Eating in Donsol:

Food in Donsol is a bit pricey at the restaurants.  Even the Filipino dishes were expensive.

  • Giddy’s Place serves eggs, bacon, omelletes, pancakes, toasts and cereals for breakfast (120p-150p, coffee 60p).  They also have pasta and local noodle dishes for 150-250p.  There’s a Happy Hour from 5:00pm to 7:00pm, buckets of 4 San Miguel are 150p.
  • Side of the road stall (to be called The Snack Depot in the future).  Across the street from Santiago, the friendly owner’s name is Bong.  He used to be a chef at Barracuda and at Giddy’s Place.  He now serves up dim sum, fried Shanghai rolls, sandwiches, fruit shakes and chicken bbq.  He and his family are great. Chicken with rice is 50p, Shanghai rolls are 2p each and sandwiches range from 10p to 30p.
fresh mango at Bong’s
BBQ chicken being grilled at Bong’s
delicious BBQ chicken at Bong’s Snack Depot
Bong cooking up some delights
view of Bong’s Snack Depot from across the street
shanghai rolls at Bong’s Snack Depot



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