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When you tell your friends and family that you plan to travel to the Middle East, you can expect the same remarks: “what about terrorists?”, “isn’t it super dangerous there?”, “are you crazy?!” It’s always best to do your own research and while some areas of this region aren’t traveller-friendly, for the most part it’s one of the safest and rewarding places you can travel. Ignore everyone else and find out for yourself.

Middle East Travel

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15 Pros and Cons of Living in Turkey

Have you ever thought about living in Turkey? It’s not a surprise if you have, many people visit this amazing country, fall in love with it, and instantly think about relocating. There are many pros to living in Turkey, in fact far more pros than cons, but it’s always important to weigh everything up before ...
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15 Best Bars in Istanbul (Where to Grab a Drink)

Istanbul’s nightlife is vibrant and varied, and, to coin a cliche, it has something for everyone. When nighttime falls (or daytime, if you fancy it), you’ll find more than enough bars to drop by for a drink or two. The best bars in Istanbul are dotted around the city, making it easy to enjoy your ...
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15 Best Things To Do in Antalya, Turkey

There are so many things to do in Antalya; an area so beautiful, that it’s hard to believe it’s real. When you research Turkey, you’ll no doubt see plenty of pictures of this place turn up. It’s one of the best places to visit in Turkey, especially during the summer months, and I believe that ...
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15 Best Restaurants in Istanbul (Top Places to Eat)

I love Istanbul beyond measure; I should probably put that out there first. It’s probably safe to say too, however, that whenever I go, I always come back with a bigger waistline than when I left! This city is a foodie’s utter dream, and whether you’re into street food, fine dining, or something in between, ...
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Why This Up-And-Coming Turkish Town is a Top Destination for 2024

Most people think they know Turkey. After all, it’s just Istanbul, Ankara, Antalya, and a few beach resorts, right? WRONG! Turkey is a huge country, and there are so many small towns and resorts to visit, many of which fly right under the radar. I’ve spent years living and traveling around Turkey. If you’re looking ...
Aerial vie of Galata Tower in Istanbul surrounded by city and a view of bridge.

Best Time to Visit Istanbul (Weather and Costs)

Jump To: Best Time To Visit Istanbul | Month-By-Month | FAQs It’s important to know the best time to visit Istanbul to get the most out of your time, but, the fact you’re even thinking about visiting this vibrant city is exciting—I mean, I’m excited for you; this is one of my favorite places on ...