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The beautiful Italian region of Tuscany has long been a magnet for international visitors. According to Statista, 5.9 million tourists visited Florence alone in 2016, with millions more visiting the surrounding area. The stunning Tuscan landscape has a seductive appeal that is all its own; from the world famous dome of the cathedral in Florence to the vineyards that cover the region’s hills.

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Visiting Tuscany does not have to be just about the scenery though, or the appealing Tuscan cuisine. For anyone who wants to experience adventure, Tuscany is the perfect place to visit. Many Italy tours embrace the excitement of the region, on land and in the water. Check out Globus Tours from some excellent options around Florence and the rest of Italy.

Beauty & Thrills on a Bike

Tuscany is famed as a destination for cycling enthusiasts. Experienced riders can enjoy the test of ascending the many hills in the region. There is also the chance to admire the professionals in action, on the Chianti stage of the Giro D’Italia. Biking is an ideal way to travel amidst the glorious green splendor of Tuscany while stopping off to visit castles and vineyards along the way.

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Anyone who is not as experienced with pedal power does not need to miss out. The Sentiero Della Bonifica is a cycle path that runs along the border between Tuscany and Umbria. The path is 38 miles long and there are only a couple of eating and drinking establishments along the way, as well as some water stops.

But, you can exit the route at any of the signposted train stations. It’s a relatively flat environment, and the atmosphere is peaceful. The route is a good choice for anyone who wants adventure without too much intense exercise.

Experience Canyoning

Canyoning is one of the most adventurous experiences possible. It’s a serious test of physical fitness and stamina. It’s also an excellent way of experiencing the beauty of the canyons of Tuscany while also raising the pulse rate. After all, canyoning involves using numerous different methods to navigate a canyon, including swimming, abseiling, climbing and hiking. There are several different canyoning opportunities in Tuscany, so there is no shortage of options.

Go on a Wine Tour

If you’re in Tuscany then there’s a very good chance that you love wine and cheese. There’s no doubt that a wine tour is something you shouldn’t miss while you’re in this grape-famed region of the Italian countryside.

There are plenty of tours available that range from half day trips into the vineyards, all the way to multi-day excursions. If you can handle drinking wine from morning til night, day after day, then the latter may suit you.

If you don’t want to spend an entire day away from Florence, or you don’t have time for a long tour, consider one of the available walking wine tours. Simply stroll around the city of Florence to all the best wine bars with a knowledgeable guide. To learn more about these tours, check out this post.

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Otherwise, consider a half-day (5 hour) tour that will take in many of the best wineries in the region, as well as some good food and wine pairings. The Goats did a very cool wine tour in the region and you can watch the video here.

Pay a Visit to Canyon Park

Anyone who has a head for heights should enjoy the challenge of Canyon Park. It’s a unique adventure park located in the upper Lima Valley. The idea is to navigate a series of high-wire bridges and zip lines that follow a route across an impressive canyon. The activity is perfectly safe, as harnesses are worn at all times. But it’s still an exhilarating way to spend time in Tuscany. There is also the opportunity to take a swim in the clear blue water or relax on the beach, after the adventure.

Dive Tuscan Archipelago National Park

The Tuscan Archipelago National Park is an epic adventure in its own right. It covers seven different islands, including Elba, which is the largest. Once you have experienced the beauty of the park on foot, you can dive into the crystal blue waters, and take a look at the coral, or come face to face with a moray eel. Spending time amidst the myriad of colorful fish is an adventure that diving enthusiasts will not want to miss.

From its glorious sunsets to its great tasting food, Tuscany is top of the visit list for many people. Now, you can see that there is also the chance to get the pulse racing, on any of the adventures to be had, in this enticing region of Italy.

Tuscany Awaits…

Although Tuscany has long been one of the most visited regions in Italy, it’s still possible to get away from the crowds in this naturally blessed, wine-happy area. It’s best to base yourself in the beautiful UNESCO listed city of Florence, explore the old town and then head out on day trips to experience the adventures on the Tuscan doorstep.

With so much to explore, it’s best to plan a week or two in the Tuscany region. However you plan your trip to this amazing slice of Italy’s countryside, you’ll have a great trip. Tuscany is waiting for you.

What is your favourite part of Tuscany? Share with us in the comments below.

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