About Cuba Travel

Cuba travel is slowly opening up to the US and while there are some restrictions in place, it's becoming easier and easier for Americans to travel here. For those of us who have been blessed with a passport that has allowed us travel freedom in Cuba, the country doesn't disappoint.

This is one of the most vibrant, colorful, electrifying and exciting travel destinations on Earth. Cuba just has a romantic, sexual vibe to it and it's almost palpable.

From the old cars and the rumba and salsa dancing in the streets of Havana, to the tobacco fields of Viñales, Colombia has more than enough to satisfy a travellers needs.

There are plenty of good accommodation options in Cuba, there's a decent public transport system and there are plenty of tour operators available as well. Cuba travel doesn't have to be difficult! On this page you'll find everything you need to know about travelling Cuba.

Places To Visit in Cuba

From the bustling streets of Havana to the beaches of Varadero and the diving in the southern reefs, Cuba has so many places to visit that you'll likely need more than one trip to see them all. 

This is the largest island in the Caribbean, so without flying, getting from one end of Cuba to the other isn't very easy. The bus journeys can be long and arduous and there are some very remote areas, but it's always worth it to find yourself in a new place in Cuba.

Below you'll find all of the posts on our blog about individual places to visit in Cuba. This should help you to decide which places in Cuba you want to travel to.

Cayo Guillermo, Cuba – The Hidden Jewel of The Caribbean

One of our most precious, if not the most luxurious (and costly) experiences in Cuba, was definitely our visit to Cayo Guillermo. Located on the northern coast of the country between the Bay of Dogs and the Atlantic Ocean, the place is a true paradise. Think perfectly ...

Cienfuegos, Cuba: A Mini-Guide for Travellers

Situated on the Caribbean coast of southern-central Cuba, Cienfuegos is a compelling place to visit. With its colourful facades, wide streets and charming French colonial architecture, it rightfully deserves the Perla de la Sur (Pearl of the South) title. Founded by the French in 1819, Cienfuegos is ...

Camagüey, Cuba: A Mini-Guide For Travellers

Unless you’ve been travelling in Cuba, or researching a trip to the Caribbean island, you probably have never even heard of Camagüey, which is known for its maze of alleyways, Spanish plazas, performing arts and numerous cathedrals. After reading about how the city was continuously attacked by ...

Havana, Cuba: The Ultimate Independent Travel Guide

Havana is the most fascinating city we’ve ever come across. It’s vibrant, bustling, exotic and raw. Cuba as a whole is a fantastic country to independently travel, but with so much to see, do and experience in the capital, you may never want to leave… Here is ...

Cuba Travel Information

When people first start researching Cuba travel, they often get overwhelmed by all of the information online. What is the Cuban Peso? Is there a tourist currency? Can you take money out of the ATMs? Why are there two types of buses? Can tourists take both buses and spend both currencies? What are casa particulars? What is peso food? Are there places you can't go?

I remember how confusing it was when we were first planning our Cuba travel itinerary. Let me tell you first hand, it's much easier than it sounds! 

Below are all the posts on our blog that include useful Cuba travel information. They will answer all of the questions above and many more. Just know that travelling Cuba really isn't difficult. There are a few things you should know and after that, even amateur travellers will have no problem getting around the country.

Top 10 Reasons to Travel to Cuba

Ask most travellers what they would like to see on a trip to Cuba and they’ll likely mention little more than Havana, its capital. And although the city is definitely a highlight of a trip to Cuba (and is firmly on this list), the island has much more ...

Cost Of Travel in Cuba: A Full Budget Breakdown

When preparing and planning for a trip to Cuba, it’s important to think about your budget, the prices in Cuba and how you’re going to pay for things while travelling around this incredible island nation. With the internet and wi-fi being scarce and a hassle to ...

31 Unique Photos of Cuba That Will Have You Packing Your Bags

As a North American, I had always thought of Cuba as being a resort destination. This is where those on their holidays would spend a week at an all-inclusive beach resort, while laying on pristine sand and sipping endless mojitos. However, after returning from a 3.5 ...

Backpacking Cuba: The Ultimate Travel Guide

The largest island in the Caribbean also packs the most punch. Travellers will be staggered by its astounding history, architecture, music, dance and hospitality. Backpacking Cuba is easy, exhilarating and extremely rewarding. If you want to go travelling in Cuba without staying at a resort and without taking ...

Planning a Trip to Cuba: To-Do List Before Travel

Planning to travel to Cuba isn’t as simple as preparing for a trip to the rest of Latin America and the Caribbean. There are many things to think about before heading off to this tropical paradise. We’re travelling to Cuba in just a