While many end up at all-inclusive resorts, Jamaica is much better outside of resort walls.

best beaches in jamaica

10 Best Beaches in Jamaica

Jamaica is well known for having some of the best beaches in the Caribbean. From the pristine white sand of Negril to the windswept rugged coastline in Portland, the best beaches in Jamaica run the gamut and will appeal to any beach lover. I spent 10 months living in Jamaica and exploring this beautiful island ...
best jamaican cuisine to try top 15 dishes

Jamaican Cuisine: 10 Must Try Jamaican Dishes

Jamaica is a tiny island in the Caribbean that’s famous for many things. Perhaps you’ve been dreaming of laying on the best beaches in Jamaica, or swimming in the turquoise sea, but the country’s rich culture offers travellers so much more. Jamaica is home to the fastest man in the world, several genres of music ...
things to do in montego bay jamaica

15 Things To Do in Montego Bay, Jamaica

Many people consider Montego Bay THE epicentre for tourism in Jamaica, and with so many things to do in Montego Bay, it’s not hard to see why. The home of the original all-inclusive due to its beautiful sandy beaches and epic turquoise waters, Montego Bay remains the core of the Jamaican traveler’s experience and really ...
reasons why jamaica is a backpacker paradise

13 Reasons Why Jamaica is a Backpacker’s Paradise

We know what you’re thinking; did we just put backpacking and Jamaica in the same sentence? Yeah we did, because they can be put together, and they SHOULD be put together! Contrary to popular belief, backpacking Jamaica is not only possible, it’s a must. Most people think of expensive and all-inclusive resorts when you mention ...