What To Pack For Southeast Asia

We already have a backpack essentials page on our website but it’s more geared towards a world trip. When spending your entire trip in a tropical climate, your bag will look very different to a bag that’s been around the world. You really don’t need much! Trust us when we say that you should be able to fit EVERYTHING you need into a small 40 litre bag. No more. We had larger bags on our first trip to Southeast Asia and it’s just not worth it. Why not take a bag you can check-in on flights, a bag that fits at your feet on buses and a bag that isn’t going to hurt your back during long walks to your hostel or guesthouse. Women, leave your blow dryers, hair straighteners and makeup bags at home. This is backpacking and it’s not about looking pretty, it’s about having fun, and carrying 20 kilos of useless stuff is just not fun! And guys, you really don’t need a lot of outfits.

Nick’s 70L Deuter luggage entry backpack, with zip-off day bag

There’s also a long debate about whether or not to bring a sleeping bag and tent. We are going to end this debate now by saying NO! Don’t bring a sleeping bag or a tent to Southeast Asia, just bring a sheet and a pillow case. One half of the sheet between the grubby mattress and your skin, and the other half between your skin and the mosquitos.

what to pack for se asia
Southeast Asia on a Shoestring is a popular choice for backpacking SE Asia.

Guidebooks. Lonely Planet: Southeast Asia On A Shoestring is clearly the most popular guidebook on this trail. You’ll see it in the hands of nearly every traveller on the road, and the ones who don’t have it are asking to borrow yours. Just remember that it’s a guidebook not a guide. You don’t have to stick to the pages, try to get off the beaten path in Southeast Asia as often as you can.

You do not need a lot of clothing in Southeast Asia. Guys, a couple of pairs of shorts, 3 T-shirts, 3 pairs of socks, 3 pairs of underwear, a pair of light trousers, a light breathable raincoat/windbreaker, a hat and that’s it! Women we know you need a little more but you don’t need a whole wardrobe. Take a pair of shorts, a skirt, a pair of capri pants, a pair of leggings, a sundress, 4 t-shirts/tank-tops, a light-weight, breathable raincoat/windbreaker, a bathing suit (or 2), 2 bras, 5 pairs of underwear and 3 pairs of socks.  Trust us, when you are in Southeast Asia, you will want to buy some cheap clothing, so don’t pack your bag full of your good clothes from home; just a few staples.  Also, make sure to pack clothes that you can mix and match to make many outfits with – blacks, browns and greys are a good bet!  We don’t recommend white clothes.

mesh packing cubes full of clothes and medication. You shouldn’t need much more than this for South East Asia
what to pack for se asia
This room may look nice but make sure to use your mosquito net!

One more item you may want in your bag is a large mosquito net.  Yes, most of the guesthouses, hotels, hostels & huts in Southeast Asia will provide you with one, however, they are usually riddled with holes, are too small (and therefore the net is basically touching your body!) or, they smell mouldy.  Even if you think there aren’t any mosquitos in your room, or out that night, there are many, many other creepy-crawlies that you will want to keep off of your bed!  Use the net.

So, those are the only differences in your bag for a trip to Southeast Asia. Now check out our Backpack Essentials section to see the full rundown of what you’ll need. Just exclude anything that doesn’t belong in a perpetually tropical climate.

And remember, a good rule that many veteran backpackers still live by is this:


When preparing to travel, lay out all your clothes and all your money. Then take half the clothes and twice the money.




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  1. I know you referenced Lonely Planet: Southeast Asia On A Shoestring but is there any other travel books that you would recommend?

  2. Hmm, we honestly just go for travel blogs and review sites these days! We always look on TripAdvisor before booking a hostel/hotel and we use online booking engines for rooms – hostelworld, hostelbookers etc.

    There are many great novels though that you could read. But as far as guide books go, we always use the Lonely Planet.


  3. Great list, this is a life saver! Would you still recommend a 40L backpack even for 2-month travels through southeast asia? Or would it be better to aim for 50L in that case?

  4. Travelling to SEA in a few weeks and just curious why you wouldn’t recommend white clothing? I’ve read (probably too many) blogs on what to pack and quite a few suggest light colors (including white) given the heat. Thanks in advance!

  5. Hi Kati,

    It’s a personal thing, but for us, whites always get so dirty when travelling. You’ll be wearing clothes multiple times before washing them, and when you hand in your laundry to the guesthouses/hostels, they typically wash them by hand, down at the river, or put whites with darks,….sooo, your whites become greys, and in my case, they became “pinks” 🙂


  6. Hi Goats – Love your site

    I’ll be going SEA for over 4+months in March now, flights booked!
    In regards to this list
    What do you recommend like short wise? Chino shorts or Khaki shorts?
    Also footwear, obviously flipflops/sandals, but do you recommend walking shoes / plimsolls for clubs?
    Plan to do everything physically possible so, just want to pack smart!


