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Rajasthan is one of the most interesting and popular states in all of India. From rock-cut forts and dune filled deserts to colourful markets and cities, Rajasthan is a traveller’s dream. We backpacked through India during 2009, 2011 and 2012 and our time spent in this northwestern state was a definite highlight.

The word “Rajasthan” evokes thoughts of brightly coloured turbans, snake charmers, Maharaja style architecture and dune filled deserts, all of which we were to find during our trip here.

Our days were spent visiting ancient sites, wandering aimlessly through bazaars and narrow alleyways, and of course, sitting on the sidelines watching India unfold before us. With great transportation in India, we were able to get around this State with ease.

If you feel inspired by these beautiful photos, plan a trip to Rajasthan! For more information about travelling and backpacking around this beautiful region, check out the Rajasthan Tourism website.


Also known as the “White City” because basically every building here is painted white! If you’re interested in palaces and temples, this is the place to come. The intricate details and carvings on the City Palace and Jagdish Temple are unbelievable. The ghats on any of the lakes are a great place to spend the day, and snap some fantastic photos.

city palace udaipur
View over the White City of Udaipur city from the City Palace
udaipur india
Prayer time down at the ghats
sadhu in india
A Sadhu (holy man)
ghats udaipur india
A woman whacking her laundry clean on the ghats
udaipur india
Playing a traditional instrument to support the family


Also known as the “Pink City” because of the many pink coloured buildings. Jaipur is the capital of Rajasthan and the biggest city in the state. We were told by many to only spend a day here and then leave as fast as possible! But, as it usually goes, we didn’t agree with our fellow travellers on this one and we ended up celebrating Christmas here. Jaipur is a city filled with stunning architecture, interesting bazaars and an old town dotted with hidden gems, a definite must-visit city in India.

hawa mahal jaipur
Inside the amazing Hawa Mahal Palace, which is made of red & pink sandstone


jaipur city
View from the Hawa Mahal looking over beautiful Jaipur City
snake charmers jaipur
Snake Charmers on the street
jal mahal palace jaipur
The Jal Mahal Palace seems to float on Man Sagar Lake
bangle making india
Bangle maker focuses on his craft at the bazaar


Named again after the colour of it’s buildings, the Blue City of Jodhpur is the second biggest city in Rajasthan and is fast becoming a major tourist hotspot. With the Mehrangarh Fort towering over the city, a buzzing bazaar, numerous temples and intriguing alleyways, Jodhpur is an interesting place to explore. 

mehrangarh fort jodhpur
The towering Mehrangarh Fort
jodhpur city
Enjoying the views of the Blue City from the Mehrangarh Fort
monkeys in india
Monkeys rule the rooftops!
Roasted peanuts for sale jodhpur
Roasted peanuts for sale


This important Hindu Pilgrimage Site is one of the oldest existing cities in India. Pushkar is known for its many temples and fairs, and in particular the Pushkar Fair, which is held annually in November. During this time, thousands of animals (including over 50,000 camels) are brought here from all over the country to be traded and sold! Pushkar is a vegan city so you won’t find any meat, dairy or eggs here unless you find them on the black market.

indian man pushkar
A man looks on
indian men pushkar
Two pilgrims take a break
snake charmer rajasthan
The practice of snake charming can be found in many parts of Rajasthan
market pushkar india
A colourful street market


Nicknamed the “Golden City” due to the sand coloured buildings, this UNESCO World Heritage Site is a great place to head off into the Thar Desert on a camel safari! A sandstone mud fort towers over the city with many people still living inside. Hotels, restaurants, palaces and temples can also be found within the walls. You’ll never be bored in Jaisalmer!


muslim kids desert india
Curious kids in a small Muslim Village in the Thar Desert
cows in india
Cows rule these streets! (and all streets in India)
jaisalmer fort
View of the sand coloured city from the Jaisalmer Fort
jaisalmer fort
Colourful blankets for sale – hanging on the fort walls
camel safari thar desert
Going on a camel safari is an amazing experience

Rajasthan is one of the most photogenic places in India. It was hard to leave the camera in its case and just enjoy the surroundings. Literally around every corner there was something strange, interesting and beautiful to capture through the lens.

We’ve been to India three times now and will defintiely be going back a fourth time (and a fifth, and a sixth!)

Which photo was your favourite? Share with us below!

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Incredible India- A Photo Journey Through Rajasthan

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44 thoughts on “Incredible India: A Photo Journey Through Rajasthan

  1. Love the camels! Can you imagine westerners working in confined conditions like the bangle maker?!!! Looking forward to checking it out later this year. Great pics 🙂

  2. A great look at Rajasthan, with some great photos. I especially liked the sadhu shot — his pose and the slice of colour at right really make it work. The camel train with the sun behind it is also a classic. Great work! I don’t know why people told you to rush through Jaipur — I found it one of the most fascinating cities I’ve been in, and beautiful as well. I could have spent a week photographing it. Hope you didn’t miss the Amber Palace.

  3. Amazing photos! You captured some great shots. I love the last one, the camel shot. I’m fascinated by them! Never seen one before.

  4. Wow, love your photos! Have never been to India, but your stunning photos make me want to go there! Really like the photo with the pilgrims, and the market, they are so colorful! And the flying monkey is so funny :).

  5. So exciting that you’ll be going to India later this year! Enjoy it, it’s such an intriguing country 🙂

    Thanks for the comment.

  6. Thanks Paul, the Sadhu shot and the camel are probably our two favourites. We felt the same way about Jaipur – so much to see and do and the opportunities for photos were endless. We did see the Amber Palace, it was amazing!

    Thanks for commenting 🙂

  7. Thanks Emily! India truly is incredible and the state of Rajasthan is exceptional!

  8. What, no camels in Central America?! haha They certainly are interesting creatures 🙂

    Thanks for commenting.

  9. Thanks Maria! India is such a photogenic place…filled with monkeys and cows! haha.