So we’ve been blogging now for nearly 3 years, and we’ve had the same logo for the majority of that time. Why has nobody ever told us that our logo was actually two sheep and not two goats?

Sure, you may be saying: “It’s your site, if you call yourselves goats then you should know what goats look like”.

Well we DIDN’T KNOW!

Pretty Big Difference No?
Pretty Big Difference No?

According to (yes that site exists):

“Goat horns are more narrow, upright, and less curved than sheep horns. Sheep tend to curl their horns in loops on the sides of their heads.”
“The easiest way to tell the difference between a sheep and goat is to look at their tails. A goat’s tail goes up”

Our Current Logo:

The horns are rounded and the tail goes down! SHEEP IMPOSTERS!

As you can see by the picture above we are clearly “Sheep On The Road”.

We have a loyal following and we are very grateful for that. We have quite a few people reading this site every month and we’ve had a fair amount of comments, but not one person has told us that we’re sheep!

It’s okay guys…


We’re not mad at our readers. Looking at these images,  we can see where we all went wrong. These animals are similar. Maybe all of the  people who read this blog actually know as little about the goat species as we do!

Goat Bewilderment
Goat Bewilderment

So how did we realize that we’re sheep?

Well, finally, after 5 years on the road, our Israeli German friend who we met in Mongolia, explained to us the difference between goats and sheep. His name is Merlin, and it is because of him, and his vast knowledge of all things goat, that you see the new logo below. Designing goats isn’t easy. In fact, these small changes took me a ridiculous amount of time.

New Goats On The Road Logo

As you can see, I painstakingly made their sheep horns into goat horns, gave them floppy ears and flipped their sheep tails upside down.  We’ve also changed the font and our tagline to better suit our website. This will all be visible when we launch our professional redesign later this month!

That’s Right, The Goats Are Getting A Make-over!


We’re having the site completely revamped by the brilliant Scott Eldo at Eldo Web Design. He’s been amazing so far and we’re really liking the new look. Below is a sneak preview of the site so far. It’s bound to change a bit before we launch but we wanted to show you so we could hear your honest criticisms!

The New Design Thus Far...
The New Design Thus Far…

We Need Your Help! Please Answer These Questions In The Comments Below!


1. What do you actually think of the new Goats On The Road Logo? If you hate it and you want us to change our name to ‘Sheep On The Road’, please tell us!

2. Do you like the new design (colours, layout etc.)?

3. What things would you like to see in the new site? More posts on a certain topic? New pages?

We appreciate your help!

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Why Did Nobody Tell Us We Were SHEEP On The Road-

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30 thoughts on “Why Did Nobody Tell Us We Were SHEEP On The Road?

  1. Haha when I first visited your site your logo made me think sheep on the road. But I like the goats on the road better! New site looks real sharp and I think the lighter colours are more welcoming and new logo is looking good. Keep up the awesome work guys!

  2. NO! Don’t change to sheep on the road…it’s NOT you. We have all come to love and know “Goats on the Road”
    Your new layout is great…love the photo of the two of you on the right side. I’m still not fond of the white thou. Are goats really white?…maybe a bit of a tan color? If the blue was a bit deeper, everything would pop out more as well.
    Everything else is FANTASTIC! All your posts ,videos,pictures,topics are awesome…
    XOXO 🙂

    1. Thanks Toni!

      Constructive criticism is what we’re looking for. We took your advice from your facebook comment and changed the font. We agree that the letters could still pop out more though. We’re going to look into that.

      I have a few pictures of white goats so I think I’ll keep’m white but we really appreciate your help with the other aspects.

      Thanks for the kind words on our current content as well.


  3. The new logo is vey nice – and you should absolutely not consider a name change. Sheep just follow along, while goats go their own way. When we follow a herd of tourists up the steps to a popular tourist attraction, we bah like sheep. When we set off to find something else, we say meh, like goats. You two are goats, not sheep.

    Looking at your former logo was a lot like reading one of those passages with tons of little mistakes that fluent readers never notice. I guess we all just read goats and accepted the logo as is 🙂

    Keep u the good work – looking forward to seeing the new web design!

    1. It was so funny…we both didn’t realize it and both had sort of a blank look on our faces when he told us 🙂 It’s all good though…we’re fixing it up now!

      Thanks for the comment!

  4. Love the site content, here some quick suggestions for the new design.

    Make sure you pick your typography right. Something clean. The redesign is better, but you could go with thinner header fonts and better leading.

    Make sure it is responsive so it looks good in all browsers (all the best new sites are responsive).

    Find a more distinctive 3rd colour for your call to actions (subscribe etc.). The 2 toned is nice, but you may want to draw your clients eyes to your site goals.

    All the best!

  5. Bahahaha!! Sorry guys, I find this completely hilarious. I don’t know what other people’s excuses are, but I’m a city girl. The only thing I know about goats is that they look like they have beards. (Thus the word “goatee”.)

    Anyways, your new layout looks more streamlined with the menu items all in one line. Better navigation is always a good thing!

    1. Haha, thanks Deia! Don’t worry, we thought it was pretty funny too 🙂 It’s all sorted out now…proper Goats it is! Thanks for the mention about the menu, we were hoping that it looked more streamlined and easier to navigate.


  6. Haha! I had to click over when I saw this come across my Twitter feed, and then had to laugh when I read it! This is my first time here (thank you, silly headline!), but I say stick with goats. Everyone loves goats. 🙂

    Nice to find a fun new blog!

  7. So hilarious. I went to your site because of the name. Have raised goats myself for a few years. In looking up up China I was delighted and so inspired by your story. I thought “these two are so cool. “. You made my day.

  8. Hi! yours is the only blog I actually read.Never noticed the goats thing…but nice that u did eventually 🙂
    Anyway, I like the new disign, just think that everything else, beside the goats, should remain the same. Black background and an actual road, I like this much more…(but that is, ofcourse, my opinion). Will still coninue on reading your blog regardless 😉
    About the content, I do like when u tell about your current adventures and tips…
    Keep on going..

    1. Hi Hila,

      Thank you for your suggestions and input, we’ll take them into consideration…although, for sure the colours are changing and the road will be gone! However, we’re flattered that you like the design that we created ourselves 🙂

      Thank you for following our journey!


  9. As a kiwi, I really should have picked this up. Anyhow, Goats on the Road sounds way better than Sheep on the Road 🙂 Nice job with the new logo tweaks!

  10. Since I’m vicariously following in your footsteps I’m thinking I’m the sheep on the road 😉

    New design looks great, would be fab if it rendered well on a mobile browser, but to be completely honest your content is fantastic and I haven’t really paid much attention to the optics of the site.

    All the best,


  11. Hi Guys
    While living in Malta some 47 years ago, I still strongly recall the smell of herds of goats who were herded down our street weekly.
    Since I’ve been following your site my biggest joy is the sound you goats make as you head into the workings of your site.
    I have to say ,I don’t think that too many followers really care about the visual add details.
    ‘ The proof is in the ‘putting”!
    ( Is the sound correct?)
    (surviving on ‘skinny’ pension in Mexico)

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