  7. Hi guys, thanks for the good post. My girlfriend and myself are going to be travelling to SEA soon and we’ve got two questions that would help us a lot to make up our minds.

    1) Regarding the backpack: you mentioned a 40L should be enough which is good because that’s what I had in mind. However, when you said “you should pack everything in 40L” did you mean you and girlfriend stuff as well or do you each travel with a 40L backpack? I know it might be silly but we were wondering if we could travel with a 40L and a 15-20L backpack for daily travel. Do you think that’s possible or would you recommend us to each get our own 40L backpacks. I’ve got a 30L Deuter trans alpine backpack, do you think that’d be enough instead of a 40L?
    2) Regarding footwear: I can see that you mentioned that carrying a nice trekking shoes is recommendable but I’ve seen that other adventurer bloggers have been recommending a keen open-shoe, because of the rain, occasional rivers, etc. What would you recommend us?
    Many thanks for your help

  8. Hi guys!

    Exciting that you’ll be travelling to SEA 🙂

    Regarding 40L, that is per person. It really depends on the duration of your trip. If you’re going for a year, you’ll want more space maybe, but if you’er going for a month or so, then you won’t need as much. How much space you need really just depends on what the two of you want to bring with you. 30L in my opinion is great for SEA – it’s not like you’er bringing heavy, warm clothing.

    Regarding the shoes, this depends on how much trekking you plan to do. We did a lot of jungle hiking in Sumatra and Borneo and therefore wanted a good shoe. Nick’s Keen hiking boots are waterproof actually. An open shoe is ok for certain things, it’ll all depend on your plans!

    I hope this helps. Happy travels.

  9. Hi again. Thanks for the honest reply. You’ve made our trip cheaper 😉 already. We’re going to use the 30L one. Regarding the shoes, you’ve got a good point regarding jungle trips. We’re not going to go to Borneo but we’re going to walk a bit so I think in order to be on the safe side we’ll get some close trekking shoes.

  10. Agree – you definately don’t want to be adding weight to your backpack with a hairdryer and straighteners. Although I do bring makeup with me – tinted moisturiser or BB Cream, Concealer, Mascara and Blusher/Bronzer.

  11. Do you have any recommendations for nets?
    Also, for mountain treks ect would you recommend bringing a light jacket?
    Thank you

  12. What kind of mosquito net do you bring? All the ones I see have to hook up on the wall or ceiling. Not sure how that would work in an Airbnb or hostel.


  13. Hey, what kind of mosquito net do you recommend? Is there a specific name for the one you are talking about?

    Thanks in advance

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    In terms of Asian dating and finding somebody who shares your ethnicity and cultural background in a overseas nation, it may well sometimes depart you unoptimistic, as it’s challenging to satisfy new like-minded folks in your native surrounding. Some individuals sign as much as courting sites for the sake of duping naïve and unsuspecting customers. The databases of premium courting providers have tons of of thousands of customers. They’ve thousands of female profiles to make your work fairly simpler. So be sure that to vet the lady you’ll be talking with to keep away from nasty experiences. It`s, in fact, a super everyone is striving to succeed in, and you don`t should be Christian Grey to make a Chinese language girl fall in love with you. Then study primary rules on how thus far an Asian lady and uncover the very best Asian dating websites in this text. Quick, enjoyable, and straightforward Asian on-line relationship within your attain is what TrulyAsian is all about. The perfect Asian dating app.

  20. Of the 7,000 research testing its effectiveness and security, very few report any negative effects by any means. Nearly 7,000 peer-reviewed scientific articles are printed evaluating its effectiveness, and though some unwanted effects are reported, the resounding suggestions from the research neighborhood is that turmeric and its major part, curcumin, hold some profound healing advantages for the complete body. Although inherent dangers exist for sure people, the vast majority of research findings heart on the benefits and its healing properties. Turmeric curcumin is so efficient at managing these health considerations that after inspecting the analysis, we find that benefits go means past that of following 10 pharmaceutical medicine. You might find that there aren’t many individuals in search of a critical relationship on one site whereas there are lots in search of misses or mister right. Zoosk makes use of large knowledge and algorithmic suggestions technology to assist customers find companions. In case you have been longing for any person but have never been in a position to ask him or her out, this course will be of nice assist.

