English Teacher Interviews

Also known as “Teacher Features”, our interviews with English teachers are the perfect place to get a feel for what it’s like teaching in different countries around the world. The best way to understand what life is like as a teacher, is to hear from actual teachers, and on this page that’s exactly what you’ll find.

teaching English in Guangzhou

Teaching English in Guangzhou: Interview With an ESL Teacher

In this interview, we’re speaking with Ted who is a full-time contributor here at Goats On The Road. He’s been a professional ESL teacher for almost 20 years now and is currently teaching English in Guangzhou, China.  In this article, you’ll learn first-hand what it’s like to teach English in Guangzhou, how to find jobs, ...
international tefl academy review

International TEFL Academy Review: An Insider’s Experience

  In this International TEFL Academy review article, you’ll learn from a certified teacher what it’s like to take a course and get a certification through this top company.  In this post, we’re chatting with Jessie Smith who lived and worked abroad as an English teacher in Vietnam and South Korea. She received her TEFL ...
teaching english living in the usa

Teacher Feature: Living in The USA and Teaching ESL Online

In this interview, we’re chatting with Nicola, an American teacher living in the USA while teaching English online and travelling around her home country! Nicola has taught English from her laptop while on an east coast USA road trip from Florida to North Carolina, camping in the north Georgia mountains (while using a wifi hot ...
living in cambodia english teacher

Living in Cambodia and China: Interview With An English Teacher Abroad

If you’re considering teaching abroad in Asia, this post is for you. Good friends of ours that we met while living in China, Jen and Stevo, have taught English abroad in China, Cambodia, and online for a total of 7 years! They definitely know the ins and outs of this type of job.  Read on ...
teacher feature interview

Teacher Feature: Living in China and Teaching Online

In this interview, we’re chatting with Kacie, an American teacher living in China while teaching English online. Learn about what it’s like to live in China, what a day in the life of a teacher looks like, how much the salary is, what qualifications she needed to get hired, and the pros and cons of ...
how to make money and travel as an online esl teacher

How To Make Money and Travel The World As an Online ESL Teacher

Do you want to travel the world, but aren’t sure how to make money while doing so? In this week’s article, we have an interview from Rachel and Sasha of Grateful Gypsies who share their experience working as online English teachers around the world! This is one of the best travel jobs and one of the ...