Bahariya: Spending the Night Under the Desert Stars

From the fabulous Oasis Town of Siwa, we negotiated a ride with a jeep driver (that fit in our backpacker budget). Us and our 2 Canadian friends were planning to cross the Great Sand Sea to the next Oasis town of Bahariya. It took a day of bargaining a price, 6 hours driving and 8 ...

Siwa Oasis For Budget Backpackers

Siwa is more than an oasis in The Great Sand Sea, it is an oasis in the sea of modernity. One of the few places on Earth where the outside world has yet to completely corrupt and destroy. The blueprints have been made and the inevitable encroachment of our world onto theirs has begun. Soon ...

Is Egypt Safe To Travel?

March 9 – 15 / 2011 We landed in Egypt on March, 9 / 2011 just after the revolution of the people had reached its boiling point and simmered off for a few days. We had mixed feelings about coming here. On one hand we were excited to see the country and knew that there ...