    For example, making your ex jealous by courting another person just to get him/her to wish to get back along with you never works, as this can only push your ex to want to get even and date someone else just to spite you, and the subsequent factor you know, each of you are already attempting to get even with one another. The data concerning on-line relationship has to be imparted with nice care as a result of it could be essentially the most sensitive challenge in a teenager’s life. Heidi’s additionally an awesome position model for committing yourself to a getting what you want in life. You can take turmeric in some ways depending on what you want to treat. Simply because you could have enlisted the assistance of a matchmaker, doesn’t suggest you want everyone to know. A few of us know with absolute certainty which dog breed we’re going to buy. Some wanted long run relationships and a few just needed to know more people and subsequently divisions started to develop over time. Asian females and asian males searching for love and lengthy-term relationships.

    We asked 17 single men and women, ages 19-35, what they think about the principles of courting within the 21st century. How can black women and white men be different? 2. Verify the particular person’s profile: You may verify the difference between an actual and pretend profile by taking a look at the extent of completion. They will typically then ship a pretend cheque written for an quantity higher than the asking worth, asking the seller to send the distinction to an alternate tackle, often by money order or Western Union. Don’t faux yourself or overdo issues. Proofread your résumé very carefully for typos and grammatical errors. Consider giving them your private business playing cards or [url=https://www.crunchbase.com/organization/latamdate-com]latamdate scam[/url] a replica of your résumé in case they run into someone who’s looking for a candidate such as you. This membership site is made in WordPress, and there are loads of techniques and methods to make use of for a blogging business.

    List and squeeze page constructing methods are also mentioned. Concepts are mentioned on how to attract comments and write killer content material, moderating content and producing new ideas. Details on how to write content material. But mentioned she simply didn’t appear to make the connection she was searching for. Only a fraction of those canine will make it into the police pressure. Aggression can develop in direction of folks and different dogs. Domestic dogs tend to pull on lead. Another factor worth ensuring is that you’ve got an excellent internet connection that permits good streaming of your picture. John Chow, the creator of the IM John Chow program, isn’t a celebrity within the Internet marketing community but he has been a successful blogger for quite a long time. Panda and Penguin updates, link building, article marketing and Google Adwords define this section. The sufferer is invited to click on on a link to use for the job.

  21. Law Minister K Shanmugam advised parliament, adding that the regulation is aimed toward tackling “falsehoods, bots, trolls, and fake accounts”. It additionally bans the usage of fake accounts or bots to unfold faux news – this carries penalties of as much as S$1m (£563,000, $733,700) and a jail time period of as much as 10 years. You get to speak to strangers with out login, with out app, with out bots & with out spam. Now you would get plethora of courting alternatives from innumerable quantity of sites however then it’s always extra feasible to go for those sites which provide free online dating service. The market for enterprise social software, as it’s referred to as, will likely be price more than $8bn (£5.3bn) by 2019, up from about $5bn now, in accordance with research firm Markets and Markets. Cumbria Police will host the online chat on Wednesday night time to give people the prospect to talk to members of the Appleby Fair Multi Agency Group. Organisers of an annual gathering of 1000’s of Gypsies and travellers in Cumbria are to hold a gathering online, for people to ask questions.

    June’s Appleby Horse Fair is attended by about 10,000 Gypsies and travellers in addition to 30,000 different guests. The social networking big, with its 1.5 billion customers, appears to want to dominate the company market, as well because the personal sphere. Phil Robertson, deputy director of Human Rights Watch’s Asia division, [url=https://www.pinterest.com/charmdate/]charmdate scam[/url] referred to as the thought of the Singapore government policing non-public chats “frankly insane”. Amnesty International has stated the legislation would “give the Singapore authorities unchecked powers to clamp down on on-line views of which it disapproves”. The government has emphasised that the law wouldn’t be used to target opinions, however only falsehoods that might show damaging. On Tuesday, a minister said in parliament that the non-public nature of such apps meant they had been “best platforms” for the unfold of falsehoods as they might be hidden from public view, and noted that they might reach “lots of or 1000’s of strangers at a time”. The Singapore authorities has stated the country wants strict legal guidelines given the potential for faux information to incite racial and religious disharmony, and that the government wants the ability to act swiftly to halt the viral spread of falsehoods.

