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Nick is the co-founder, editor and author of Goats On The Road. He contributes to numerous other media sites regularly and shares his expert knowledge of travel, online entrepreneurship and blogging with the world whenever he can. He has been travelling and working abroad since 2008 and has more than 10 years of experience in online business, finance, travel and entrepreneurship.

Nick’s advice has been featured on the Lonely Planet, CNN MoneyBusiness Insider,  WiseBread and Forbes and he spoke at the World Tourism Forum in Istanbul about the business of travel blogging. Learn more about Nick Wharton on the Goats On The Road About Us Page.

  • Local Of: Grenada, Mexico, China, Bulgaria
  • Expert in: Travel Blogging, Budgeting, Travel, Entrepreneurship
  • Travel Style: Midrange Foodie Outdoors-Lover
  • Traveling Since: 2008
  • Favorite Destinations: Mongolia, Indonesia, Slovenia, Italy, Iran
  • Backpack or Suitcase: Both
  • Window or Aisle: Window
  • Bus or Train: Train

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Nick’s Expertise

I’ve been traveling since 2008 and have been blogging for much of that time. I’m mostly self-taught, but I’ve taken a few courses on how to coach, SEO, and blogging, and have managed to hone my skills as an online entrepreneur and digital nomad through trial and error.

I’ve visited over 75 countries with Dariece, taken over 300 flights, and worked in a variety of freelance jobs online including freelance writing, SEO consultancy, Social Media Management, and more. I also taught English in China for a year which was a wonderful life experience.

These days, I like to help other people to start blogs and online businesses so that they can find financial freedom and location independence through passive income earned online. 

To date, I’ve helped over 1000 people to start their own blogs and through my courses and free training, many of them have now quit their office jobs and are full-time digital nomads! This is the ultimate reward for me in this line of work.

Nick Around The World

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Nick’s #1 Travel Tip

Don’t delay any trip. If you want to travel, you have to just go for it. There are always excuses to NOT travel. The truth is, there’s never going to be a “perfect time” to hit the road, so you just have to do it.

Dropping everything and going traveling back in 2008 was the best thing we ever did in our lives. I hope to inspire others to consider a similar lifestyle through posts on this blog.

Nick’s Favorite Food

It has to be proper sushi in Japan. I love pasta in Italy, curry in India, seafood in Greece and a good Pad Thai in Thailand, but nothing beats a well-made nigiri in a hole-in-the-wall sushi joint in Tokyo!

Nick’s Favorite Travel Experience

This one is hard to nail down, but one of my favorite travel experiences ever was also one of my most challenging. Dariece and I decided to plot out a random river in Mongolia and hike along it, fishing and camping along the way.

We had never heard of any tourists taking this route. We simply zoomed in on Google Sattelite Maps and found a river between two villages that had yurts to sleep in.

In total, we trekked for 8 days and around 250 km. The rain was relentless and the river flooded in parts, but the experience we had with the local people of Mongolia was incredible. 

Whenever they saw us hiking without a horse, they would feel bad for us and bring us gifts like fire kindling, cheeses, and dried meats. We drank local fermented mare’s milk with many of them and it was the most incredible experience of our lives.

Where Have You Lived?

I grew up in Vernon BC, Canada, and moved to Calgary, AB when I was 18. Dariece and I lived in Calgary for 5 years and then headed out traveling in 2008 and never looked back.

Since then, I’ve lived in Yangzhou, China for 1 year, Grenada on and off for 6 years, Bali for a few months, Koh Samui, Thailand for 2 months, Mexico for 8 months, Lisbon for 8 months, and probably a few other places I’m forgetting. 

Currently, Dariece and I are based in Bulgaria.

Funny Travel Quirk

I travel with a pillow and a bedsheet everywhere I go. No matter how luxurious our hotels or Airbnbs might be, I’m never satisfied with their pillows or bed sheet so I travel with my own. This fills an entire carry-on suitcase, so it’s not the most space-efficient way to travel, but my sleep is more important than traveling light these days

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