How to Find House Sitting Jobs in the US (Free Accommodation)

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This article will provide you with all the information you need to find amazing house sitting jobs in the US. For 2 years I’ve been traveling the world as a digital nomad. I use house and pet sitting websites to keep my expenditure down and to enhance my overall traveling experience and in this post, I’ll tell you how.

I’ve always had an affinity with the USA. I visited for the first time over 14 years ago and immediately fell in love with the place. I’ve made a habit of returning at least once a year but since leaving the UK in 2022 I’ve spent 3 long stints house sitting in various states and cities across the US.

It can be tough, and perhaps a little daunting, getting started. But there are some great websites to help ease you into the role of a house sitter. With some must-have skills for successful house sitting, a few expert tips, and insight into my own personal experiences, this article will set you on the right track to securing some truly amazing house sits in the USA.

How to House Sit in the USA

Although essentially offering a similar service, many house sitting websites available have different features. Finding the right one for you is an important step when becoming a house sitter.

Below, I’ve outlined my top 5 websites for finding house sitting jobs in the US. I’ve also outlined the pros and cons of each, that I’ve come across to help you choose which one may be best for you to try.

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1. Trusted Housesitters

On a wooden table, a model house and a hand are protecting the model house.

My go-to platform is without a doubt Trusted Housesitters. It is one of the premier websites for house sitting and currently has over 3,500 homes accepting applications in the US alone. It is a great website if you’re serious about house-sitting in America.

Trusted Housesitters is number one for the sheer number of listings they offer, but they also have a great website and app. Searching for the precise listing you want, in the area you desire, during the exact time frame that works for you is easier than on any other site I’ve come across. You can save filters and searches and opt to be notified immediately when the right results become active.

Trusted Housesitters offers three membership tiers, each with distinct benefits corresponding to the price. The premier membership, priced at $260, includes cancellation insurance, enhanced customer service, and two annual airport lounge passes. A more budget-friendly option is the basic membership at $129/year with unlimited worldwide house sits.

Goats On The Road readers receive 20% off the membership fee. Click here to receive that special discount.

2. Housesitters America

Cheerful woman working in laptop while sitting near sofa at home and playing with white dog.

I guess the name says it all. Housesitters America is another great option for finding house sitting jobs in America. The site is exclusive to US homeowners looking for sitters and is a fantastic resource to have in your arsenal. At just $49 a year, it’s a bargain to boot.

The website is very easy to navigate and searching for your specific sit criteria is simple. The filters even go as deep as searching for properties without garden care, which can be handy to know if you don’t have green fingers. Homeowners list for free so there are always ample active house sitting jobs in the US.

Some listings offer payment, and it’s the only website I’ve seen where you can get paid to be a house sitter. Be careful though as non-US citizens may be breaching tourist visa rules by accepting payment. Be sure always to stay compliant with your visa.

Sign up quickly and easily to Housesitters America using this exclusive link.

3. Workaway

A cheerful woman using smartphone in living room.

While primarily known as a resource for finding volunteer placements, Workaway is a valuable addition to my house sitting toolkit. Over the past three years, I’ve consistently utilized this site to find volunteer opportunities in exchange for accommodation and meals. But what shouldn’t be overlooked is the 500+ house sitting listings currently available.

Their convenient app is an added benefit that doesn’t come with many other house sitting websites. I’ve found that hosts with active profiles typically respond promptly and there’s a nice community spirit about the whole website.

Membership is priced at around $50/year or $30/person for couples, and it provides access to an extensive network of opportunities. I’ve forged lasting friendships and established valuable global connections through my experiences on Workaway.

4. Mind My House

Excited Black Family Couple Celebrating Moving New House Sitting Indoors

Mind My House is an excellent platform with a large number of US house sitting listings. At just $29/year, it’s the most budget-friendly house sitting site around. This low price allows newcomers to ease into the house sitting experience without any real significant financial outlay. Homeowners list their properties for free, ensuring a constant stream of diverse listings across the US.

Prospective house sitters can freely explore the site, even before committing; browsing available opportunities with detailed information. The handy statistics page offers insights into the site’s active users and their locations. This is a great feature that allows you to see if this is going to be the right option for you before signing up.

Established in 2005, Mind My House distinguishes itself from other websites with a community-oriented atmosphere. An app would make searching and applying significantly easier but attaining sits is still pretty straightforward. So, whether you’re a seasoned house sitter or just testing the waters, Mind My House is an ideal and very accessible starting point.

5. Nomador

Couple sitting outdoors at beach house

I’m pretty sure Nomador has taken a page out of the Trusted Housesitters playbook with their website approach. Their user-friendly platform is easy to navigate, allows for very precise searches, and once again has the option to save specific filters and be alerted when a listing matches your specific criteria.