    Singapore has handed a controversial anti-faux information regulation that gives authorities sweeping powers to police online platforms and even non-public chat groups. A person discovered guilty of doing this in Singapore may very well be fined heavily and/or jailed for up to 5 years. In an experiment to see if persons are kinder face-to-face, our reporter Jess Lord brought some of these attacking the Conservative MP to meet him in individual. Today you may meet singles for dating by way of relationship sites and in case you are lucky sufficient you would end up discovering your soul mate in your date. Your wait time will range – you possibly can see our prediction before you begin a chat (e.g. ‘35-forty five minutes’). Some chat platforms jump into action (pop-up) and are ready to ship personalized info in actual-time satisfying the wants of the individual requesting the knowledge. Tom put in Openbay Otis on his business web site because of its capability to interact with their customers while they are actively within the buying course of and immediately deliver customized information mechanically, 24/7. “Otis suits in with our strategy to be more digital and to focus deeper in the client purchasing experience,” Tom points out. They search information on-line about how and the place they’ll find a business to service their automobile (think Google) after which choose a enterprise that meets their wants.

    Tips on how to Make Your Search Effective with Online Dating Service? Go ahead with this easy course of so as to satisfy singles for relationship and perhaps for a long term relationship. The databases on the Websites make people to associate with others who’re very similar to them or looking for a similar things in a relationship. Then watch the fascinating responses come by way of to the questions which can be necessary to you. There’s a free courting site in use which is maintained by a certain person, and there are additionally sites that are run by a group of people. This question can only be answered by the specific courting site it was posted to. It is the biggest courting site within the US, however there are additionally other websites much like match that either worldwide like dream marriage and cupid or US based like eharmony. In those circumstances it’s almost not possible to confirm with absolute certainty who you are speaking to, however Newsnight was in a position to confirm that this particular person had entry to the @Lulzsec Twitter feed. The nameless hacking group says they’ve not been knocked off course, or efficiently uncovered, by rival hackers who claim to have named them on-line – apparently because they object to their agenda.

  22. You can tell if the individual on the call is the same one in the images, and you can discover more about their personality from their body language and facial expressions. Tell somebody you trust when you are leaving for your date and approximately what time you will be home. You likewise do not desire to reveal your home address unless you truly rely on the person, and just provide your home address when you feel positive in satisfying them offline. Some would state its a human self-defence system to makes us remember and feel much better about the lives we have lived to this point. Neither had been on other dating sites before, but they didn’t begin the platform with the intention of “dating”, they say. The sites that offer such services are called as online dating sites. This can be an uphill struggle, numerous messenger services provide parental controls. Paid Membership sites use security and user experience that is 2nd to none, indicating you are not only ensured to get in touch with exactly who you were trying to find, however you do so knowing your reality identity is safe. The Online Dating scene is not like it used to be, and with numerous thousands of people flocking to the various sites, and vastly improved security and user experiences now readily available, it is ending up being a need to stop destination for those looking for love – in all its forms.

    As thousands of online dating websites are offered today, so do not fret about the alternatives. But a minimum of we will always have choices. You can never ever remain in the online dating video game without having that experience a minimum of when. Ultimately for those who wish to make a better start can get Alex Hitchen’s Online Dating Master Class to get the best out of online dating sites. They make the backbone of the audience and add gorgeous pictures and videos to make males shiver. Become vegetable conscious. If a dish doesn’t call for them, get innovative and add them any place you can even. It is presumed that the individual will find out the abilities in his own method and the majority of individuals even prove this believing to be appropriate! Some of them even offer exceptional services. There are so many services available today that it can be rough to exercise which one will meet your wants. Localized services make satisfying individuals you engage with a practical opportunity. Reading this post will absolutely make a difference in the method you perform yourself on a date. And as [url=https://twitter.com/charmingdatess]charmingdate[/url] I have already discussed, utilizing them as part of your typical conversational methods will also work well.

    You will never become a part of any rip-off or never get fooled. Getting to understand somebody and how they live their life is part of the dating process, but it can likewise present you to brand-new cultural practices, looks, foods and ways of believing to help broaden your own life. Overcoming a relationship can be a very hard thing to do. Consider creating a list of your top-five relationship requirements and three-to-five dealbreakers. 7. Be truthful with yourself about your relationship requires, intentions, and dealbreakers. Especially a long time relationship. Some websites focus on the profiles of people who are online, so if you spend more time online, you’ll get more outcomes. The more outstanding your profile is, the more people will approach you! These consist of weight problems, cancer, type 2 diabetes, and more. Planting: Follow the planting instructions for each type of plant, paying attention to the depth and spacing guidelines. Have a sitter that you and your kids are comfortable with and follows your guidelines.

