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Ah Italy. When we think of our "happy place" it's always Italy. This is a place where the local people truly enjoy their lives. They treat life like a romantic fling, making the best out of every moment. They value friendship and family, they prioritize holidays and downtime and they revel in the little things in life.

This is one of the few places we've ever been that we could actually see ourselves "settling down" in one day (if that ever happens).

One can't think about Italy without thinking of the food. Oh the food. The al dente pasta, the crispy oven-fired pizza, the decadent cheeses and the melt-in-your-mouth meats. Pair this with some of the best wine in the world and you have one of the top foodie destinations on Earth.

But Italy is more than cuisine and cool people. This is a place blessed with a rich history, ornate architecture, fascinating medieval towns, dazzling beaches, towering mountains and seemingly endless green rolling hills.

In this Italy travel guide, we'll cover everything you need to know about travelling in Italy including when to go, where to stay, the best things to do and more. We'll also share with you our own personal Italy travel stories so that you can get an understanding of what it's like to travel in this mesmerizing country.

Things To Do In Italy

When you tire of a leisurely paddle down the canals of Venice, sipping wine in Tuscany or getting lost in the labyrinth of streets in Rome, consider stepping away from this touristy trifecta and experience the less-visited side of Italy.

This is a country with more attractions than most and you can get lost in tours and experiences, but one of the best things to do in Italy is simply feeling the ambience of the place. Instead of rushing from one historic landmark to the next, consider slowing down and enjoying the places in between. This is where Italy shows her true colours.

Below we've listed all of the posts about things to do in the different destinations of Italy. As we recently returned from a trip to Italy, there will be more posts coming soon.

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Places To Visit in Italy

When flying over Italy, you will notice a few things. The landscape here is a unique one. Rolling hills broken up by creeks and rivers and dotted with farmlands and tiny villages. This is what makes Italy travel so amazing.

There are literally hundreds of tiny villages, towns and coastal fishing harbours that you can visit in Italy. It seems that every place you see has it's own charm. Even on a tour of Tuscany, you'll likely go to 4 or 5 different towns, each as unique as the last.

Italy is many countries wrapped into one and each region has much of its own culture, dialect and cuisine that they could very well be separated by borders. Instead you have to opportunity to travel around the country exploring all of the hidden treasures found within.

Below you'll find our post about the top 29 places to visit in Italy, plus there are more to come!

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Italy Travel Information

There is plenty of information about travelling to Italy online, but as a blog for both travellers and digital nomads, we've also included a lot of useful information for those who want to spend a little bit more time in Italy.

So, whether you're visiting for a week or you're packing up and moving there, we've got you covered. Check the posts below for information about travelling and living in Italy.

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