Northern Asia

A massive area of land that is largely undiscovered by tourists, Northern Asia offers travellers countless opportunities for trekking, exploring history and tasting strange foods. In many parts of this vast land, nomads still wander from place to place, much like us digital nomads, but in a much simpler and more pure form.

North Asia Travel

The Travel Itch - Why True Travellers Can't Stay Still

The Travel Itch – Why Us Travellers Can’t Stay Still

People always talk about the “7 year itch”, when you’ve been with someone for 7 years and you start to get sick of one another! Well, lucky for us we don’t have that problem, we have another kind of problem…the 7 month itch. We’ve sat still now for 7 months and our travel itch has ...
Exploring The Old Town Of Yangzhou, China

Yangzhou, China: Exploring The Old Town

Yangzhou, China is full of hidden gems. We’ve been to the Old Town here a few times now, but no matter how many times we venture to that part of the city, we’re always pleasantly surprised at what we see! Last weekend we wandered around with some of our friends from America, England and Colombia. ...
Visiting The Venice Of The East – Suzhou, China

Suzhou, China: Visiting The Venice Of The East

One of the many great things about living in Yangzhou, China is that there are some beautiful ancient towns nearby. All we have to do is hop on one of the frequent local buses or make our way to the efficient bullet trains and within an hour or so we are in a new and ...
Hilarious Snowmen and X-Rated Snow Creations From China

Celebrating New Year’s Eve in Yangzhou, China

Our very first Chinese New Year spent in China was a good one (make sure to check out our video below!) Although, we were slightly disappointed by the lack of red dragons, parades and other “Chinese’y” things we associate with this holiday back in North America. On MSN it listed the best places to celebrate ...
Chinese New Year: The Year Of The Snake

Chinese New Year: The Year Of The Snake

Spring Festival (aka Chinese New Year) is fast approaching! This year, New Year’s Eve is on February 9th and the festival will continue for a week after that. Our school is decking the halls with snakes, the colour red, decorations and information about the festival. To the Chinese, this is their Christmas holiday. It’s the ...
Why We Love Living In China

Why We Love Living In China

Deciding to put our backpacking lifestyle on hold for a year and move to China to teach English was a tough decision at first, but one that we will never regret! It was hard to say goodbye to our backpacks and hello to an apartment. However, we had been backpacking for a year and a ...