    Put the all-white-living-room style on hold till the children are grown, and choose fuss-free upholstery and slipcovers that won’t show dog hair. They stalk them, appear at their doors daily and create such intolerable mayhem that one feels forced to call the polices and have things cleaned out. Now things have changed and not just is it socially acceptable to trial these websites, you can easily anticipate a really positive result from the whole experience. You can follow different tips while dating an individual online. A dating experience and that too online can well be rewarding for many people, offered the online dating suggestions were kept to the very best interest. This neighborhood online forum gives good instructions through supplying you with exceptional online dating suggestions which deserve to the level of constructing a wonderful collaboration. Among these systems, EscortsAffair has actually emerged as a standout preference, positioning itself apart via its dedication to consumer community, safety, and satisfaction structure and things.

  23. Begin by making a listing of “execs” and “cons” about what was good and bad about your previous relationship. Garza was later discovered responsible of fraud and ordered to pay US$9 million and start serving a 21-month sentence commencing January 2019 by the U.S. A United States government report in 2006 indicated that Americans lost $198.Four million to Internet fraud in 2006, averaging a loss of $5,a hundred per incident. This forgery of a official PayPal web site allows hackers to realize personal and financial data and thus, steal money via fraud. 3. Online relationship does value money. The associated fee may be equally divided and one can do rather more issues while staying in budget. 7. You’ll be able to overcome your fears and may go for tricky and risky things for which earlier you have been resistant to go for. In fact, it is basically vital nowadays to find a relationship platform that has a properly-functioning cellular app, because you may by no means know when someone you want might send you a message, and you don’t wish to look foolish by responding two days later. Trusting someone who might be faux can have your greatest errors in your life. You may create a draft and submit it for evaluate or request that a redirect be created, however consider checking the search results under to see whether or not the topic is already covered.

    Once you are succesful to specify your search on the web, you’ll be succesful to build your Dating expertise lot easier. Let her take pleasure in her rising house and expertise her all possible emotions. 9. It’s a chance the place one can have a gorgeous travel relationship expertise with someone like-minded. So what can you do to be safer when relationship online? Online4love is one among common on-line relationship service designed particularly for what is called “grownup relationship.” If you’re unsure what this term means, the essential that means is adults (18 years and above) who’re searching for informal “no strings connected” encounters with other adults. Jehovah, a time period typically used to check with God in Christian theology, is believed to exist beyond the constraints of time and space. Now that there was a bit of bit of time and distance from [url=https://www.zoominfo.com/c/latamdatecom/369455495]latamdate[/url] the heat of emotion you would possibly have the ability to create this listing with just a little extra objectivity than in the times instantly following (or even previous to) your breakup. Instead of one other dinner for two, you may consider inviting one other couple to hitch. Now that you’ve decided to hitch those 60% of people who think that on-line relationship is a great way to satisfy and date people, the next step is deciding what webpage is the perfect for you.

    It’s the men who largely take the first step to method a girl. Southern people principally hold a powerful worth in threating everybody with respect and dignity, so you shouldn’t feel even a bit of little bit of disgrace when you ever method someone and they are not enthusiastic about you. Take a bit of time and thought over the matter the pros and cons and then you have to be ready to return to a remaining resolution! Listed here are a couple of little words to help you in your manner, in what may be the largest trip of your life, to a far away nation to satisfy a lady you might have never met earlier than. Meeting somebody does not represent any type of dedication in any respect – so even if issues do not work out, all you’ve carried out is met someone new. A gathering is just a meeting. Has she talked about assembly you or expressed her wishes to satisfy you? It is very important to make sure you both have mutual emotions about the assembly, touring from the USA to Russia is a long journey, and you want to be as certain as attainable that you are each prepared for this assembly. So if a site appears to be like good, and the reviews you see are principally optimistic, be prepared to pay a payment.

    No matter how nicely a courting site appears to be like or how effectively it is designed, it will not be worth joining if it would not have quite a lot of members. They provide anonymity: you possibly can register your self as an nameless user on a dating site. Filipino females are great so far, but they can be even higher in marital relationship. You have most likely come to the purpose in your online relationship when you have got determined it is finally time to fulfill and see if there actually is any chemistry between you in real life. Although it is a big decision to journey to a overseas country to meet someone from a very completely different tradition and life, if you actually consider there could also be some chemistry between you, and you really think the lady has the identical emotions to you, you actually will need to have the meeting, what have you to unfastened? Chances are you’ll eat, shop and even go for a date together with your travel buddy. Jim Winters, of Nationwide Building Society, says that success ‘must be judged by means of results’, however that tech firms should lack real monetary incentive to drive significant change. The vessel, which dates again to the Late 15th or early 16th Century, nonetheless has its masts in place, swivel guns on deck and even elements of its rigging remain.

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