stunning natural wonders of south east asia

5 Must-See Natural Wonders in Southeast Asia

Whether you are planning to travel to Southeast Asia for a few months or just a quick holiday, you should try to include at least some of the stunning local natural wonders in your itinerary. There are so many amazing places to explore. We get it can be tricky to know which ones to see, ...
Highlights Of Travelling in Laos: Southeast Asia's Landlocked Gem

Luang Prabang, Laos: A Mini Travel Guide

Luang Prabang, profoundly influenced by the French, unquestionably earns the title of the UNESCO World Heritage Site. Although pricey for a traveller on a budget, this exquisite town in Laos is not to be missed under any circumstances. Give it a week at least to soak in the grace of this place, especially if you’ve ...
the cost of travel in laos

The Cost of Travel in Laos: Everything You Need to Know

Laos is somewhat of a ‘hidden gem’ when it comes to South East Asia. We were genuinely surprised by this lush, heavily forested country sitting quietly at the heart of the region just waiting to be discovered. Unfortunately, we were equally surprised by how expensive we found Laos to be, particularly in comparison to the hugely affordable countries of Thailand ...
Highlights Of Travelling in Laos: Southeast Asia's Landlocked Gem

Highlights Of Travelling in Laos: Southeast Asia’s Landlocked Gem

This is a guest post from fellow travel-lover, Heather of The Urban Gypsy. You can read more about her travel tales on her website, and learn more about her in the bio below. In this article, Heather shares her highlights of a trip through Laos! Through all my travels I can honestly say that one ...
Visas In Southeast Asia

10 Reasons To Travel To Southeast Asia

Southeast Asia is still budget backpacker’s territory, where voluntarily homeless souls wander the endless coastlines, trek through the dense jungles and indulge in the delicious cuisines. A trip through Southeast Asia is often a right of passage into the big wide world of travel and makes for a great first, or one-hundred-and-first trip. Some people mistakenly ...
our first backpacking trip to southeast asia

Our First Backpacking Trip – Where It All Began!

Our travel life began long before Goats On The Road was born, and because of that, we don’t really have any stories from our First Trip. We constantly refer to “our first trip” or “when we first started travelling” on this site, but where did we go? What did we do? When did we do ...