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Morocco is blessed with maze-like medinas, historic sights, a dry and desolate deserts, beautiful beaches and stunning mountains. Here you can get lost in the labyrinth of back streets, hike to snowcapped peaks and sample some of North Africa’s finest cuisine.

Morocco was our entrance into Africa and I have to say that while we didn’t have great experiences with the people, we’d love to return and see if we could travel the country different now that we’re a little bit older and a little wiser.

Overall, getting lost in the Medinas, visiting tanneries and being submersed in the culture and history of Morocco was incredible and I really think that it’s one of the countries that we’ve been to that deserves another chance.

Blog Posts About Morocco Travel

During our time in Morocco we were travelling on a budget and it was before we really got this blog running as a business so the posts you see below are mostly just our travel tales and blog-style articles about what it was like for us travelling in the country. We will be publishing a massive travel guide on this blog soon so stay tuned for that.

Photographing Morocco: Tips on Etiquette and Technique

Morocco is a beautiful and extremely photogenic country. Bustling markets, ancient medinas and incredible landscapes all lend themselves to amazing photographic opportunities.  But before your snap-happy self steps off the plane in any exotic locale, it’s important to consider the finer points of the place, culture, ...

8 Highlights of a Trip to Morocco

Morocco is one of those dreamy destinations that pulls you in with vivid images of colorful souks, exotic culture and a diverse geography. The most popular and talked about destination is the bustling city of Marrakech, but if you are adventurous enough to stray off the ...

The Day When… We Were Stranded With No Money In Morocco

It was mid-March 2011, and it was already hot at 9 am at the Casablanca Airport. We had been in Morocco for 3 weeks and were more than ready to head to our next country, Egypt. We were prepared and had everything in order for our ...

What to Eat in Morocco

Food! Also known as one of my favourite things in life. There’s nothing better than arriving in a country and discovering all the new foods, spices and smells. The food in Morocco isn’t spicy at all but every meal is perfectly seasoned with some main spices: ...

Ahhh … Morocco

Ahh Morocco… still deciding if I like it or dislike it. The people can be coarse, rude, and even aggressive. But they can also be nice, generous, and hospitable. The latter being few and far between. The other travellers here can be hoity toity Europeans in ...

Where’s The Challenge?

We’ve done our time in England travelling around on busses and trains, slept at our pleasantly hospitable friend’s house and travelled around the country with relative ease. We flew to Spain and took busses to our Marriott resort. We’ve taken busses to other cities in Spain ...


When To Travel To Morocco

The absolute best time to visit Morocco is in the Spring (mid-March to May) and the Fall (September to October). During these months most of the country isn't too hot and isn't too cold, making it the Goldilocks period for many travellers.

Because of Moroccos's scorching summers, this is also the peak tourist season so expect a few more crowds than you'd find in the summer or winter.

The Moroccan summers (June to August) can be unbearably hot, particularly if you're visiting the Sahara Desert. However, more mid-altitude places like Casablanca and Essaouira can be a bit more pleasant.

The Rif Mountains and the northern coast of the country enjoy a pretty temperate climate year round with hot, sunny days being the norm.

So long as you're not hiking high in the mountains or you're spending all of your time in the north, Morocco will be warm in the summer so make sure to dress appropriately with long, loosely-fitting, breathable clothing.

The winter months run from November to February and during this time the temperatures in the south can be mild and comfortable, but you may still need a jacket in the evenings. In the north of Morocco, the winter brings rain and cloudy whether, while high in the Atlas Mountains it can be freezing cold with the peaks remaining capped in snow until as late as July.

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