Although they have many more listings in Europe, Nomador is a global house sitting website. It has dozens of listings currently active in the US. Remember, the perfect sit for you may only be listed on one website, as hosts don’t generally tend to list on multiple sites. For that reason, it’s a good idea to keep your options open with numerous house sitting platforms.

Nomador’s 3-month basic membership plan is great for people thinking of getting into the house sitting game. Added benefits such as insurance, premium customer service, and early access to new listings come with the top-end package, which at around $190/year is still less than a couple of nights in an average hotel.

Personal Experience House Sitting in the USA

house sitting in the USA
Our house sitting and pet sitting job in Tucson

After racking up five 5-star ratings house sitting in the UK, In 2022 I submitted a Hail Mary application for a 6-week pet sit in Tucson, Arizona. Much to my delight (and surprise), I got it! 4 horses, 3 cats, 2 dogs, and a swimming pool on a beautiful ranch-style home in Oro Valley.

I had the best time and have been invited back with an open invitation whenever I’m in town.

This was quickly followed by 3 weeks with a lovely chilled dog called August in beautiful Lafayette, Colorado. Then a house sit with some pretty intense gardening responsibilities in Waco, Texas. These were two very different postings, but both homes were absolutely incredible.

The use of a car was included in each sit (more on that later).

Managing my U.S. tourist visa, I always exit well before the 90-day limit and stay away for at least 90 days. After these three sits, and following a 3-month stint in Costa Rica, I headed back to Texas. The house, in an over-55s community in Mission, was amazing.

I got a few curious glances being in my 30s, but everyone was very friendly. The onsite amenities included a gym, library, pool, and tennis courts.

My favorite house sit to date was in Durham, North Carolina. A few strange coincidences led me to apply for a 3-month sit in a city I knew precious little about. I absolutely loved my time there, looking after a friendly Airedale called Ladybug. Living minutes from Downtown Durham was a dream and I met many friendly locals whilst enjoying an entire summer in a beautiful home.

Best Areas to House Sit in the US

The USA is such a huge country that even after all my years of visiting I don’t feel like I’ve even scratched the surface. House sitting is certainly helping me to tick off more states and cities every year. Here are a few of my favorite spots for house sitting in the US:

1. Nashville, TN.

A night at the bar with a large number of people having a good time

After the pandemic, Nashville was high on my list of places to return to. Having made several trips to Music City over the years I couldn’t wait to return. I spent 2-months there over Christmas in 2022. This included 3 house sits that were all a little different. Two were within walking distance to Broadway and one was 30 minutes outside of town in leafy Hermitage.

Nashville isn’t just about country music, though of course that plays a huge part on Broadway. There are also many incredible restaurants, cool breweries and bars, an excellent cafe culture, sensational hiking opportunities, and a welcoming and open vibe throughout the city that would appeal to anyone.

In truth, Nashville is also the location of the only pet sit to date that I wouldn’t rush back to. I survived it, and the location was great but the house was pretty uncomfortable to be in – it was pretty dirty! I learned a valuable lesson about trusting my gut with listings. My advice is simply to trust your instincts before accepting any role and don’t be afraid to ask questions of your hosts if you have any concerns.

Location: Nashville, TN is located on the central eastern side of the USA. It’s serviced by a major international airport (BNA) with many flights from around the US and the world arriving all day every day. Memphis, TN is around a 3-hour drive away.

2. Durham, NC.

A lake and a trees in the middle of the lake.

I knew very little about Durham before applying for a 3-month house sit there in the summer of 2023. I very quickly fell in love with the entire region and it remains one of my top locations to head back to as soon as possible.

Durham is around a 30-minute drive from the North Carolina state capital, Raleigh. The house was a block from the Duke East Campus and it was a great location for eating BBQ and hiking. Check out my previous article about the 15 best hikes and 15 best BBQ spots in Durham. It was also just a 10-minute walk from Downtown Durham – such a cool area to stay in Durham.

The tree-lined suburban streets, quaint cafes, top-notch restaurants, cool craft breweries, and super-friendly people made it one of my favorite house sitting locations to date. There are always a ton of listings that come up for Durham and Raleigh so it’s a great place for landing house sits in the states.

Location: Durham and Raleigh NC are located toward the mid/east section of the USA. Raleigh/Durham Airport (RDU) is a major national and international terminal for flights. Historic Wilmington and the coastal town of Carolina Beach are around a 2.5-hour drive away.

3. San Diego, CA.

A woman is sitting in the kitchen, holding a notebook and a plate of food in front of her. She also has a glass of water and a plate of fruits.

