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Welcome to our guide to Vietnam travel. On this page you'll find all of the posts on our blog to help you plan your travels in Vietnam including where to go, things to do, the best time to visit and more. 

Vietnam is a fascinating place to travel. Terraced rice paddies, beautiful coastline and chaotic but exciting cities, this is a place that oozes Southeast Asian charm.

Slightly more touristed than Laos, but much calmer than backpacker-crazed Thailand, Vietnam offers a Goldilocks destination in the region.

Here there are plenty of accommodation options, lots of tour operators with great experiences around the country and an excellent public transport system. 

Great flights, both domestic and international, mean that getting around and to and from Vietnam is easy and usually quite affordable. 

Give yourself time to explore Vietnam, from the southern island of Phú Quốc all the way to the northern limestone karsts of Halong Bay.

Vietnam Travel Blog Posts

Below you'll find all of our latest Vietnam travel blog posts. These posts include things to do, places to visit, where to stay and more, but in the list you'll also find our own personal travel adventures through Vietnam. Hopefully by reading our useful guides and our own stories, you'll have a better idea of what travelling in Vietnam will be like for you.

Where To Go in Vietnam: 11 Cool Places You Won’t Want to Miss

When choosing where to go in Vietnam, what you should realize is that the answer is pretty much everywhere. Vietnam is one of the most beautiful countries on earth and is full of destinations that will take your breath away. This list takes into ...

Beaches in Da Nang: The Complete Travel Guide

From exploring the bustling capital of Hanoi to visiting floating markets in the Mekong Delta, there are plenty of amazing things to do in Vietnam. Here you can cruise around the gorgeous Ha Long Bay in a junk boat and embark on a motorbike ...

15 Best Things To Do in Da Nang, Vietnam

If you enjoy hiking, beach hopping, and eating delicious local cuisine when you travel, Da Nang just might be the place for you. There are plenty of fun things to do in Da Nang to keep you busy.  With a population of over a ...

15 Exciting Things To Do in Vietnam

From the rice fields in the north to the floating markets in the south, Vietnam is a fascinating country to explore. This Southeast Asian nation has it all — bustling cities, stunning landscapes, quaint towns, picturesque beaches, and much more. In this guide, we’ll ...

21 Fun Things To Do in Ho Chi Minh

Ho Chi Minh City may not be the capital of Vietnam (that’s Hanoi in the north), but it’s the country’s largest and most visited city. There are so many awesome things to do in Ho Chi Minh that it’s no wonder this is one ...

11 Best Things To Do in Hanoi, Vietnam

There is a never-ending list of things to do in Hanoi, Vietnam’s capital city. This enchanting place has carved its way through history, overcoming everything that has been thrown at it. Hanoi has withheld the barrage of the Indo-Chinese armies, the French colonial era ...

Phu Quoc Island, Vietnam: A Mini Travel Guide

We were lazing about in Kep, Cambodia wondering how we should attack the next leg of our trip into Vietnam. We could catch a long haul bus to Ho Chi Minh, but we were growing pretty tired of long, sweaty bus rides by that stage ...

5 Must-See Natural Wonders in Southeast Asia

Whether you are planning to travel to Southeast Asia for a few months or just a quick holiday, you should try to include at least some of the stunning local natural wonders in your itinerary. There are so many amazing places to explore. We ...

7 Amazing Places to Travel in Vietnam

There are many stunning sights around Vietnam and after spending 3 months there, we feel like we truly had a chance to explore the country from top to bottom.  From incredible rice terraces and tribal villages in the northwest, to fast paced Ho Chi Minh ...

Hoi An, Vietnam: A Mini Travel Guide

Hoi An is a stunning fishing village located on the Central Coast area of Vietnam in the Quảng Nam Province. The main draw for visitors is the beautifully preserved UNESCO Ancient Town area running alongside the serene Thu Bon River. The narrow streets and ...

5 Off The Beaten Track Destinations in Vietnam

This is a guest post from Anna, who is one half of the incredible duo over at Adventure In You. To learn more about Anna and Tom’s journey and their various projects, check out their website in the bio below. We loved travelling in Vietnam ...

Our First Backpacking Trip – Where It All Began!

Our travel life began long before Goats On The Road was born, and because of that, we don’t really have any stories from our First Trip. We constantly refer to “our first trip” or “when we first started travelling” on this site, but where ...


When To Travel To Vietnam

The Best Time To Visit: March-April & September-December

At 1,650 kilometres (1,025 miles) long, it's not that surprising that Vietnam has a few different weather patterns. Aside from the distance, the altitude differences between the coast and the highlands means that there are many microclimates in Vietnam as well.

Basically, there's no wrong time to visit Vietnam. The country has a tropical monsoon climate that's very typical of Southeast Asian countries, with the southern monsoon hitting the shores from May to September, and the northern monsoon breaking landfall from October to April.

The summer months in Vietnam can also be very hot, particularly along the coast. 

The overall best time to visit Vietnam is in the Spring (March-April) and the fall (September-December), when the weather is most likely to be pleasant across the entire country.


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