an Engineer and we hope to travel for 2-3 years and then find jobs abroad (probably Asia). Thanks for any tips!

  8. Hi Hannah, Thanks for the comment!
    Glad you’re enjoying our site, I took a look at your recent post and it sounds like you have a great trip planned. We weren’t teachers before. Dariece was a paralegal and I ran a printing press. It’s great that you guys are packing up and leaving it all behind! Great choice! We’ve never looked back and teaching in Asia is fun, rewarding and very easy to get jobs!
    Enjoy you’re trip and keep us updated!
    Nick & Dariece.

  9. Awesome site and love your blog’s name! It’s a testament to the places you’ve been if there are commonly goats on the road. That’s my kind of traveling! I noticed that you’ve spent a great deal of time in Africa and that’s a big stop on my list this year. Do you have any recommendations for elephant or animal refuges? I’ve heard there are some in Kenya, but any other thoughts or ideas? What was your favorite part of traveling in Africa? Any must-see places you recommend?

  10. Hi Guys!

    I just came back from a week in cambodia and am going to Myanmar in July and came across your post!
    it’s inspired me all over again!

    I’m looking forward to an adventure in myanmar!

    Keep up the travelling and all my best wishes to you!


  11. haha, ya, Goats On The Road definitely seemed like a fitting name for us! You’re right, we were in Africa for 5 or 6 months and loved it there – there were many ups and downs though, but the ups far outweighed the downs!

    Check out 10 Reasons to travel to Africa:

    and…10 Downsides To African Travel

    We didn’t go to any animal refuges while we were there, but we did see many animals in the wild while on safaris!

    Hmmm, favourite part of Africa was the feeling that we were somewhere “out there”, you know? It’s a raw, wild continent and we felt that while we were there. The wildlife, the scenery, the landscapes and the memories are the best part. Mozambique and South Africa were our favourites, but the safari in the Masai Mara in Kenya and making it to Lamu Island there was also a highlight.

    South Africa (all of it), Mozambique – especially the Quirimbas Archipelago in the north, Zanzibar in Tanzania, doing a safari are all recommendations!

    Downsides were finding it hard to connect with some of the local people (feeling of racism towards us in a way) and the food in parts…oh, and looooong travel days on very uncomfortable modes of transport! But it’s all part of the journey.

    Enjoy your trip! Email with any Q’s 🙂



  12. Thanks so much! Enjoy your trip to Myanmar, it’s an amazing country 🙂 Cheers and safe travels.

  13. i am so jealous of you two :p my name is janice just turn 20 last may,im from philippines and i really want to travel a lot , so far i manage to visit 4 provinces. and still planning to continue visiting more local provinces and hopefully travel abroad someday. you are such an inspiration to me!
    I read that you guys are teaching english! sorry if my english is not very good.:)
    take care Mr. Nick and Ms. Dariece.

  14. Thank you for the kind words Janice! We love your country. We travelled there for 6 weeks and had a great time! I think it’s a beautiful country and you will love travelling around there. Who knows, maybe on day you will visit Canada 🙂


  15. Woah! You guys have a really travel inspiring blog. I really love to travel but I do not have someone to go with. I am kinda scared to travel alone. My friends are all busy with work and starting their own families. I lived in Korea before and now I am in Singapore working. I am from the Philippines btw. I do want to go to Thailand and cross border to Cambodia for the ankor wat but I can’t find someone to go with. T_T

  16. Travelling alone may seem like a scary thing, but the travel community is an awesome one! You are never alone in a hostel/guest house/restaurant or bar. People will always come and chat to solo travellers, or, even end up travelling together.

    Go for it!

    Cheers 🙂

  17. I love that I came across your website! My husband and I took a 14mth backpacking RTW in 2007-2008 and within days of our return knew we needed to go again…and for good this time. We are currently in the final stages of re-paying off debt, selling our latest house, etc and plan to be gone in late 2014 or early 2015 to drive the PanAm to South america, this time, and with our two dogs! It should prove to be a whole new adventure. Can’t wait to read more of your website.

