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27 Inspiring Photos That Will Motivate You to Become a Digital Nomad Today

There are photo stories published every day on the internet. Most are full of fascinating pictures that make you want to pack your bags and head to a destination, or well-composed images that introduce you to a nation’s people, but today I’d like to show you photos that will introduce you to a new way of ...
Why Living in the Tropics is Awesome

7 Reasons Why Living in the Tropics is Awesome!

It’s one thing to travel through tropical countries, but by actually putting down some roots and living in the tropics, you’ll gain a much better perspective on just how awesome the warmer part of the world is. With the sun, sand and sea at your doorstep and a relaxed way of life, the tropics has it ...
Working a 9-5: How I Barely Escaped With My Life

Working a 9-5: How I Barely Escaped With My Life

Looking back on my life now, I see the working world as evil temptations that nearly kept me from living the lifestyle I do now. I worked for a plastic packaging plant in Calgary, Canada. I was making a comfortable living and I was able to buy things that I wanted. I moved in with Dariece ...