Europe is blessed with having dozens of diverse nations, cultures, architectural styles and types of cuisine, all crammed into a (relatively) small space. Travelling around the continent is a breeze and while it’s not the cheapest place to travel (it’s more expensive the further west you go), it’s definitely worth every penny.

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Making The Most Of Santorini

Sunsets & Side Trips: Making The Most Of Santorini

All of the romantic visions that you have of Santorini are true. Cycladic style houses, castles and churches cling to a rocky Greek island volcano caldera, their whitewashed facades and powder-blue roofs offering a lovely contrast to the azure sky and the calm waters of the Mediterranean Sea, some 300 meters below. Santorini is everything you would hope ...
Cruising Crete By Car: 5 Must-See Stops

Athens, Santorini & Crete – Our Big, Fat, Greek Vacation!

As our plane touched down in Athens, we were relieved. Having been in the Middle East, surrounded by Islamic culture and sights for so long, we were delighted to see pork and alcohol for sale, and were even more thrilled that I didn’t have to cover up my body! As much as we enjoy travelling in ...
Brighton & London- Let's Stop In For A Pint

London Calling! Our 48 Hour Layover in This Famous City

Have you ever found yourself in the incredible city of London with just a couple of days to spare? We were there in 2011 and found ourselves back there again at the end of our trip through Mongolia, Central Asia and Iran. It was the last stop on our way home after a 5.5 month ...
Travelling to Central Asia: Pressures Of The Planning Process

Travelling to Central Asia: Pressures Of The Planning Process

We have 3 months left before our teaching English contract here in China is up and we’ve officially started planning for our next trip! It’s turning out to be quite the process. We knew that travelling to one of the least touristy regions on the planet would present some difficulties, but it has still surprised ...
Yerevan, Armenia - A Budget Backpacking Couple In The Caucasus

Yerevan, Armenia – A Budget Backpacking Couple In The Caucasus

After 5 great nights in Tbilisi, a beautiful city well suited for backpackers, we hopped on another bus and headed to the neighbouring country of Armenia, to the capital of Yerevan, which is a great digital nomad destination.  The bus ride there was ridiculous and the driver was a madman.  I was feeling car sick ...

Tbilisi, Georgia – A Quick Trip Through The Caucasus Countries

After being in Turkey for four weeks we thought we’d switch it up a bit and head further East into the neighbouring country of Georgia-one of the three Caucasus countries (Armenia and Azerbaijan are the other two). Georgia’s past (both happy and war torn) has given it a fascinating mix of influences from Turkey, Russia, ...