  18. what you guys are doing now is my dream too. but I am not sure how to make enough money to travel the world like that —
    I like to do that way and you guys are very inspiring for me but I am not sure how we can live our lives to make that dream comes true..

    We just got a house recently and I am working as bio-chemist at medical field but it has never been what I want to do for the rest of my life..
    I like to live simply and like the way you live and seeing all over the world but I don’t know how should I start.. How much budget to do that and how long do u need to save again after money is running out ?
    Could u please give me any tip ?

  19. Thanks for the great comment Rhonda!
    We definitely know that feeling of coming home from a trip and immediately wanting to go back. It takes a lot of courage to sell everything and set off on a journey like you 2 (4!) are doing. Good for you!

    We would love to do the trip you have planned.


  20. Hi Yin!

    We are firm believers in following your dreams. Travelling isn’t for everyone, but if it is something that you are passionate about and aren’t happy with what you’re currently doing, then maybe it’s time for a change!

    We saved money, sold our house and car and made a plan for our trip.
    These are some ways we were able to save money:

    You also need to decide where you would like to go in the world and how much the budget will be per day.

    You can check out our daily budget for every country we’ve been to here:

    I hope this helps you out! Let us know if you have any other questions.


  21. Wow Nick and DARIECE you inspire so many. Strangers from afar and loved ones here at home. Seems wherever you go, whoever you meet you touch peoples hearts. We are all better off knowing the two of you. Pure joy! You not only inspire us to travel, to take a risk but to be better people.

  22. You should be ashamed of yourselves! Traveling the world, eating exotic food, meeting different people… hmmmm… wait…. i want to do what you do

  23. Hi Guys
    Glad I found your site (via Twitter). You two are an inspiration.

    I travel once a year, at the same time and it’s always the best month.

    As soon as I’m on the plane home, I’m thinking about where to go next! I often fantasise about selling up to travel the world, and until, and if I ever take that leap, I can always travel virtually with the likes of you guys and other travel bloggers that have done the same.

    Thanks for sharing your epic adventures.


  24. We’re enjoying life, each day brings something new and exciting 🙂 It’s important to live the lifestyle of your dreams, whatever that may entail.

    Cheers 🙂

  25. Hi Anna,
    Thanks for the wonderful comment. We’re the same way, even when we’re on a trip we’re always thinking about where to go next! As long as you’re happy doing what you’re doing, then you’re on the right track 🙂

    Happy travels to you.

  26. Well kudos! That’s some really adventurous travelling you’re doing. I see that you visited many countries along the south-eastern coast of Africa, but skipped Madagascar! Why? I really want to go there one day. It looks like you’ll have done “all” of Asia soon, but haven’t yet touched Central and South America, or even done much of Europe. Lots to look forward to. I haven’t been so methodical. LOL! Happy Canadian Thanksgiving Goats!

  27. Hi Maria! We would love to see Madagascar but at the time, it wasn’t in our budget. There are a few more countries we’re interested in seeing in Africa, so I’m sure we’ll get there one day!

    As for Central and South America….they’re next 🙂 Stay tuned.

    Happy Travels!

  28. Hello Nick & Dariece! I have enjoyed reading your site as a resource for our upcoming travel plans as well as for fun! It is comforting knowing there are other like-minded people out there who make our dreams a reality. After some slightly unexpected life events happened earlier this year, my boyfriend and I made the decision to set out to do the same thing – indefinitely. We cannot wait to see what our future has in store for us and look forward to bumping into you guys and other fellow bloggers on the road!

  29. Hi Anne!

    We love hearing from people who have the same ideas about travel as we do. That’s so exciting that the two of you are setting off indefinitely! Enjoy your travels, wherever you may end up! We look forward to reading about your adventures 🙂

    Cheers and safe travels.

  30. Love your site. Husband and I are off to Myanmar next week so appreciated your comments. Noticed that you haven’t been ‘down under’ to Australia yet. We would welcome you should you decide to drop by. Cheers Heather & Col.