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25 New Year’s Resolution Ideas For 2023

What do you want to accomplish this year? What are your dreams, goals, desires? For the most part, when people are thinking up New Year’s resolution ideas, they tend to lean towards four main life categories that they want to improve on: When it comes to achieving goals, it’s important to write them down and ...
why we're still travelling in our mid-thirties

Why This UK Couple is Still Travelling in Their Mid-Thirties

When we first went travelling together all the way back in 2005, it was the thing to do at that time in our lives. We had just graduated from University and most of our friends were also packing backpacks for an exciting nomadic adventure. After years of hard work and study we can understand why ...
8 months on the road 3 life lessons

8 Months of Travelling, 3 Life Lessons Learnt

Before embarking on our travels with just a one-way ticket, we had no idea what the future held for us. We thought we were well prepared for travel and ready to conquer the traveller-blogger world, and enjoy every single day. With the highs and lows, we revelled in every moment of the 8 months of ...
Iran Travel Best Country Friendly People Hiking Desert

How To Quit Your Job & Travel: The Ultimate Beginner’s Guide

How do I quit my job and travel forever? How can I possibly save enough money for travel? What are the regulations about travelling abroad full-time? What about retirement? These are questions we are constantly asked, and yet somehow, we don’t have a post fully explaining the process of becoming a full-time traveller in our Goats on the ...
16 Epic Adventures To Have in 2016

16 Epic Adventures to Have This Year

The new year is just around the corner, and if you’re a culture-crazed, food-freak, adventure-junky, travel-lover like us, you’re already thinking of next year’s travel destinations! After seven years of being on the road, we’ve had some pretty amazing adventures. In fact, there have been so many great experiences, that it’s very hard to narrow ...

27 Inspiring Photos That Will Motivate You to Become a Digital Nomad Today

There are photo stories published every day on the internet. Most are full of fascinating pictures that make you want to pack your bags and head to a destination, or well-composed images that introduce you to a nation’s people, but today I’d like to show you photos that will introduce you to a new way of ...
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