I have yet to house sit in San Diego but it’s one of my permanent saved searches on Trusted Housesitters. I’m just waiting for the stars to align and the right sit, at the right time, to come along.

Around 5 years ago I took a sabbatical from work and spent 2 months in Mission Beach, San Diego. The whole stay felt like a dream and remains one of the best things I’ve ever done. Although at the time I rented an Airbnb, it was this trip that has spurred me on to find ways like house sitting to make those kinds of trips a permanent feature of my life.

The Gaslamp Quarter and Downtown San Diego are seriously cool areas to have close by with an untold number of great bars and restaurants. The stunning ocean is always within easy access wherever you stay and the beach town vibe is present throughout the city. House sits are regularly available in San Diego and it would be an ideal place to stay.

Location: San Diego is located on the southwest side of the US, 20 minutes from the border with Mexico. It’s around a 2.5-hour drive north to Los Angeles. San Diego Airport (SAN) is a major international transport hub.

4. Boulder, CO.

A large mountain with a green tree surrounding it.

If you like hiking, anywhere in Colorado would be great for a house sit. Many superb trails are all within easy reach and much of the nature and scenery is breathtaking. I looked after a very large, beautiful house, and a super chilled dog called August in Lafayette, just outside of Boulder.

Boulder is a fun place full of interesting things to do. The Museum of Boulder and the Museum of Contemporary Art are two great cultural attractions. Broadway has a huge selection of street food options, fine eateries, cafes, and cool bars. My favorite was the Sundown Saloon, an underground college bar with pool tables and some of the cheapest beer pitchers in town.

On top of the hiking, my favorite memory from house-sitting in Colorado was going to the Red Rocks Amphitheater. This iconic outdoor venue built into the red rocks of the Colorado hills had been on my to-do list for years. As luck would have it, David Gray, a fellow Brit, and someone’s music I’ve always enjoyed, was playing – it was a spectacular show.

Location: Boulder is located pretty centrally in the USA and is around a 30-minute drive from Denver, CO. The nearest international airport is Denver International around 40 miles (64 km) away.

5. Hawaii

A dining room and a beach and mountain on the out side.

Another US State that I have my eye firmly on is Hawaii. I’ve looked at visiting many times but have been repeatedly put off by the cost of hotels. House sitting provides a real opportunity to explore Hawaii without that huge added expense of accommodation.

I’m particularly drawn to Hawaii’s captivating natural beauty and unique island lifestyle. House sitting would offer an unparalleled opportunity to experience the aloha spirit while being immersed in the rich local culture and embracing a laid-back lifestyle.

Hawaii’s diverse islands provide a range of environments, from the bustling energy of Oahu to the tranquillity of Maui and the Big Island’s awe-inspiring volcanic terrain. I’ve seen house sits regularly listed across the whole state but the majority seem to be on the Big Island. It would without a doubt be an idyllic place to secure a placement!

Location: Hawaii is around a 6-hour flight from the west coast of the USA. The island state at its closest point to the mainland USA is roughly 2,500 miles (4,023 km).

Pros and Cons of Being a House Sitter in the USA

Atop view if a notebook for determining pros and cons with a cup of tea.

Although house sitting has changed my life, in all the best ways, and I’ve encountered many pros, I have also experienced a few cons whilst house sitting in the USA. I’ve outlined the key ones below to consider before applying for any postings in the USA.

Pros of House Sitting in the USA

  • Diverse Locations: The USA offers a vast array of destinations, from bustling urban cities and suburban neighborhoods to laid-back coastal retreats and desert ranches. House sitters will always have an array of options.
  • Language Convenience: For English speakers, house sitting in the USA eliminates any language barriers. This allows straightforward communication with homeowners and locals.
  • Varied Climate: From the sunny beaches of San Diego to the snowy mountains of Colorado, the USA’s diverse climate ensures that house sitters can choose environments that suit their preferences.
  • Accessibility: The well-developed and reliable infrastructure and transportation networks make it easy for house sitters to explore numerous states and regions.
  • Car Included: In the US, generally the car is insured, not the driver. This allows for house sitters to have use of the host’s car, (should it be available and of course agreed prior to the sit). If it’s not mentioned in the listing, I learned that it never hurts to ask.
  • Pet Diversity: You will see listings for a wide range of pets. House sitters will have the opportunity to care for diverse animals; from city-dwelling cats to ranch-based horses.
  • Iconic Attractions: House sitters can explore iconic landmarks, national parks, and cultural attractions whilst on assignments in the US. The chance to explore Broadway in Nashville, Times Square in New York, or the Las Vegas Strip with free accommodation is a major appeal.
  • Friendly Communities: From personal experience, there are many friendly neighborhoods and welcoming communities in the USA. Integrating and feeling at home has been easier in the USA than anywhere else I’ve taken accepted a sit.

