A couple of weeks ago, we decided to show our Chinese friends the western ways of BBQ’ing and picnics, a foreign concept here in China. They had a great time and wanted to show us something special from their culture. So, they invited us, Jhonny, Rose and Colleen over to one of their houses to show us how to make dumplings!

making dumplings
Learning how to make dumplings from some pros!

We love eating dumplings and are basically part dumpling, so teaching us how to make our favourite food here in China was perfect.

How hard could making dumplings really be? 

All we had to do was take a circular piece of dough, put a bit of water around the outer edge, fill it with a scoop of filling (made with pork, egg, mushrooms, celery and spices), fold it in half and then close up the half-moon shape by folding and pinching the sides.

dumpling making
How does my dumpling look?

It sounds easy, but it takes a lot of technique.

For our Chinese friends, it was a breeze, but for us, it was a mess. Our dumpling wraps were breaking, not folded properly, stuffed too full and had holes in them. Our friends kept saying theirs were “piàoliang” (pretty or impressive) and ours were “bu hao” (not good), which was true!

how to make dumplings
Rolling the dumpling dough by hand

At the end of all the rolling, stuffing, folding, pinching and flouring, we ended up with trays full of dumplings just waiting to be boiled.

making dumplings
Perfectly rolled wonton style dumplings

We not only had freshly made dumplings, but we had a homemade tofu soup and a delicious lentil soup as well. We all sat around the circular table chatting and feasting on our creations, stopping eating only to laugh at a horribly made dumpling that fell apart just by looking at it, most likely made by me or Nick.

how to make dumplings
We did it! Check out our dumplings 
dumpling making
The group of us enjoying our creations

We were very spoiled by our friends and eating the delicious, authentic food made from scratch was truly a Chinese experience that we will never forget. Hmm, I wonder what they will show us next?

Here’s A Quick Video Of Our Dumpling Party:



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Dumpling Making Party in China!

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11 thoughts on “Dumpling Making Party in China!

  1. Yummy!! Love the video, especially set to steve’s song!! The girls make it look so easy

  2. Thanks! Ya, Steve’s music is so perfect for lots of the videos we’re putting together. I think next time we should leave the making of the dumplings to the pros. haha.

    Cheers 🙂

  3. Thanks Charlie!

    It’s a great group of people and we always have a lot of fun together 🙂

  4. Great video. It’s nice to see all the people acting so naturally. I felt like I was right there.

  5. You know what? I hate Youtube!!!!!
    But I love the pictures you took of the dumplings… nice~~~

  6. Thanks Lina. I know, it’s difficult to get onto YouTube in China! For now, you’ll just have to enjoy the photos 🙂


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