Northern Asia

A massive area of land that is largely undiscovered by tourists, Northern Asia offers travellers countless opportunities for trekking, exploring history and tasting strange foods. In many parts of this vast land, nomads still wander from place to place, much like us digital nomads, but in a much simpler and more pure form.

North Asia Travel

Beijing & The Great Wall Of China: A Budget Backpacker's Guide

Visiting The Great Wall Of China: A Travel Guide

“He who has not climbed the Great Wall is not a true man.” Mao Zedong The next stop on our trip through China was the ancient, capital city of Beijing. It’s not exactly a budget backpacking ideal destination but this heavily populated city of 15.6 million people was somewhere we had been looking forward to ...
Xi'an, China - The Terracotta Warriors For Budget Backpackers

Xi’an, China – The Terracotta Warriors For Budget Backpackers

We arrived in Xi’an after a long train ride from Chengdu. We opted for the only budget backpacker option, “hard sleeper” class, which means that there are 6 bunks per berth, 3 stacked vertically on each wall. We ended up with the middle bunk this time, which is far better than the top bunk we ...
Where To Sleep In Chengdu: For Budget Backpackers

Chengdu, China: Our Visit to the Giant Panda Breeding Research Base

After two nights in a great hostel, it was time to say goodbye to Guilin.  We hoisted our backpacks over our shoulders, found the local bus to take us to the train station and began our epic 25 hour train journey to Chengdu in the Sichuan Province.  Most people fly this leg of the journey, ...
rice terraces in guilin china

Guilin, China: Visiting The Dragon’s Backbone Rice Terraces

We arrived in Guilin and checked in to our nice, big, clean room at The Backstreet Youth Hostel. Right away we started talking with the staff about organizing a ride out to the Dragon’s Backbone Rice Terraces, a sight outside of Guilin that has made this area famous. Thus far no other tourists had signed ...

Yangshuo – We’re Finally In China!

Even though Hong Kong is technically part of China, we still hadn’t felt like we had been to the real China yet and were really looking forward to crossing the border.  We were on the super efficient metro line to take us from downtown Hong Kong to the border town of Schenzen.  Not a place ...
Where To Eat On A Budget In Hong Kong

Travelling in Hong Kong: Lantau Island

The second morning in Hong Kong we picked up our passports complete with our new Chinese Visas! The two page-sized stickers mark the 80th stamp on our passports, and that’s just from this trip! Our passports from our last trip were expired so they’re packed away somewhere. Looking at our passports now is looking back ...