Aaron Radcliffe

living in hong kong as a digital nomad

Digital Nomad Guide to Living in Hong Kong

Fast internet. Impressive co-working spaces. Ample networking opportunities. Dumplings (obviously). Hong Kong has begun to embrace its entrepreneurial spirit and Digital Nomads are taking notice! This is a city of unparalleled energy, and having been based here for the past six months, I have a really good grasp of what it’s like living in Hong Kong. ...
how to save money for travel by travel hacking

Travel Hacking for Beginners: A Guide to Saving Thousands on Travel

In February of 2014 I flew from South Florida to Hong Kong on United Airlines (don’t worry, I didn’t get dragged off the flight). That’s a 16 hour, round the world journey that should have cost me $854.20. But how much money did I pay for it? $5.60 Here’s the proof. Here’s another example: In ...