Ah, spring time, one of the most beautiful times of the year. The flowers are in full bloom, the trees are blossoming, everything is green, the sun is poking its head out and everyone is coming out of winter hibernation!

Spring here in China is lovely. Here are some of our recent spring photos from around Yangzhou, Shanghai and Hangzhou:

spring in china
Beautiful blooming trees near our house in Yangzhou
Brilliant yellow rose in Shanghai
yangzhou china
Red plants and spring scenery near our house in Yangzhou
spring time in china
Lovely pink flowers on the trees around the lake in Hangzhou
hangzhou china
Trees, blue sky, temple, lake and flowers…what more could you want? Hangzhou
travel hangzhou
Lovely lush greenery in Hangzhou
Yellow flowers in bloom, Shanghai
flowers in hangzhou
This flower couldn’t decide on whether it wanted to be pink or white..I love it! Hangzhou
I call this the snowball flower, stunning. Hangzhou
The purple mosaic of flowers, Shanghai

This is our first spring experience in China and it’s been a  gorgeous one! We’re enjoying these few weeks of perfect temperatures and weather before the summer humidity, sweltering heat and rains hit us in about a month!

What’s your favourite season? Leave a comment below!



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Spring Has Sprung In China!

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9 thoughts on “Spring Has Sprung In China!

  1. Oh wow those flowers are gorgeous, it’s a dream of mine to travel to Asia in spring to see the blossom.

  2. Thanks Becky!
    It’s a gorgeous time of year, we’re so lucky to have seen the blossoms…I’m sure you guys will make it out here during the spring 😉


  3. Wow! These pictures are absolutely incredible! I would love to go to Asia in the spring! My mom took us out of school and we are currently traveling the world and will be going to Japan this winter… but the spring looks fantastic!! You both are amazing!! Kait

  4. Hey Kait!

    That’s so amazing that you’re traveling the world. It’ll teach you more things than any high school could! We’ve never been to Japan but would love to go.

    Well done on your website 🙂


  5. Hello,

    I am impressed by your blog and all the info that you provide here. It is my dream to discover China as I feel drawn to this country for some strange reasons that I am willing to explore!!!

    However, I need to start saving right now!! and planning to visit next year spring time when everything is blossoming!

    Can you please tell me which is the best time when wanting to see all the blossoming beauty….March? April? or May??

    I am already excited and know this will be a trip of a lifetime!!!

    Best Wishes,

    PS: I will print out your entire post on China as my guide!!! Thank you Guys, you are making it easier for China travellers!

  6. We’re glad you find the information useful Andrea!

    If you want to see the blossoms, the time to see them is the end of March, early April. The ones in our photos were taken in the Jiangsu Province in early April.

    Beijing has a big Cherry Blossom Festival in Yuyuantan Park, which is supposed to be beautiful.

    Enjoy China, it’s an amazing country with lots to offer travellers.


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