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The young woman is looking for the best house sitting websites on her laptop with a dog on the couch

Cons of House Sitting in the USA

  • Visa Restrictions: Non-U.S. citizens may face visa limitations, potentially restricting the duration of their house sitting assignments in the USA.
  • Cost of Living: I’ve found the cost of living in certain areas of the USA to be high. This could greatly impact a house sitter’s budget.
  • Seasonal Extremes: Some areas of the USA experience extreme weather conditions, such as hurricanes, wildfires, or winter storms. Research the forecasted weather of the area you’re considering before applying for a sit.
  • Needing a Car: In many parts of the US, your own transportation is essential and you may need to factor in the cost and availability of transportation and vehicle rentals if a car is not provided with the sit.
  • Security Concerns: Depending on the neighborhood or city, higher crime rates can be a real concern for visitors. Always research the area you’re considering before applying for any house sit.
  • Medical Costs: The price of healthcare in the US is staggering compared to other parts of the world. Do not visit without adequate insurance to cover a healthcare situation.
  • Insurance Costs: As a result of the medical costs in the US, insurance premiums are high for policies that include the US.
  • Wildlife: I’ve been warned at numerous house sits to be wary of rattlesnakes, mountain lions, coyotes, and even poisonous toads! Just something to consider if wildlife awareness doesn’t sound like your cup of tea.
  • Flight Costs: The USA is a huge country and internal flights can be pricey. Don’t forget how big it is; getting from one state to its neighbor, or even from one end of a single state to another, can take time and money.

House Sitting in the US: FAQs

Here are some answers to commonly asked questions about house sitting in the USA:

    Do I need insurance for house sitting in the States?

    Yes, you absolutely need insurance for visiting the States. Although most house and pet sitting websites will offer within their memberships coverage for a host canceling, don’t underestimate the healthcare costs in the US. You need to be covered for healthcare situations as even a small medical event can be very, very expensive.

    What’s more, flight delays and cancellations do not work the same as they do in the UK or Europe. If you miss a flight in the US, whether it was the airline’s fault or not, for the most part, you won’t get any financial relief from the airline.

    How do I become a pet sitter in the US?

    To become a pet sitter in the US you first need to sign up to a house or pet sitting website. There are a couple of great ones out there that currently have a ton of listings looking for sitters in the US. My personal favorites are Trusted Housesitters (click here for 20% off) and Housesitters America.

    Do I get paid to house sit in the USA?

    In general, there isn’t any payment involved for house sitting in the USA. The exchange is general in the form of a lovely free home in a great area to explore.

    Housesitters America does offer some listings that include a per diem payment. However, this is the only one I have seen and could cause issues with non-US citizens who may not be allowed to work or receive payment on a tourist visa. So tread very carefully here and do your research before applying.

    Are there house sitting jobs in the US without pets?

    Yes, there are house sits in the US without pets. I’ve seen regular listings across many websites that simply require someone to keep an eye on a property while the hosts are on vacation. However, for the most part, a pet or pets, are generally included as part of the deal.

    How long can I stay in the US as a house sitter?

    How long you can stay in the US house sitting depends entirely on the type of visa you have and where you’re from. Be sure to thoroughly research this before accepting any house sits. Also be aware that simply leaving the country and returning immediately to get a fresh visa is very risky, highly unlikely to be successful, and an all-round bad idea.

    What’s it like to house sit in the US?

    House sitting in the US is a dream come true for me. I’ve enjoyed the variety of different states I’ve visited and can’t wait to tick off the many that still remain on my must-see list. Being a house sitter is like living somewhere as a local rather than simply passing through.

    Is a car always included with house sit in the US?

    No, a car is not always included with US house sits but it’s always a good idea to ask if nothing is mentioned about a car in the listing. On numerous occasions, I’ve asked about a car and the hosts have said, ‘Of course you can use it, ours will be here!’ – despite not making this clear in their listing.

    The insurance in the US generally means the car is covered for anyone with a valid license to drive it.

    In Conclusion

    The US has been like a second home to me over the last 5 years or so. After my sabbatical from work in 2018 where I spent 2-months exploring California, there was never any looking back.

    House and pet sitting became a great tool for extending and enhancing my trips and means I am now able to travel without an end date in sight. For many, myself included, it’s difficult to attain a long-term visa to stay in the US but house sitting has provided me with the opportunity to feel like I’m a local living there.

    There are thousands of house sits in America just waiting for your application to hit their inbox, so get to it!

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