St. Lucia

A paradise in the Caribbean with fun cities, a cruise port and stunningly lush mountains.

Sulphur Springs St. Lucia: A Guide for Travellers

In some ways, St. Lucia is your typical tropical island with beautiful beaches, delicious cocktails, and sunny skies. But no other place is home to the incredible sulphur springs St. Lucia has to offer. The Sulphur Springs are so unique they are known as the Caribbean’s (and maybe the world’s) only drive-in volcano. What are ...
best st lucia beaches

9 Best Beaches in St Lucia

It is not surprising that the overall beauty of St Lucia is well-known, St Lucia beaches really are some of the best beaches in the world. Nicknamed the Helen of the West, this Caribbean island nation brings postcard-perfect, beautiful beaches, spectacular volcanic mountain backdrops, and uninterrupted sunset views all onto one small island. St Lucia ...