Central America

This tropical sub-continent is a playground for travellers! Whether you’re into trekking, beaches, volcanoes, culture, ruins or wildlife, you’ll find it all here. Central America is technically comprised of 7 countries, but for ease of menu searching, we’ve also included Mexico and the Caribbean to this category. We’ll be adding more and more countries to this section…stay tuned!

Victoria House, Belize

Accommodation Spotlight: Victoria House, Belize

The palm trees swayed slowly from side to side, gently rocked by the same summer breeze that rippled the crystal clear Caribbean waters. We placed our bags at our feet and relaxed next to the immaculately clean pool. A smiling waiter placed two complimentary drinks beside us and said, “Welcome to Victoria House”. This is the ...
Searching for the Elusive Manatee

Adventures in Belize – Searching for the Elusive Manatee

“Do you see it? It’s right there!” our guide, Harry Sr. exclaimed as he pointed out into the translucent waters. We didn’t see anything, but eagerly moved to the front of the boat to search for the elusive Manatee grazing on turtle-grass at the bottom of the sea. There in the shadows of the Swallow ...
Caye Caulker

The Caribbean Paradise of Caye Caulker… Will We Ever Leave?

“Okay, welcome to Caye Caulker. I’m tired so just put yo’ bags in ya’ room and we do da papawork in da mornin.”  That was the welcome we received when we arrived at our guest house on Caye Caulker Island in Belize. The sun had set and the cool evening breeze gently swept over the island, ...
Mexico to Belize

Mexico to Belize | Bumpy Boats & Immigration Issues

As we ate our last quesadillas and sipped our last Coronas in a lively Mexican restaurant, a feeling of melancholy crept over us. Our two months in Mexico were relaxing, rejuvenating and exactly what we were looking for, but we weren’t expecting to be so sad to leave this colourful country. We reflected on our ...