You don’t need to have a degree in computer science to learn how to start a travel blog and choose a travel blog name, in fact you can do it easily in just a few minutes with some very basic knowledge.

But why would you want to start one? The reasons vary greatly depending on your personal ambitions but at the very least it’s a great way to keep those precious travel memories alive.

Here are a few reasons why you might want to start a travel blog…

To Keep In Touch 

Whilst being away on your travels, it’s always nice to keep the folks back home updated with your latest exploits and experiences. Having a travel blog is a great way to do this by writing about all the main moments in a chronological order.

kauai hawaii

It’s much tidier than a rambling email and sticks around much longer than a lengthy Facebook update post which behaves like a fart on the internet! You’re mum is going to worry about you regardless, so you may as well give her something nice to look at.

When you’ve been traveling for several weeks, months or even years it becomes pretty hard to remember the details of all the amazing things you’ve seen and done. This is where keeping a blog can also pay off, going beyond just having a nice collection of pictures by creating context around the snaps you have taken.

why should you blog

When Kristina started her blog called ‘Little Trot’ over 5 years ago, she usually wrote just a few lines of text under some of the pictures she posted, mostly capturing the feelings of the places we had explored. Looking back at the early posts now, it’s great to be able to remember those weekend adventures we had in more detail as well as seeing how far our blog has grown.

To Learn Some New Skills

Before we started blogging we knew very little about SEO, how to install and use WordPress or what Pinterest was actually useful for. These and many other things we would now say we have a pretty good grasp on, but even a few months ago we had a lot of learning to do to get the blog looking the way we wanted.

blogging learn new skills

I’m not trying to put you off by getting too geeky or technical, that’s the beauty of blogging, you can get rather complex or keep it simple to fit your style. That said, it’s a great opportunity to expand your skills and grow your knowledge of all the funky stuff you can do online these days.


This also applies outside of the blog itself when getting busy on social media to promote all that great content you’ve spent your precious time creating. Who knew that I would become just ever so slightly addicted to Twitter? Social media becomes way more fun and engaging when you have something you are passionate about to share with the world rather than just tweeting celebrities who never acknowledge little old you.

To Build a Portfolio

Travel blogging can also be a great way to hone your writing skills and learn how to engage with an audience by finding your real personal writing style and voice. When we first started writing, we approached it very much like an online diary but over time started to write in a more factual way.

We began to develop our voice from thinking about what we would want to know about the places we were visiting and what matters to us.

blog to learn new skills

Whatever style you develop, personal or factual, a blog is a great place to showcase your writing skills and that ability to produce great content you have. This can come in useful when approaching prospective employers, brands or anyone who needs to see what you are all about. It’s an easy way for anyone to get a handle on your personal take on the world around you and how you personally interpret it.

hue, vietnam

It doesn’t just have to just be focused on the words either, many people use their travel blog as a photography portfolio or to show off their graphic design skills. For example Expert Vagabond uses his photography skills to bring the places he visits to life and really engage his readers.

To Make Money

Something of a holy grail this one. Just imagine having a travel blog which pays for your travel lifestyle. How cool would it be to roam the planet as a location independent ‘digital nomad‘ totally supported by the income from your blogging efforts?


Well this very blog you are reading right now has made this dream a reality. Nick and Dariece as the Goats on the Road earn a tidy online income of $10,000+ per month at the last count. They are not alone either, with plenty of other travel bloggers out there supporting themselves via their blogs proving that it is an achievable goal.

Start a Travel Blog Today

blogging-ebook-open-post-hoverIf you really want to earn money to pay for travel, starting a travel blog is the best way! Feel intimidated? don’t be. If you start a blog on this website you’ll get 63% off the start-up cost (less than $36 / year) and we’ll send you our $20 ebook for FREE to help teach you how to earn money and get free travel all around the world.

However this is no ‘get rich quick’ scheme and like any profitable business, there’s a lot of hard work and dedication needed before you’ll see even a few cents in return for your efforts. The months of unpaid work required means many aspiring ‘full time’ travel bloggers quit before seeing any real results.

blogging and traveling, hawaii

Myself and Kristina fall into this camp and still have a way to go before our travels are supported solely from our travel blog MapTrotting. However we are determined to make it work and really enjoy sharing the journey and all of the useful stuff we learn with our readers as we grow.

If you are prepared to stick at it whilst funding your travels in a more conventional way for a start, who knows where your blog could take you. Quite literally!

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Charlie and Kristina love to travel. They love travel so much that they started their travel blog MapTrotting to help others to work less and travel more with tips, advice and inspiration. During a 2 week trip to Cuba in 2015 they had an honest chat on the beach one night and decided to change their lifestyle to one of travel. They soon realised it wasn’t just the rum talking and made a plan to quit the 9 to 5 and are now location independent. They love to inspire others to get out there and explore our amazing planet.

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