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Posted 05 Jun, 2013 | 8 Comments
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The other day I received a text message from my boss saying that I was going to have to go and do a promo at the exhibition center. Usually this involves simply handing out flyers and looking foreign… but this day was different.

When I met the principal of the school outside the massive complex, she explained that I would have to go on stage and do a quick demonstration of our typical class with some kindergarten kids.

I figured there would just be a few people standing around and it would be a pretty simple affair. When I entered the building I was shocked to see hundreds of people crowding the stage. There were TV cameras on cranes and massive performances going on.

The following is a quick 3 minute video of that fateful day… ENJOY!

Music By: Steve Morgan

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Teaching English In Front Of 400 People On Children's Day

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8 thoughts on “Teaching English In Front Of 400 People On Children’s Day

  1. I love love what you are doing. More young and older Canadians should see from your blog all the wonderful possibilities for teaching and travelling. I am an art teacher and worked overseas at an international school in Germany. I worked with young children ages 4 years to 8 years. The children were wonderful and as well the parents always so appreciative. I retired from full time art teaching

  2. I do miss being overseas and will be looking for future short term 2-4 month teaching possibilities to keep me in contact with the international teaching world. having a health insurance for international travel is importaant and I have that through my husbands teachers insurance travel package which I can renew every six months. I would like to be in touch with other art and english language teachers to share experiences. I will be watching your blog.

  3. Thanks for the comments Sharon!

    Teaching and living abroad has been an amazing experience for us. Living in Germany must have been great for you as well!

    We look forward to having you continue to follow our journey 🙂

    Cheers from China.

  4. Hey fellow BLEACHER. I just read your guest post on Nomadic Samuel and loved it. I’m also a bleacher, and I never once thought of combining those two words to form one ridiculous job title. Your site is awesome! Good luck on your journeys!!

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