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Also known as The Kingdom of Eswatini, Swaziland is a tiny country bordered by South Africa on all sides. The compact size makes it an easy place to explore and most people tend to pop in on a road trip around South Africa, as we did. Despite its size though, there are still some great national parks to be found in Swaziland and plenty to keep a traveler busy for a week or two, though most people only spend a few days.

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Below you’ll find posts about Swaziland. If you’re planning to visit this tiny African nation, we hope that reading a bit about our adventures and travel tips for the country will help you make your trip a little bit better.

Best Time To Visit Swaziland

Best Time: May-September

Swaziland is definitely a year-round destination and most of the best national parks can be visited during any month, but for sure, as with the rest of Southern Africa, the best season is in the dry, winter season from May-September.

At this time, there is less rain which means fewer watering holes. This leads to wildlife congregating around the few remaining water sources and guides in the national parks are more easily able to find them there.

October to April is the wet season and it can get very hot, but during these months the rains make for incredibly lush and green landscapes with more abundant birdlife and fewer tourists.

Of course, the varied elevations and microclimates of Swaziland mean that you’ll see a pretty significant variation of temperature depending on where you go. For example, the middle of summer in Lowveld will frequently break the 30°C mark (sometimes even 35°), while the Highveld, where the capital of Mbabane is located, stays a bit cooler, rarely getting hotter than 25°C.

Winter mornings at altitude can be cool, dropping as low as 5°C in the winter months of July and August. If you’re visiting during this time, consider bringing warmer clothing in layers so you can shed sweaters as the temperature warms up mid-day.