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Here's What Our Students Say

Below are comments from students taken directly from our Facebook group. We do our best to help every course student to succeed and this effort is reflected in their testimonials. We have countless comments like this and more come in as we continue to help our bloggers grow.

The help that I've received from the Goats has been incredible. I started my blog three months ago with no computer experience at all; just a love of travel. From day one, Nick has responded to my emails and messages. The course is easy to understand and can be put into place in pieces so it isn't overwhelming.

I'm still adding things from the course. The Facebook page took everything a step further. It has become my first go-to place when I have a question or have run into trouble. Those on the facebook page are incredibly helpful but, not only that, Nick is a regular who gives advice for each and every question. It's a true community. 

- Joanne Gillam-Norman

Blog Course Student

It's never been difficult for me to locate information on the Net as I love Thinking Out Of the Box BUT your Beginners Blogging Course allowed me to Jump Ahead of my research as You've done All the hard work. I'm now even more Confident that I know I can make a success at this while enjoying what I love (Travel).

 It's great on this FB Group to listen to issues and success stories and I know I'm going to meet up with some of you Somewhere In The World. I also know that your SEO course is going to save so much time. You guys Keep It Going and it's a Pleasure to Learn from You.

- Paul Alexander-Barrington

Blog Course Student

I’ve seen so many ‘motivational people ‘ out there only interested in your money. Nick and Dariece have been wonderful. I couldn’t have even attempted a blog without there modules and guidance.

I was looking for a new direction and am so glad I found the goats. I feel excited about the possibilities ahead and know there is support from the group and the goats when I need it.

I cannot recommend them enough. Thank you Nick, thank you Dariece and thank you to the group.

- Dawn Thomas

Blog Course Student

Why Start a Blog?

Starting a blog was the best decision we ever made. Creating something around your passion and sharing it with the world is incredible, but making money while doing it is even better.

There are a lot of bloggers out there who can show you how to start a blog. In fact, pretty much every blog on the internet has a "how to start a blog" page on their site so that they can earn money from hosting commissions.

But that's not my goal here. My goal is to help you start a blog and grow it into a profitable online business as quickly as possible. We are the only blog that's offering a 4-Module Video Training Course, a 200-page ebook and Facebook support for free to new bloggers.

In the course, we'll show you how to start, build and design a professional blog and how to monetize it so that you can make money. Plus we're here to help you along the way.

How do blogs make money? 

Mostly though advertising and affiliates - which you'll learn about in the course - but as an example, this site you'r