Northern Asia

A massive area of land that is largely undiscovered by tourists, Northern Asia offers travellers countless opportunities for trekking, exploring history and tasting strange foods. In many parts of this vast land, nomads still wander from place to place, much like us digital nomads, but in a much simpler and more pure form.

North Asia Travel

teaching English in South Korea

5 Requirements For Teaching English in South Korea

Getting a job in another country is always a complicated process. But the requirements for teaching English in South Korea aren’t as extensive or difficult as you may think. Fortunately, for many jobs, such as teaching at academies called hagwons, the requirements to teach English in South Korea don’t include prior experience or even a ...
how to get a job teaching english in south korea

How To Get a Job Teaching English in South Korea

Teaching English in South Korea will change your life. You’ll be immersed in a fascinating culture. You’ll discover new and exciting opportunities for travel. You’ll learn about Korea, and you’ll learn about yourself. You’ll certainly make decent money when you teach English in Korea — to travel with, to pay off a student loan, or ...

Teach English To Korean Students Online (7 Companies That Pay)

One of my favorite things about teaching English online is the opportunity to meet students from all around the world. Some platforms have a global student base but others focus on teaching students from a specific country. In this post, we’ll look at 5 companies where you can teach English online to Korean students.  I’ve ...
2 days in taipei weekend itinerary

2 Days In Taipei: The Perfect Weekend Itinerary

Taipei, the lively, hospitable, effervescent capital of Taiwan, is the kind of city that leaves all visitors wishing they had more time, no matter how long you go for. The city has all the makings of an awesome weekend trip. With iconic Taipei 101, (the world’s tallest ‘green’ skyscraper), Asia’s best night market scene, Japanese-era ...
China and Mongolia: What’s The Difference?!

Travelling China and Mongolia: Differences Between The Countries

After living in China and teaching English for a little over a year, we learned a lot about Chinese customs and ways of life. We loved living there and since then have also enjoyed a month spent traveling Mongolia. Even though these two fabulous countries are neighbours, they are light-years away from each other. We’ve ...
aomori japan tohoku region

12 Best Things To Do in Aomori, Japan

Beaming with natural beauty, tasty food, welcoming locals and historical sites, Aomori has a little something for everyone — there are numerous things to do in Aomori to keep you busy! Located at the northern tip of the main Honshu Island in Japan, the Aomori prefecture surprised and delighted us at every turn, and left ...